Kelly McGillis Net Worth (Updated 2022): How Much Money Does Kelly McGillis Make?

Kelly Mcgillis Net Worth

Kelly McGillis is an American stage and screen actress best known for her roles in movies like The House on Carroll Street (1988) with Jeff Daniels and Jessica Tandy, Witness (1985) with Harrison Ford, Charlie in Top Gun (1986) with Tom Cruise, Made in Heaven (1987) with Timothy Hutton, and The Accused (1988) with Jodie Foster. For these roles, she was nominated for Golden Globes and BAFTAs. She has acted in horror movies including Stake Land (2010), The Innkeepers (2011), and We Are What We Are in her later career (2013).

Your favorite celebrities’ physical appearance conveys how much care they take with their appearance and health. We enjoy mimicking and following our favorite celebrities’ appearance, including their height, weight, hairstyle, eye color, and clothing. We are also aware of this fact. Kelly Mcgillis stands 1.78 meters tall. The weight is roughly 62 kg. The most recent weight is available here. The weight fluctuates from time to time.

Kelly McGillis Biography

Kelly Mcgillis biography

American actress Kelly Ann McGillis, who was born on July 9th, 1957, rose to fame for her parts in the films Witness, Top Gun, and The Accused.

What is McGillis’ net worth then? According to reliable sources, as of the middle of 2016, it was believed to be $7.5 million. This sum includes the money she has made from her years of acting on stage, screen, and on television as well as her work as a restaurant owner and acting instructor.

She goes as Kelly Ann Mcgillis in real life. She also goes by the name Kelly Mcgillis. She was born in the United States, according to her birthplace. Her hometown is Newport Beach, California, in the United States. For more details, see the following table.

NameKelly McGillis
Net Worth$5 million
Age64 years

Early Life

Kelly Mcgillis early life

 Kelly was born under the sign of Gemini, and she is currently 64 years old. Kelly shares the same nationality as Americans. Her father is Donald Manson McGills, a doctor, and her mother is Virginia Joan, a housewife. She also has two sisters, Karen and Kathleen. She also has German ancestry from her mother’s side and Scots-Irish ancestry from her father.

She attended Newport Harbor High School, to speak specifically about her formal education. She next attended Allan Hancock College’s Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Santa Maria, California, to further her studies.

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Career of Kelly McGillis

After making her film debut in Reuben in 1983, Elise McGillis’ breakthrough role was that of an Amish mother in Witness (1985), for which she got nominations for the Golden Globe and BAFTA awards. In the 1986 fighter-pilot movie Top Gun, she played flight instructor Charlotte Blackwood (also known by her call sign “Charlie”).

McGillis played a part in the 1987 Lorimar Productions romantic drama Made in Heaven, which was directed by Alan Rudolph. In the 1988 film The House on Carroll Street, which also starred Jeff Daniels, McGillis played Miss Venable’s caretaker. Miss Venable was played by Jessica Tandy. She hears a strange conversation taking place in the house next door and believes she has stumbled upon a plot to bring Nazi war criminals into the country.

After She starred with Peter Weller in Cat Chaser after 1988’s The Accused, a movie she detested and which made her want to give up playing. Throughout the 1990s, McGillis made numerous appearances on television and in movies before taking a short vacation from performing.

In The Babe Ruth Story, McGillis portrayed Claire Merritt Ruth, Babe Ruth’s second wife (1992). In the late 1980s and early 1990s, McGillis acted in a number of made-for-TV movies, including North (1994), Winter People (1989), and her second Amish role in any media.

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Personal Life

Kelly Mcgillis personal life

Kelly McGillis got married to Boyd Black in 1979, and they later got divorced in 1981. She later wed Fred Tillman and they had two children, Sonora and Kelsey. Regrettably, Kelly and Fred split up in 2002.

During a SheWired interview in April 2009, an American actress came out as a lesbian. Kelly married Philadelphia sales executive Melanie Leis in a civil marriage in 2010. Leis worked as a bartender at Kelly’s Caribbean Bar Grill & Brewery in Key West, Florida, in 2000, where they first met. They split in 2011. She resides in Hendersonville, North Carolina, at the moment.

Net Worth of Kelly McGillis

Kelly McGillis’s estimated net worth Kelly McGillis’s net worth is thought to be $5 million or thereabouts. Her work as an actor on the stage and the movie is her primary source of income. Her lucrative job has allowed her to enjoy opulent living and expensive travel. She is one of the most wealthy and well-known actresses in the country.

Are you interested in Kelly Mcgillis’s wealth? What is the main income source? Salary and assets frequently vary over time. The net worth and salary are the main topics in the section that follows. This section also includes controversy. Kelly Mcgillis has a $5 million net worth.

McGillis was born in Newport Beach, California, and was raised by Virginia Joan and Donald Manson. Even at a young age McGillis always had a fascination for acting. She graduated from the Drama Division of the Julliard School in New York in 1983 after spending her high school years at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Santa Maria, California, where she honed her craft.

Following graduation, McGillis was able to secure a supporting role in “Reuben, Reuben,” her debut film, which increased her net worth and opened many doors in the film and television industries. She starred alongside Harrison Ford in the 1985 thriller “Witness,” which not only proved a box office success.

Harrison Ford, not only became popular with the public but also helped her earn nominations for the BAFTA and Golden Globe awards.

Hollywood took notice of McGillis’ performance following the success of “Witness,” and she subsequently secured a part in another successful film, “Top Gun.” Along with Tom Cruise and Van Kilmer, she played Charlie Blackwood in the top-grossing 1986 film, solidifying her reputation as a starring lady. Then came “The Accused,” a different Oscar-winning film starring Jodie Foster. Her celebrity was propelled by the amount of top-grossing movies she appeared in, which greatly enhanced her riches.

McGillis opted to concentrate on television and make fewer films after a run of box office hits so she could spend more time with her family.

                                               FAQs-People Also Ask

What is Kelly Mcgillis’s estimated net worth?

There is a $5 million net worth.

What is Kelly Mcgillis’ height?

Her height is 1.78 m.

What day was Kelly Mcgillis born?

The birthdate of Kelly Mcgillis is 9 July 1957.

What city is Kelly Mcgillis’ birthplace?

Kelly Mcgillis was born in Newport Beach, California, in the United States.

What does Kelly Mcgillis do for work?

She’s a performer.

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