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Is Zepeto Dangerous? Social Media Disguised As Kids App

is zepeto dangerous

Kids and teens are naturally inventive, so apps that give them a space to express their creativity are sure to pique their interest. Creative teams can use the Zepeto app as a hub. Users can make money off the platform by publishing their own ideas and works.

They can use your photo to make an engaging and entertaining avatar. A group of friends can get together in a common area and engage in some lighthearted activity, such as making an avatar out of the various simulated objects that are available.

Involving their loved ones in the experience can really amp up their anticipation. It’s a place for children to express their imaginations by creating digital representations of their favorite fictional characters.

With the Zepeto app, users can interact with people from all over the world through the use of avatars, but is this practice secure?

Research the pluses and minuses of Zepeto use to ensure your teen is using it safely. Zepeto is an app that allows users to interact with others from all over the world through the use of avatars; the question is, is it safe?

How Does Zepeto Work?

Setup An Account

The app requires the user’s date of birth and an avatar selection upon installation. In order to protect users under the age of 13, the app does not allow those under that age to download it.

After that, the user must register by entering their email address or mobile phone number. However, most of ZEPETO is accessible even without entering this data.

Selection Of Avatars

Users begin by picking a premade character to use as a starting point for their own personalizations within the game. They have the option of making a new avatar if they so choose. In any case, they need to get rid of the original. In order to have access to multiple characters or avatars, users must pay a premium, in the form of real money.

A new avatar is either made from scratch or modeled after the user’s actual image. Users who choose this option will be required to either take a selfie or upload an existing photo of themselves.

Money In Coins And ZEMs

They can use Zepeto’s coins and ZEMs to purchase in-game items like clothes for their character and other cosmetic items. Users can buy items made by other users with ZEMs, and if a user sorts the shop by price, the ZEM-priced items will appear first. While coins are easy to come by, ZEMs are a lot harder to come by.

Users can earn coins in two ways: by logging in every day and by completing tasks. This can lead players to feel compelled to spend real money on ZEMs in order to acquire the in-game currency they need to buy the games’ premium content.

Starship Exploration

Users can easily join an online discussion forum by clicking the “Join Now” button on the homepage. There is a global community in this chat room, but only a small number of users can participate at once.

Then, the player is free to explore the environment, speak with NPCs, and complete missions for in-game currency. User-made games that can be played with anyone within the app are another type of world.

User Interactions

Users of ZEPETO can talk to both people they already know and complete strangers. They can do this through interdimensional or interworld communication.

Users are prompted to use their microphones or type in chat messages when they enter a world. In these simulated environments, users can interact with other avatars, take selfies, and share their creations with friends and strangers alike by using the “tag” function.

User ‘crews’ are an additional feature. It’s possible that these clubs cater to fans of a specific genre or share another common interest. In a crew’s space, communication takes place more like in a chat room than amongst virtual characters. Crews like “hot ppl,” “girlfriend?” and “truth or dare” are just a few examples of the problematic names and motifs used by some of these groups.

User Community

Through Zepeto Studio, designers have a lot of room to experiment with new styles and products. Players can earn real money by trading in-game items they’ve made for virtual ones. Items are vetted by the Zepeto staff before being made available for purchase.

If you’re a developer who wants to offer your players a custom-made experience, Zepeto Built It! is an option for you. Users can host their own events by making their own games or maps. These have no monetary value and cannot be bought or sold. It’s possible that some alternate realities are inspired by our own.

Users of ZEPETO must be at least 13 years old to comply with the app’s age restriction policy. Users are prompted to enter their date of birth upon first launching the app. Their access to the app will be denied if they are under the minimum age requirement.

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However, there is a divergence of opinion regarding the minimum age. The app has a PEGI rating of 3 and up on the Google Play store, but a 12+ rating on the App Store. Age 16 or up is recommended by Common Sense Media. However, there are some parents who think it’s not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Zepeto App’s Main Risks

If you look into it, you’ll find that this app isn’t meant to be used for entertainment purposes anymore.

