Maite Perroni And Andrés Tovar Got Married In Valle de Bravo: This Was One Of The Old RBD’s Lavish Wedding Gowns

maite perroni wedding

Around the world, there are thousands upon thousands of people who are famous. On the other hand, only a very small number of people are famous enough to become a topic of debate in every region of the world.

The remarkable work that Maite Perroni has done in the entertainment sector has earned her the status of a celebrity in the same league as those other actors and actresses who have gained the affection of a huge number of people.

Maite Perroni is a Mexican actress, model, and singer. She is also a member of the group RBD, which has been nominated for a Latin Grammy.

She is particularly well-known for her roles in the television series “Triunfo del Amor” and “La Gata,” both of which helped her to win a TVyNovelas Award in the category of Best Actress of the Year. She has also appeared in a number of films.

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Maite Perroni And Andrés Tovar: Controversy

Maite Perroni And Andrés Tovar Were Involved In Controversy

Everyone was taken aback when they heard the news of the engagement of the former host of the morning show Sale el Sol on Imagen TV and Perroni. This was due to the fact that he was already married to another actress, Claudia Martn, and the couple had only recently divorced a year prior.

It is important to keep in mind that Andrés was embroiled in a major scandal when he was accused of having been unfaithful to his first wife with Maite, while she was also accused of having been unfaithful on her boyfriend Koko Stambuk, a situation that those involved in it categorically denied taking place.

In recent days, the journalist alex Kaffie has brought to light the fact that he had previously been invited to this long-awaited wedding; nevertheless, he did not give any details and merely mentioned that the wedding will take place in October of next year.

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Maite Perroni Pregnancy Rumour

Maite Perroni talks about pregnancy rumors and her wedding plans with producer Andrés Tovar

In 2021, Maite Perroni played a prominent role in a scandal for reportedly being the reason behind actress Claudia Martn and producer Andrés Tovar’s divorce.

Their connection was later acknowledged by them, and even though the former RBD star He has opted to keep their relationship completely private, but a few days ago he gave them something to talk about once more after social media users confirmed that she is expecting and that she has even received an engagement ring.

For this reason, the actress put an end to the rumours by denying that she is expecting her first child and that she has any immediate intentions to get married in an interview with the show “Despierta América.”

It should be noted that rumours of a possible pregnancy began to circulate after the couple attended the wedding of actress Marimar Vega and director of photography Jerónimo Rodrguez, which took place on February 26 in Acapulco, Guerrero, where they would have seen her with a “suspicious belly” that suggested she might be expecting a child.

The protagonist of “Beware of the Angel” and “Before Dead” explicitly denied that Lichita was pregnant before the series of rumours began. She said when she was startled at the airport in Mexico City, “No, no, when it happens, I will tell you about it, it will arrive.

That wasn’t all, though, as the 39-year-old actress rejected plans to move forward in her romance with Andrés Tovar, who was said to have offered her an engagement ring. The speaker said, “People say many things, and regrettably we must get used to that since it already becomes part of our business, but I will tell you, I will tell you as things happen.”

Finally, he refuted the claim that the material is being withheld in order to sell the exclusive to a newspaper, indicating that there may be strategies for getting to the altar. “No, not in the least. He noted that there are numerous plans.

Maite Perroni Wedding

Maite Perroni and Andres Tovar finally tied the knot in a fairytale wedding in Brave Valley last Saturday, October 8, after several months of drama and allegations.

The happy couple had been planning the event for quite some time. After a year of publicly acknowledging their romance, the pair finally exchanged their “yes, I do”s during a ceremony attended by their loved ones.

In spite of the fact that the beginning of their story was mired in controversy, the celebrities have moved on to the next stage of their relationship, demonstrating that they are more in love than they have ever been and reiterating their desire to become parents very soon, a desire that they have expressed on more than one occasion.

It was on his Instagram account that Maite Perroni published the very first official photograph from their wedding. Andrés Tovar can be seen in the picture alongside the woman who would later become his wife.

She is proudly displaying the stunning wedding gown he wore on the big day, while Andrés Tovar celebrates his success by raising his arm while carrying a bouquet of white flowers notwithstanding the fact that none of them has provided any further details thus far.

On Twitter, there are multiple instances of the link’s image being shared. Someone even managed to steal the video of the thank-you speech that both of them gave in the middle of the celebration.

Maite Perroni Bridal Look

this was the luxurious wedding dresses of the former RBD

This past weekend, Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar had a grand wedding, and she made headlines in especially for her stunning appearance in two different dresses. Mexico’s State of Valle de Bravo According to many news portals, television producer Andrés Tovar and actress-singer Maite Perroni wed, and their wedding was attended by family and close friends.

According to reports from multiple publications, the first featured long sleeves and a round neckline, highlighting diverse applications in a wave design. Maite covered her skin entirely with a sophisticated neckline on her back and transparent cloth below.

The stunning singer wore a side-necked skirt with volume at the bottom of her outfit, and she accessorised with what appeared to be the well-known Tan-Go Platforms by Valentino, which also feature wristbands that help the shoes stay on the feet.

With regard to Perroni’s second gown, An ex-member of the RBD group, Maite wore a long skirt in the bottom half and a white shirt with a cross in the top part that showed a semi-deep neckline in the centre.

This second Perroni suit caught my eye because of a matching-colored blazer that had huge bags sewn onto the sides of it. also having satin lapels. In contrast to Andrés’ groom suit, he wore an entirely black attire, with abstract satin figures adorning every piece of clothing from shirt to vest to pants to jacket.

Celebrities including Marimar Vega, Zuria Vega, Roco Sánchez Azuara, Tania Karam They were present at Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar’s wedding, although there is now no mention of it on social media, nor are there any photographs or details about if any former RBD members were there.

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