Jordin Sparks, The Winner Of American Idol Season 6, Has Moved On From Jason Derulo! Who Is She Dating Now?

jordin sparks dating history

Our favourite celebrities’ love lives are sometimes just as talked about as what they do for a job, and the relationships create even more news when they wind up with another star. Jason Derulo, the popular TikTok artist, is expecting his first kid with girlfriend Jena Frumes.

Reality shows have evolved into a platform for new talent to develop. From dancing and singing to cooking, practically everything now gets its own television reality programme.

Many people’s careers have been launched as a result of these reality shows, but not everyone is made out for such competitions. Approximately 10-15 candidates are chosen at the start, but only one is chosen as the winner.

Today’s topic is Jordin Sparks, who gained to prominence on the American television reality show American Idol. Jordin Sparks Thomas, better known as Jordin Sparks, is an American singer and actress best known for becoming the youngest winner of American Idol’s sixth season at the age of 17.

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Who Is Jordin Sparks?

Who Is Jordin Sparks?

Philippi and Jodi Sparks welcomed Jordin Sparks into the world on December 22, 1989 in Phoenix, Arizona. Her father is a well-known athlete who played for the “New York Giants” in football.

American singer and actress Jordin Sparks originally gained notoriety through the reality television programme “American Idol” in 2007. Since she was a little child, she has been singing, and during her childhood, she has taken part in various reality shows.

Later, she went to the ‘American Idol’ auditions, where hopefuls from all across the country were vying for a seat. Jordin Sparks was successful in being chosen on her second attempt despite failing on her initial effort. After she went on to win the competition, Jordin Sparks has never looked back.

She has published three albums and numerous singles over the course of a decade-long career. She has received numerous award nominations, including a Grammy, and the majority of her songs have gone on to become chart-toppers.

Former US President George Bush and his wife Laura attended a 2008 event where Jordin Sparks performed the national anthem. George Bush was thrilled with her rendition and appreciated her talent. Jordin Sparks has worked in a number of movies in addition to singing, and she has even been onscreen alongside Nicholas Cage, a well-known actor.

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Jordin Sparks Career

What Is Jordin Sparks Famous For?

When she won American Idol in 2007, Jordin Sparks made history by being the competition’s youngest winner. Jordin never looked back and kept moving up the success ladder after that enormous success.

In 2006, she performed alongside Alice Cooper in a Christmas show while on tour with Michael Whitaker Smith. Jordin’s American Idol theme song peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The same year, in August, Jordin released her debut single, “Tattoo,” which peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Some of her songs that were popular include Right Here Right Now, Jordin Sparks, Cider & Hennessy, Battlefield, Bye Felicia, Sounds Like Me, For Now, I Am Woman, One Step at a Time, and This Is My Now.

Jordin appeared in a number of other television programmes, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Left Behind, Sparkle, The Grace of Jake, and Dear Secret Santa. Jordin recently made her participation in the dance reality series Dancing with the Stars official. According to Jordan Sparks, she joined the reality competition DWTS because she wants to motivate her son.

Jordin Sparks Dating History

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo, a Grammy-winning singer and pop artist, dated Jordin Sparks from January 2012 to September 2014. Despite the fact that the pair had been dating since September 2011, Derulo only publicly acknowledged their relationship in January 2012.

When their breakup was formally announced, the ex-couple, who never shied away from showing their passion in public, surprised their followers.

In an article from September 2014, E! News reported that the pair had split up. The source said, “We’re told that their split was mutual, but they still care profoundly for one another and will continue to be in each other’s lives as friends.”

Sage the Gemini

Between May 2015 and February 2016, Jordin Sparks and the rapper Sage the Gemini were seriously dating. Before ending their relationship on February 11, 2016, they had been dating for over nine months.

Their relationship began on a positive one, but sources cited in a February 2016 E! News piece claimed that things deteriorated and they were unable to make it work.

“Their relationship had a terrific beginning, but as time went on, Sparks began to have trust difficulties, which Sage’s conduct wasn’t helping. Before, they had been able to resolve the issue, but not now. Sparks just didn’t want to go there again with Sage after having a difficult breakup with long-time boyfriend Jason Derulo “claimed sources.

Steph Jones

Darrin Jones is his birth name. The two had a brief relationship. Although the two never revealed their reasons for breaking up, we do know that Jones had reached his lowest point and was living in his car at the time of their breakup. Jones transitioned from a musician to a motivational speaker.

Jason And Jordin Breakup

When Jason and Jordin first started dating, both of their careers were just getting started. They were a cute couple, and fans expected that they would get married one day. While some celebrities choose to keep their relationships private, the young couples attended events together and unabashedly gushed over one another.

Jordin Sparks Break Up with her Boyfriend Jason Derulo

Because of this, many people were shocked when they announced their breakup. What was even more unexpected was how Jason broke up with Jordin. According to Sparks, the night before everything went wrong, they had a brief argument before he allegedly just stopped talking to her.

Many fans suspected that Jason had cheated on his girlfriend during the allegations about what might have caused the breakup, but the singer dispelled the accusations and clarified the situation.

In his appearance on Power 105 in New York, according to MTV “We had a fight, and I apologised, Sparks said on “The Breakfast Club.” I thought, “That came out completely incorrect.” When you’ve been in a relationship for three years and you start having these kinds of conversations, whatever, it just became incredibly unpleasant. It was a family-type situation.”

In terms of breakups, we find it difficult to see how it could be much more embarrassing than this.

“Whatever, I apologised. He said, “We’re alright,” when I asked him whether everything was okay. He doesn’t call after I leave, although he did assist me carry my suitcase to the car and give me a kiss. After telling me he loved me, he didn’t call.”

Jordin Sparks Husband

Whom Is Jordin Sparks Married To?

Since the month of July 2017, Jordin Sparks has been married to Dana Isaiah Thomas. The fitness industry in Hawaii is where her husband makes his living.

When it comes to the couple’s offspring, we should mention that they have a son named Dana Isaiah Jr. who was born on May 2, 2018. They have a solid connection with one another and have always been there for one another through the highs and lows of their lives.

Isaiah and Sparks initially connected online. On the other hand, when he paid her a visit in Los Angeles, she fell in love at first sight.

“I stared at him when I opened my door and, gasp!, I said. ‘Oh, no!’ “Sparks stated in a 2020 interview with Today.

Although she continued, “I knew (love at first sight was possible), I didn’t think it was going to happen to me.” “But in reality, that’s what it was. I realised that was the person I would spend the rest of my life with on our second date. Although I knew it, he was unaware of it, and I didn’t let him know.”

Jordin Sparks Net Worth

According to wiki, Jordin Sparks’ projected net worth as of 2022 is $8 million, with her primary sources of income being singing and songwriting. Varela Media, a public relations firm with headquarters in New York, US, is in charge of managing and representing Jordin.

Louder Than Life, 19, Jive, RCA, RED Associated Labels, and Legacy are just a few of the music labels that Jordin has collaborated with. Jordin has also given her endorsement to companies like Fascinate and Ambition Perfumers. Jordin is active on social media, where she has 9.1 million Facebook fans, 1.9 million Instagram followers, and 1.18 million YouTube subscribers.

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