LaLa Anthony Underwent Plastic Surgery, did she? Her Comparison Images Prove It

LaLa Anthony Underwent Plastic Surgery, did she? Her Comparison Images Prove It

LaLa Anthony, a well-known MTV TRL disc jockey and reality TV star known for her VH1 show LaLa’s Full Court Life as well as working as a VJ for Total Request Live, was born in New York City on June 25, 1979.

She was motivated to become an MTV VJ before she became famous since she had seen Jessie enjoy the job in the 1980s and 1990s. Her big-screen debut was in 2001 with the release of the film Two Can Play That Game.

She got married to Carmelo Anthony in 2010. The couple’s first child, Kiyan, was born on March 7, 2007. Before getting back together in 2018, the couple had split up in 2017.

After 11 years of marriage, La La most recently filed for divorce from Carmelo in June 2021. Fans on the internet have inundated the search engine with inquiries regarding her plastic surgery since she made news. Is there any basis for this?

LaLa Anthony’s Plastic Surgery: What Does She Think About It?

Could the reason why so many people assume Lala Anthony has had Botox injections is because she no longer has creases around her eyes?

In actuality, it’s not the only cause for skepticism about Anthony’s youthful appearance. There has also been a discernible change around the nose. Did she schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to adjust the size of her nose?

They question if Anthony, the former VH1 star, underwent breast augmentation and butt lift in addition to Botox and rhinoplasty.
Plastic surgery can assist alter a person’s physical appearance if they are self-conscious about specific body traits. However, because many people like a more natural appearance, it has long been a divisive expression.

However, they also strive for flawless beauty. Celebrities frequently choose to ignore rumors and allegations concerning plastic surgery because it’s a vicious cycle. LaLa Anthony’s before and after pictures allow us to see the full picture.

Who would have thought Anthony was just in her early 40s? She resembles women in their early 30s quite well. When she smiles or makes any other facial gestures, even in the most current photo of her, there aren’t any crow’s feet in the corner of her eyes.

Around the age of 20, crow’s feet start to develop. In their early 40s, if they’re lucky, they won’t have many wrinkles. Due to genetics or a lack of sun exposure, it’s possible. Anthony may be physically blessed and have experienced less exposure.

Additionally, LaLa Anthony’s latest photos show a significant change in her nose; didn’t she previously have a wider nose? We are all aware that cosmetic procedures can be imitated. These cosmetic methods are often used on YouTube.

She might have used a contouring brush and cosmetic blenders to change the shape of her nose. Additionally, it is believed that she has breast implants. The difference between her bosoms in the before and after pictures, however, is minimal. Her boobs are bigger and plumper, which makes her look excellent in fashionable attire. exposed to sunlight or had Botox injected.

Finally, it turns out that the theory concerning butt lifts is accurate because her buttocks appear rounder from behind. Since the beginning, she has had larger buttocks. The photographs show that recently, her bottoms have been more nicely dressed. Her buttocks are curvier now thanks to the butt lift, not smaller.

Has LaLa Anthony addressed these rumours in the interim? She doesn’t seem phased despite years of hysterical media rumours around her.

The former I Love New York anchor is still as stunningly beautiful as she was in her debut film, Two Can Play That Game; she hasn’t aged at all. The television celebrity has also neither confirmed or refuted any claims of plastic surgery.

It is therefore only speculative to say whether she has undergone any of the aforementioned cosmetic procedures or changed the harmony of her face features using makeup. She is maturing gracefully despite this.

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Did LaLa Anthony Use Botox?

La La Anthony’s Face Comparison

LaLa Anthony is currently 40 years old, but if you look at her face, it’s difficult to tell; she seems like she’s in her early thirties, leading some to speculate that she may have used Botox to get her wrinkle-free appearance. Additionally, even a single line of wrinkles around her eyes are difficult to spot because crow’s feet can be seen as early as a woman’s late twenties.

Could it then be true? Although LaLa is known for utilising pricey skin care products, we truly don’t know. It is true, nevertheless, that if you are aware of your skin type and your product options, it can perform miracles. So it’s still unclear whether she utilised Botox. Another actress, Brie Larson, is rumoured to have had plastic surgery on her nose and eyes.

Did LaLa Anthony Get a Rhinoplasty?

It seems La La Anthony did get a nose job.

Rhinoplasty is one of the many accusations against La La Anthony that the public has made. The reality star is thought to have gotten a nose operation. Additionally, the assertions appear to be true when we examine the comparison image.

Her nose appears more defined, and it appears that she also fixed the tip, but since the image itself can reveal a lot, all of this could simply be the magic of cosmetics. These simple adjustments can now be made using makeup. So, we’ll let you make the decision regarding the rhinoplasty. Liu Yifei has also had an eyelift and a nose operation.

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LaLa Anthony’s Augmented Butt

That’s a straight giveaway! She has a butt lift.

We are, however, not entirely persuaded on this one. Although it is clear that she was born with large buttocks, she has appeared curvier in recent years.

She has more curves on her body, therefore we assume she had a buttlift. So, in our opinion, there is no need to emphasise this issue further. So, despite LaLa’s assertions, she actually received a butt lift.

In conclusion, despite what she claimed, we can tell that she at least received a butt lift. Who knows, she may have also improved other aspects of her body. But even though she did, the modifications are minor, and she still looks stunning.


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