Malta Republic Day: History,Facts


On December 13 each year, Maltese citizens and visitors alike celebrate Republic Day, also known as “Jum ir-Repubblika.” There is a nationwide day of rest, thus most places of commerce and education are shut down. The Maltese Islands are a group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, not far from Sicily and the coast of Africa. The country’s history is intertwined with that of the Romans, the Moors, the Knights of Saint John, the French, and the British. The al Saflieni Hypogeum and other megalithic temples are popular tourist destinations in Malta. About half a million people live in this little country.

History Of Malta Republic Day

After colonising the island of Malta, the French were met with fierce opposition from the locals due to their aggressive treatment of Maltese Catholic traditions. Since the British aided Malta during the Napoleonic Wars, Malta has looked on the British Empire for safety ever since. In accordance with the terms of the Treaty of Paris, which officially ended the Napoleonic Wars, Malta was annexed to the British Empire in 1814.

Malta Republic Day

Malta became independent from Britain in 1964, although its original constitution made Queen Elizabeth II still the country’s Head of State. Malta became a Republic in 1974, after having been a British colony since 1964. Malta became a republic on December 13, 1974, when a new constitution was ratified and an elected president took office, thereby updating the country’s previous constitution, which had been in place since 1964. As the governor of Malta stepped down, Sir Anthony Mamo assumed the role of the country’s first president.

The President of Malta, on behalf of the government and the people of Malta, presents awards to Maltese nationals who have made significant contributions to their respective fields every year on Republic Day. The Presidential Palace in Valletta, Malta’s capital, is the site of the festivities.

The Maltese Armed Forces hold a military parade down Republic Street. Banners depicting the Maltese flag and the national colours of red and white hang from the ceilings of the streets. The Malta Council for Culture and Arts hosts a variety of exciting events throughout the year. Some of the most well-known Maltese folk dances, such the “il-Maltija” and the “parata,” are also performed during the parade. The Maltese archipelago is a hotspot for coordinated fireworks displays.

How To Observe Malta Republic Day

Go to Malta
Visiting Malta on Republic Day is the finest way to celebrate the holiday. The country also boasts a thriving tourist industry and is home to some great natural and historical landmarks.

Savour the Maltese cuisine.
Recreating traditional Maltese fare is the next best thing to being in Malta for Republic Day celebrations. Pastizzi are a well-liked Maltese food that you should try. Some of the most interesting and delicious baked goods you’ll ever try were made on Malta.

Find out more about Malta by reading
Try looking for books about Maltese culture or literature that were written in or about that area. You won’t believe the wealth of creativity that has come out of such a little country.

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Malta Republic Day

Why To Love Malta Republic Day

Information about the country is presented.
Malta The celebration of Republic Day is an excellent educational opportunity. For hundreds of years, it was a driving force in the area and a major cultural influence on the surrounding areas.

Possessing a rich cultural history
Recognizing Malta’s Republic Day is a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with Maltese heritage. This celebration calls attention to the rich variety of Maltese artistic expression and culture.

A minor but crucial location
Due to its strategic location, Malta was a target for many different countries. As a result, Maltese culture spread to neighbouring countries.

Malta Republic Day

Some Facts About Malta

Among the tiniest nations in the world.
Malta, the smallest EU member state, ranks 204th in size among the world’s 236 countries.

The continent’s first purpose-built capital
The capital city of Malta, Valletta, is widely regarded as the first European city to be systematically designed.

There are more foreigners in the country than locals.
On the islands of Malta, there are three times as many visitors as locals.

The island nation of Malta recognises three tongues as its own.
Maltese Sign Language, English, and Maltese are the languages in question.

Structures there are among the oldest in the world.
The earliest known construction dates back to 3,600 BC.

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Final Words

It’s wonderful for the citizens of any country to celebrate their republic on republic day. Because in Malta and the past, every day counts. As a result, Maltese citizens give Republic Day a great deal of reverence and celebrate it with a wide variety of exciting activities. Because the proud heritage of Malta is the inspiration for Malta Republic Day. The Maltese look forward to this holiday every year, not only in 2022. The celebration of Malta’s Republic Day, set for Monday, December 13, 2022, is rapidly approaching.


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