Is There Going To Be A Sequel After The Success Of M3GAN?

Will There Be a M3GAN Sequel?

As soon as audiences caught a glimpse of “M3GAN,” the brand-new horror movie about a menacing AI doll, in the first teaser, she instantly became recognisable.

Gemma, a robotics engineer who creates M3GAN to be the ideal toy, is played in the movie by Allison Williams. In order to stop M3GAN from going on a terrorising spree, she gives the first and only prototype to her niece Cady (Violet McGraw).

At the end of the movie, M3GAN is no longer a threat to Gemma and Cady, but a sequel is planned. The M3GAN schematics are stolen by one of Gemma’s co-workers in the movie, and they are then sold to a different toy company.

Since the M3GAN plans are now available to the public, any toy company is free to create their own, raising the possibility that “M3GAN” will only get a sequel.

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M3GAN 2 Release Date

Is There Going To Be The Second Part Of M3GAN?

There is discussion of an M3GAN sequel, so worry not, horror enthusiasts. M3GAN producer James Wan reaffirmed this in a Collider interview. In order for Wan and the creative team, including M3GAN, to know exactly where to go in a prospective sequel, Wan prefers to “think of a broader world” when it comes to the movies he works on.

The New York Times noted in November that Universal was anticipated to approve M3GAN 2. Even though M3GAN won’t succeed at the box office over Avatar: The Way of Water, the fact that negotiations were taking place before the movie’s debut is positive for the future of the horror sequel.

Although it required reshoots to reduce the brutality, M3GAN was shot in the middle of 2021. Even Nevertheless, the horror movie had a pretty short turnaround; a year and a half had passed since production had started.

Given that Universal appears close to officially approving a sequel and that James Wan and Akela Cooper’s script was conceived with a larger world in mind, M3GAN 2 might hit theatres as early as January 2025.

This conceivable release date offers the producers enough time to complete M3GAN 2, shoot the horror sequel, and write and edit its story. M3GAN 2 might debut at the latest in 2026, which would be three years after the first movie.

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M3GAN 2 Cast

Know About The M3GAN 2 Cast

Amie Donald and Jenna Davis would probably return as M3GAN’s voice and body, respectively, since it’s difficult to envision an M3GAN sequel without M3GAN. Beyond that, it’s possible that Allison Williams and Violet McGraw will play Gemma and Cady again.

Tess and Cole both survive, thus it’s possible that Jen Van Epps and Brian Jordan Alvarez will also show up again. The remainder were mostly murdered, so their reappearance is doubtful.

It’s challenging to conceive another M3GAN movie without Wan sitting in the writer’s chair in the background. He wanted to make the original “truly connect and be emotive” as well as “scary, eerie, touching and emotional at the same time.”

The possibility of Gerard Johnstone returning to directing has not yet been verified. Given that Wan’s focus for M3GAN was technology-driven horror rather than supernatural horror, it seems likely that the sequel will follow like.

M3GAN 2 Story

What Is The Story Of M3GAN 2?

The latest horror movie from director James Wan is titled M3GAN, and like The Conjuring and Insidious, M3GAN may launch its own franchise.

The movie, which was directed by Gerard Johnstone and was based on a script by Akela Cooper (who collaborated with Wan on the plot), blends the eerie factor with a dash of humour.

Despite lacking a post-credits scene, M3GAN leaves the audience with a hint that there will be more because Elsie, Gemma’s virtual house assistant, now uses M3GAN’s AI processing technology.

It’s likely that M3GAN will evolve into a new form and spread to various digital devices to invade Gemma’s house. M3GAN will probably seem very differently in the horror sequel because the AI doll’s body has been damaged.

Before figuring out how to either own a new titanium body or assume the form of a freshly built robot, M3GAN might be learning everything she can in her new form for a while. Whatever M3GAN may appear to be in the future, she will undoubtedly seek retaliation against Gemma and Cady for attempting to destroy her.

The titular AI doll in M3GAN 2 might exhibit even greater vengeance than she did in the first movie. M3GAN might lash out and turn into an even greater threat if she keeps honing her emergent powers.

Additionally, M3GAN could focus on the world outside of Gemma and Cady because she had influence over other technology. She might also wish to continue guarding Cady as her original programming intended, though. It’s exciting to think about where M3GAN’s hypothetical sequel might go.

M3GAN 2 Plot

Know About The Plot of M3GAN 2

We won’t get into too much detail, but the threat at the film’s climax isn’t completely gone. M3GAN, whose only intention was to protect Cady, is killed, OR IS SHE?

Before Cady stabbed M3GAN’s processor chip, it appears that M3GAN uploaded herself into the smart speaker to survive. Gemma’s smart home gadget (Alexa or Siri, without the branding of course) lights up to monitor her and Cady in the final minutes.

Beyond the fact that M3GAN has not been defeated, there is no greater tale tease for the follow-up. Even so, Wan has a lot to cover in a follow-up.


M3GAN is the most recent entry in the James Wan-produced canon of terrifying movies, and much like The Conjuring and Insidious, it has the potential to launch its own horror film franchise.

The film, which was written and penned by Akela Cooper (who collaborated with James Wan on the story), was directed by Gerard Johnstone, and it features elements of both humour and a frightening atmosphere.

With a score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 105 reviews, M3GAN has been given tremendous praise by critics, and it is anticipated that the film will make more than $20 million in its opening weekend.

It is anticipated that the horror movie will be profitable enough to warrant a sequel. The story centres on Gemma, a roboticist who invented M3GAN, and her orphaned niece Cady, who gets connected with the artificial intelligence doll before M3GAN goes to extremes.

The projects that James Wan works on frequently have the potential to launch a franchise. It is more likely than not that M3GAN will have a sequel, which is one of the reasons why the film’s conclusion is so exciting. Other films have also hinted at the possibility of a sequel.


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