The Flash Movie: Is It Cancelled? Latest Ezra Miller Scandal Could Cancel Movie

Is The Flash Movie Cancelled?

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has been giving Warner Bros. a difficult time as of late. After the entire problem involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, in which fans called for her to be removed from Aquaman 2, Warner Bros. now has to deal with the mess surrounding Ezra Miler and the sequence of scandalous things he has done in recent times.

It is not a secret that Miller is not the most well-behaved person on the globe, and this leads us to the situation of Miller’s involvement with The Flash.

After the unexpected cancellation of Batgirl, the future of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is currently in limbo, which has left a large portion of the DC fans with questions over what Warner Bros. will do in the future.

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Is The Flash Movie Cancelled?

Is The Flash Movie Cancelled?

At the time of writing, The Flash movie is still set to come out on June 23, 2023, but Warner Bros.’ recent and ongoing internal changes may result in further cancellations in the future.

When it came to pandemic-related postponements, The Flash movie experienced its fair share as well. Fans are anticipating what the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has in store for them after the box office triumphs of Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

This anticipation is heightened by the fact that Darkseid, who was glimpsed in the Snyder Cut, appears to be the universe’s greatest threat.

As a result, The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller as The Flash, is one of the independent movies in which Warner Bros. invested a lot of money.

Despite the unexpected cancellation of Batgirl’s release, Warner Bros. Discovery appeared dedicated to producing The Flash as part of their new 10-year ambition for the DCEU.

But according to a recent source, they may have temporarily put a stop to their excitement while they considered their options in the wake of Miller’s accusation.

One of those choices, according to reports, is for Miller to get professional assistance before engaging in some restricted press and the movie’s scheduled release.

The second situation would be if Miller didn’t receive assistance, didn’t participate in the movie’s advertising, and eventually didn’t continue to play The Flash in the DCEU.

The third option, which is apparently a last resort, involves Warner Bros. cancelling the movie completely, which would be extraordinary given that it cost $200 million to make.

Given that The Flash is scheduled to premiere in the middle of 2023, there is no doubt that it will go through and be released. Warner Bros. waited so long to release the movie because they are hoping that the troubles with Ezra Miller will ultimately fade away naturally and stop being a hindrance for the movie’s promotion.

Alternatively, there are other speculations that suggest the show would air directly on HBO Max rather than in theatres, which would be more expensive for Warner Bros.

If Warner Bros. fails to see any improvement in how people see Ezra Miller and his portrayal of Barry Allen, it is likely that they will be able to reduce the losses of the movie with a direct-to-streaming release, which would mean that The Flash might move straight to HBO Max.

Even though a final decision regarding The Flash’s release has not been made as of yet, it is evident that Miller’s controversies are having an effect on the studio’s perspective on the character.

It has been said that the film performed exceptionally well at previews, and it is currently being regarded as one of the best DCEU movies ever produced. Because Miller is featured heavily in the movie, as they play numerous versions of Flash, it has already been made plain that reshoots will not fix this PR problem.

However, it has been just about a month since Warner Bros. made the decision to release The Flash in theatres, and the continuing headlines that have been made by Miller have at least caused the studio to consider making this unexpected step.

Cancelling a completed superhero blockbuster movie with an estimated budget of 200 million dollars is unheard of, but Miller’s controversies are also difficult to look past, especially if they continue.

After the unexpected cancellation of Batgirl earlier this month, this would also imply that Warner Bros. Discovery will not release two finished DCEU movies.

Both films were also planned to feature the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman in their own narratives. Now, only time will tell what decision Warner Bros. ultimately makes on The Flash.

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Ezra Miller: Was He Fired By Warner Bros.?

Did Warner Bros. Fire Ezra Miller?

It is too late to terminate Ezra Miller and bring in a new actor because The Flash production has already completed up in the late months of 2021. He has already shot too many sequences; therefore, it would be too expensive to re-shoot every scene if he is fired and a new actor is added.

That is why Warner Bros. is prepared to put all of its chips on him in the upcoming The Flash film. However, just because Ezra Miller will play Barry Allen in his own standalone Flash movie doesn’t mean he will continue to do so.

There are rumours that Warner Bros. won’t cast Miller in any more Barry Allen roles in the future, therefore The Flash will be his final appearance as the title character. After The Flash, he won’t be a part of the DCEU anymore.

As a result of Warner Bros.‘ decision to no longer collaborate with Ezra Miller on any upcoming DCEU films, a sizable gap will be left in the DCEU. The future of Barry Allen and how the movie will impact the character are unknown, but we do know that he will no longer be portraying the legendary DC speedster.

FAQs- People Also Ask

Will season nine of the Flash air?

It’s official: The Flash’s forthcoming ninth season on the CW will be its final one. This season will be the shortest of its run with only 13 episodes and will premiere in 2023.

What happened to Ezra Miller as The Flash?

This is because to Ezra Miller’s escalating legal problems, which started in March 2022 when the actor was detained in Hawaii and punished for disorderly conduct.

What made them switch out The Flash’s actor?

Variety claims that switching them out would simply take too long and be too expensive because filming has almost finished and Miller’s Barry Allen appears in practically every scene. Miller’s replacement could prevent the movie from recouping its costs because it is apparently already too expensive.

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