What is Joshua Wiley’s Dog Accident about?

joshua wiley dog accident

Two pet pit bulls killed a five-month-old infant and his sister, who was two years old, in a terrible incident that was reported from Tennessee. Five-month-old Hollace Dean Bennard and Lilly Jane Bennard, two, were killed on the spot after being mauled by their parents’ dogs on October 5 in Shelby County.

Although their 30-year-old mother Kirstie Jane Bennard did everything in her ability to stop the attack and save her son and daughter, she too sustained catastrophic injuries at the hands of the vicious canines.

She was then taken in “critical condition” by Regional One Health, according to the police. She is “hanging in there,” according to a source close to the Bennard family, who declined to elaborate further.

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Death Of Lilly Jane And Hollace Dean Bennard

Both Lilly Jane and Hollace Dean Bennard were attacked by a dog on Wednesday, which resulted in their untimely deaths. Lilly Jane and Hollace Dean Bennard were both assaulted on Wednesday. On Wednesday, Hollace Dean Bennard’s condition deteriorated to the point that she needed to be airlifted to Regional One Health.

As a result, she was transferred there. According to various accounts, the respiratory therapist is “hanging in there,” despite the fact that she opted out of receiving any more medical care.

Joshua Wiley Dog Accident: What Happened To Joshua Family?

Thursday was the day that all of this material was made available to the general public. Bennard and his wife, Colby, have been married for the past five years. He is the manager of a Harley-Davidson firm in Memphis, where the company’s headquarters are located.

He was fortunate enough to get it out of there without any injuries. Both Hollace Dean Bennard and his sister, Lilly Jane, were the only children that their parents ever had. The examination into the sequence of events that led up to the catastrophe has not yielded any fresh information or leads at this point.

It appears that animal control removed the animals from the home; however, it is unknown whether or not the creatures were put to sleep after being removed. A conversation that took place between Colby and Kirstie on Facebook eight years ago included the use of the term “house lions” to refer to the couple’s two pit dogs.

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Joshua Wiley Dog Accident

2 toddlers mauled to death by pet pit bulls

An attack on Kirstie Bennard by a dog, which was triggered by two pet pit bulls and which also resulted in the deaths of two children, left Bennard with injuries.

Both Hollace Dean Bennard, who had only been alive for five months, and his sister Lilly Jane Bennard, who had only been alive for two years, were discovered dead in Tennessee on the same day, on Wednesday.

Reports indicate that Hollace Dean Bennard and Lilly Jane Bennard, who was attacked by the dogs in Shelby County, were both pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.

The incident occurred in Shelby County. Kirstie Jane Bennard, a resident of Millington who is 30 years old, sustained serious injuries while attempting to defend her children from their assailant. Her children are her son and daughter.

What Happened To The Family?

It is not quite apparent if the dogs in question were the same ones that attacked on Wednesday. Despite the several attempts made by the authorities to get in touch with Michael, Colby’s father, he has refused to discuss the situation with them.

The attack happened on a Wednesday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. local time in the family’s five-bedroom, $360,000 residence on Sylvan Road in Millington, Tennessee, which is a suburb of Memphis in Tennessee. We have no notion what caused the aggressive behavior exhibited by the pit bulls as of this moment.

What Happened To Joshua Wiley’s Family?

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release on Thursday stating that the pit bulls were turned over to the care of the Shelby County Animal Control as of Thursday. The Sheriff’s Office will not provide any additional information at this time as the investigation into the attack is still ongoing.

It is now unknown whether or not criminal charges will be brought with the appropriate authorities. Both Hollace Dean and Lilly Jane Bennard will soon have obituaries written about them by the people who were closest to them. Since the news of the death was first shared with the family, nobody from the family had mentioned the obituary or brought up any other topic.

Because the family is obviously dealing with a significant amount of sadness for the wellbeing of their children at this time, we cannot expect any form of notification or declaration from them at this point in time.

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