Kamala Harris Was Involved In An Incident That Was Incorrectly Attributed To “Mechanical Breakdown”

kamala harris car accident

The Secret Service revealed on Thursday that Vice President Kamala Harris was involved in a minor car accident earlier this week. The accident occurred earlier in the week, and the agency now believes that Harris’s vehicle collided with a curb, despite the fact that it initially reported mechanical failure.

During a protective movement on Monday, a vehicle in a motorcade had a small overcorrection and hit a curb, according to a statement released by the Secret Service on Thursday by spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. The protected person was moved to another car, and the procession continued on its way to its destination. There were no reported injuries to any of the individuals.”

Guglielmi also revealed the following: “Initial radio communication suggested this was a mechanical issue, and it was relayed to agency leadership by staff supporting the motorcade movement.” After the protective movement was finished, the leadership was given a verbal update with additional vital details, which included the fact that the vehicle had hit a curb.

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The car accident that involved the vice president, as well as the subsequent discrepancy in how the accident was initially reported internally, is the most recent incident that has brought the agency into the public eye in this year, and it raises new questions about the agency’s level of transparency both internally and publicly.

Vice President Kamala Harris was involved in a motorcade accident

On Harris‘ typical commute to work is where the accident took place. Her spokeswoman, Kirsten Allen, stated that the Vice President has “an tremendous amount of gratitude” for the Secret Service detail that she is provided.

“The Vice President did not experience any injuries and is grateful that her USSS detail was able to transport her to the White House in a safe manner,” Allen stated.

The Washington Post was the first to report on the inconsistency in reporting the incident, and they also stated that it concerns the new Director of the Secret Service, Kim Cheatle, who only started her job a month ago.

The Secret Service has been under greater scrutiny due to a number of incidents over the past year, and this one is the most recent.

After being accused in a federal investigation of falling for a hoax perpetrated by two individuals posing as Department of Homeland Security agents, four Secret Service agents were placed on administrative leave in the month of April. The inquiry was initiated as a result of the allegations.

A month later, just as Vice President Biden was about to embark on his first trip to Asia since taking office, two Secret Service agents were escorted back to the United States from South Korea after they got into an incident with a cab driver and two Korean nationals.

And in July, the Israeli national police in Jerusalem apprehended a member of the United States Secret Service Counter Assault Team for allegedly assaulting a lady outside of a pub. The incident occurred in Jerusalem.

The activities of agents and the agency’s retention of data have both been investigated by the House select committee looking into the uprising that occurred on January 6, 2021 at the United States Capitol.

Over the course of the past decade, the Secret Service has been under intense scrutiny due to a number of concerning security failings as well as recurring wrongdoing within its employees.

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Harris was involved in a motorcade accident this week initially described as a 'mechanical failure'

During the administration of Donald Trump, larger barriers were eventually built around the White House to prevent unwanted visitors from climbing over the shorter fences and entering the grounds of the White House.

An investigation was conducted during the Obama administration because of party crashers at a state dinner. The investigation revealed that agents did not follow protocol at a security checkpoint.

And 11 members of the Secret Service have been implicated in an inquiry into whether or not some officers brought prostitutes back to their hotel in Colombia before to a visit by the president of the United States.

After a man fired a semi-automatic weapon from outside the White House at the building’s front in 2014, The Washington Post also reported on a number of security failings that occurred as a result of the incident, including the fact that the Secret Service did not conduct an adequate investigation.

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