1. Insufficient Proof Of Age

The app’s terms of service state that users under the age of 13 are not permitted to sign up. However, there is currently no reliable way to confirm a user’s age as of account creation. By using a false birth date, minors can sign up for an account and begin navigating potentially harmful environments without parental supervision.

2. Third-Party Intrusion

User’s personal information is not protected by a secure system. This third party can easily access your profile and look through your information. In this setting, data security appears to be very clean.

3. Personal Images Are At High-Risk

Young people use their own likenesses as starting points for highly personalized avatars. Children and teenagers are putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations by revealing their identities on this public forum. When they’re in this vulnerable area, sexual predators may specifically target these young minds by analyzing their profiles with the help of their real photographs.

4. Meeting Strangers

With this app, users can connect with others regardless of physical location. From a societal point of view, it may sound like a good feature, but in reality, it puts teenagers at risk by putting them in contact with potentially dangerous people anywhere in the world. The cybercriminals befriend the impressionable youth online, using them as a springboard into a life of crime that includes the dissemination of pornographic materials.

What Do Parents Think Of Zepeto?

Comments from parents about this app are mixed. The game has its supporters, who are tallying up the benefits, and its detractors, who are pointing out all the ways in which it fails.

Parents who are against Zepeto have said that their children have been subjected to sexual content and harassment while playing the game. They say that because of the prevalence of inappropriate content, this app is not suitable for children.

A user has also reported it as a hacker after it secretly recorded his phone calls and compromised its app id. On the other hand, we have heard nothing but praise from parents who have given it to their children to use.

It’s lovely because you can make nice characters, as another user, Diana L., put it when reviewing the app: “This is an appropriate app and you can only talk to friends by giving them your code.”

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Zepeto App

How To Prevent Endangering Children On Zepeto?

There are always going to be advantages and disadvantages to any new technological development. How you decide to supervise your children’s game time and keep them safe from predators is up to you.

The following measures can be taken to ensure the safety of your kids.

1. Install Restrictions On Your Child’s Device

It’s important to monitor your children’s phones in a variety of ways to prevent them from being victimized by cyberbullies. You can prevent your kids from playing this potentially dangerous game by downloading a third-party app.

Kid-safe app blocking is easy with KidsGuard.

KidsGuard’s ability to restrict access to questionable apps on a child’s mobile device is a fantastic safety feature. A simple app block can be installed to prevent any questionable apps from running in the background.

The KidsGuard allows parents to regulate the amount of time their children spend using electronic devices.

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When the set time limit is reached, the phone will automatically lock. That way, you can restrict your children’s playtime and protect them from harm.

What Do You Need To Know About The KidsGuard App?

2. Teach Children About Online Safety

One way to protect your children is to have a conversation about the risks associated with using apps. Games app vulnerabilities can be avoided by informing users.

When children have an accurate understanding of the bad intent of other Internet users and the risks associated with these apps, they will naturally become more careful with their actions.

They’ll start to realize how important it is to connect with people of all ages.

3. Set Ground Rules For Device Use

Limiting your children’s cell phone use is another practical measure you can take to shield them from the dangers of the internet. You can easily limit their cell phone use by setting rules for its use.

Cellphone use, for instance, should be forbidden during mealtimes, morning routines, and homework. Most of the time, your children will be safe if you enforce rules like not allowing them to use their phones while driving or playing video games late at night.

Bedrooms are not places for cell phone use. When supervised by adults, kids can play or watch TV. By doing so, you can sidestep a lot of trouble (like pornographic Zepeto content).


There are benefits and drawbacks to every app. Those who use it for good and to keep themselves and their families safe are the wise ones. Zepeto is another fun app like this, but parents should be aware of the dangers it poses to kids and take appropriate measures to keep them away from it.

There is a risk when interacting with unknown users in online games like Zepeto. KidsGuard will be helpful in this situation. Conveniently shield your children from Zepeto’s potential dangers by instituting parental controls and limiting their screen time.

Furthermore, the Zepeto game is not appropriate for children under the age of 13. Find some other good games to play instead.

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