The Famous Singer And Song Writer, Joyce Sims, Died At The Age Of 63

Joyce Sims Died

The musician, a native of Rochester, New York, was best known for her number-one single, “Come Into My Life.” The 1987 hit, which Sims and the Jamaican producer Kurtis Mantronik co-wrote, reached its highest point at number seven in the UK singles chart and number ten on the US Billboard R&B singles list.

It also performed well on the charts in numerous European nations. Sims thought back on her achievements since 1987 in January of this year. “I had a fantastic year both monetarily and in every other way. To release my debut record, I was eager. The singer remarked, “It meant so much just to touch that album in my hand.”    

“The album’s release allowed me to realise many of my goals and desires. That year, I would estimate that album sales and travelling together brought in over $100,000.”

“In the late 1980s, nightclubs would occasionally pay me thousands of dollars to perform my biggest American hit, All In All. I could make up to $3,000 in six minutes and 31 seconds (equal to 4,700 euros in today’s money).”

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Who Is Joyce Sims?

Who Is Joyce Sims?

In Rochester, New York, Joyce Sims was born on August 6, 1959. The well-known American singer-songwriter was a college-educated musician who was skilled on a variety of instruments. She created her first number-one single, “(You Are My) All and All,” in 1986 after signing with the now-defunct Sleeping Bag Records.

The song peaked at No. 6 and debuted at No. 51 on the US Dance Chart. It peaked at No. 16 on the UK Singles Chart. A few years later, Sims issued “Come Into My Life,” which was also Kurtis Mantronik’s creation. As it reached No. 10 on the US Billboard R&B Chart and No. 7 on the UK Singles Chart, the song quickly established itself as her signature one.

Her greatest hit was the one. In 2006, Sims released “Who’s Crying Now” through Warlock Records and “What the World Needs Now is Love.” A double CD of Joyce Sims’ top songs and remixes called “Come Into My Life: The Very Best of Joyce Sims” was published in 2009.

In 2014, Joyce Sims also put out the CD Love Song and contributed vocals to the Species soundtrack. Wishing You Were Here and Back In Love Again were also released by her on her own record label.

How Did Joyce Sims Die?

The news of Joyce’s passing began to spread on October 14, 2022, according to The Guardian. Many members of Joyce’s family, notably her sister Annette Ramsey, used Facebook to spread the word about her departure.

Sims’ death was announced by her family on social media, despite the absence of a cause of death. Annette Ramsey, her sister, posted on Facebook that she was “heartbroken” and that she will always remember the good moments they had together. She also claimed that the love and support they had given her would not have been in vain. RIP Big Sis, I love you.

“After speaking to her immediate family tonight, it’s with a heavy heart that I post this news Joyce Sims has died away,” stated the event’s coordinator CJ Carlos. In the 1980s, Joyce, an incredible singer-songwriter, had a tons of hits.

Sims had been performing in England this summer and was working on a new album, 36 years after her debut song, “All And All,” which peaked at number six on the US dance chart and the top 20 in the UK singles chart in 1986.

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Fans Reacted To Joyce Sims Death

How has the fans reacted to Joyce Sims’s death?

Some fans are devastated because they feel the singer gave them a “holiday hymn” and will always be nostalgic for their family, despite the fact that the biggest people in the industry have expressed their sympathies.

Observer Kate Smith stated: “I am really heartbroken over Joyce Sims’ passing. 63 years of age. Crikey. Don’t undervalue the emotions that music can stir up. We can travel back to 1988 St. Lucia with the help of the family favourite Come Into My Life. Christmas carol. Stunningly talented singer. Rest in peace, everlasting peace.”

Another fan wrote: “It is heartbreaking to learn of Joyce Simms’ passing. The most elegant dancing song from the 1980s is Walk Away.” Some admirers are also posting videos and remembering the occasions they saw Joyce Sims perform live on stage at various events.

When Joyce Sims performed at the Clacton Family Festival, a fan tweeted a clip of the performance and wrote, “Adieu, Joyce Simms. Very lucky to have warmed up the stage and witnessed your performance at the Clacton Family Festival this year. We are thinking about and praying for your family and friends.”

Joyce Sims live at @TheJazzCafe last night #music, while another fan posted a video of her performing at the jazz festival.

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