Are Lauren And Cameron, One Of The Hottest Couple Of The Reality Show, Pregnant?

lauren and cameron pregnant

After getting married in November 2018, Lauren Speed Hamilton and husband Cameron Hamilton exclusively revealed to Life & Style in April 2021 that they were doing “so well.” During the first season of Love Is Blind, Lauren and Cameron Hamilton won our hearts right away.

It’s no surprise that viewers are still interested in the couple two years after they first appeared on Netflix’s popular reality dating series due to their immediate chemistry, unflinching honesty, and endearing on-screen chemistry.

After about four years of marriage and no children, the couple is still going strong. They have stated that they plan to become parents and may announce it in public if the time comes.

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How Did Lauren And Cameron Meet?

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are one of the sexiest couples on the Netflix blockbuster series Love Is Blind.

During the first season of Love Is Blind in 2018, Cameron and Lauren connected through a wall and got engaged without ever having met. They were one of the select few couples who not only attended their on-screen nuptials but also exchanged vows.

The influencer admitted that when she first entered her pod, she “did not expect to be married.” I was open to it, of course. You have to be open and vulnerable in every connection, including love, and that’s the hardest part, in my opinion. In all honesty, it felt like a whirlwind. I genuinely entered that pod, sat in front of a wall, and fell in love with Cam over the course of our chats.

She said, “It’s still really mind-boggling. “At times, when Cam and I are just sitting together, I’ll look at him and think, ‘We’re actually married. This is absurd. I simply experience such bizarre moments. Lauren continued by offering guidance to potential reality stars in the future who are vying for a position on Netflix’s docuseries.

For us, Lauren stated, “I think we just really simply tried to be ourselves.” “We attempted to maintain openness. We made a sincere effort to put ourselves and our relationship first. I think the primary thing that helped us was that. We made no attempt to assume any characters or roles. We remained loyal to who we were and just concentrated on each other.

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Are Lauren Speed And Cameron Hamilton Still Together?

Are Lauren and Cameron still married 2022?

The answer is yes, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are still together and are living a happy married life. During an interview for the year 2020 that took place after the airing of the season 1 reunion episode, Lauren admitted that it had been challenging not to see each other physically during the programme. Additionally, Cameron said, “Especially after we were engaged.

We were forced to go without seeing each other for an entire day. It felt like the longest 24 hours in the history of time, but here we are, a year and a half later, so the wait was definitely worth it. They went on their first date as a normal couple after the first season concluded and went to a pub.

The lives of Lauren and Cameron have, for the most part, been filled with happiness and success, but this was not always the case. In an interview conducted in April of 2021, Lauren discussed the pressure of public scrutiny that has been placed on their marriage as a result of the show.

She said, “I believe that the hardest thing for us to do at the time was just kind of learning how to let people’s opinions roll off of us.” She went on to say that it did take them some time to acclimatize to the continuous attention, but that they were able to get the hang of it in the end. The pair went into further detail about the pressure to have a child during an interview with Essence magazine that took place in June of 2021.

Lauren And Cameron’s Career

What does Lauren Hamilton and Cameron do for a living?

The reality star is “still a scientist,” according to Cameron’s Instagram account. But in addition to his day work, Steve and Lauren also co-wrote a book called Leap of Faith that details their out-of-the-ordinary wedding.

As Lauren explained, “The book has a little bit of tea in it, of course, about our experience, but it also is simply the gems that we learnt throughout our dating journey and that we’ve applied to help us open ourselves up to be vulnerable.”

Even after two years of marriage, as we enter our third year together, there are still things we’ve learnt and absorbed that keep us going strong. Lauren may add “Reality TV Host” to her list of accomplishments in addition to “Published Author,” as she served as the host of the new reality dating programme Match Me If You Can, which was produced by MTV and Pepsi Mango.

As they searched for love, the digital series followed some of the biggest reality stars, including Harry Jowsey, Eric Bigger, Onyeka Ehie, Joey Sasso, and Kylie Smith. When The Challenge: Double Agents commercial takeovers occurred throughout the season, which debuted in April 2021, Lauren assisted in directing the competitors.

Regarding the series, Lauren said, “There are so many surprises.” “There were a lot of sweet moments, but there were also juicy times, and I think that’s kind of where the whole Pepsi Mango idea comes in,” the author said.

Is Lauren Speed Pregnant?

Is Lauren Speed Pregnant?

Love is Blind followers are eagerly awaiting the debut of a cute Speed-Hamilton baby. According to the couple from Love Is Blind, this is the question that they get asked the most frequently by their family and admirers. The prospect of her daughter Lauren Speed giving birth to grandchildren fills her mother with joy.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed have lately stated that neither of them is pregnant and that they are not currently trying to start a family. But they also said that a baby could be on the way in the next year or so, so that’s something to look forward to.

At the moment, there are a lot of opportunities, and people are starting to get quite active with them. The fact that they are confined there, though, and that these other chances are being removed from their reach, may cause things to shift.

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