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Microsoft Considered To Bump The first-party Xbox Games On The Xbox Series X|S Up To $70

Microsoft to charge $70 for first-party Xbox games

Microsoft will be yet another significant game publisher to raise the price of its first-party games from $60 to $70. IGN claims that starting in 2023, the price of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S games will be $69.99. Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and Starfield are a few examples of such games.

The size, scope, and technical difficulty of these titles are reflected in the price, according to Microsoft. As with all games created by our teams at Xbox, they will be accessible through Game Pass on the same day they go on sale.

This action is not unexpected because many publishers, including Ubisoft and Sony, have already embraced the $70 pricing range for some current-gen titles. According to a statement made to Digital Trends, prices for Microsoft-published PC games are also rising.

New full-priced titles will cost $69.99 across console and PC marketplaces as of 2023, according to Microsoft. Regardless of the platform, “This pricing reflects the content, scope, and difficulty of these products. These titles will also be accessible with Game Pass on launch day.

Microsoft declined to respond to a question from IGN about if this meant the cost of Xbox Series X|S consoles will also increase. For the time being, those prices won’t change, according to Xbox’s CEO Phil Spencer, primarily in response to PS5 pricing increases in some markets.

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Xbox Exclusive Games Will Be $70 Starting In 2023

Even though Microsoft’s decision to embrace a $70.00 price point may surprise some people, it was probably inevitable. Microsoft had plenty of time to wait and observe what the consequences of such a price increase would be thanks to the PS5’s matching price increase in its exclusives and a few other publishers following its lead even on other platforms.

The Xbox head Phil Spencer had previously hinted at price increases for the Xbox Series X/S and the company’s Game Pass subscription service. While Microsoft may experience less backlash for the decision than Sony, seeing as some consumers may have already grown accustomed to the increased price, the price hike will still come as unwelcome news to many.

While no comment was made specifically regarding game prices, the Xbox head had previously hinted at price increases for both the Xbox Series X/S and the company’s Game Pass subscription service.

Additionally, the cost of keeping up with games may potentially be sliding out of the hands of the typical consumer due to the possibility of a price hike on both the Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass.

While costs on devices like Steam and the Nintendo Switch have mostly remained the same, Microsoft following Sony’s lead creates even more of a precedent for a general price increase in the industry. Xbox following the PlayStation 5’s example is probably disappointing for many, especially since the increased cost affects highly anticipated games like Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield.

Xbox’s own acquisition of publishers like Activision Blizzard will also bring even more titles under the price hike’s umbrella. The pressure on the Xbox 2023 releases to succeed, both critically and commercially, has intensified as a result of Microsoft citing increasing content and technical complexity as reasons for the price increase.

Customers may want to keep an eye out for additional information in the future because Xbox may be aiming to raise the prices of its consoles and services as well.

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Sony Raising Price For Its Games Over $70

A Microsoft spokeswoman told IGN that the price increase to $70 “reflects the content, scale, and technical complexity” of the company’s first-party, AAA games. Thus, in 2023, we may anticipate the initial price of titles like Forza Motorsport, Redfall, and Starfield to be $69.99. The representative claims that “the same day they launch, these titles will also be available with Game Pass.”

This action isn’t all that shocking considering that other companies, like Ubisoft, have announced that their upcoming AAA titles would now cost $70.

However, the story claims that “Sony especially has reportedly explored boosting that price even higher,” which may be a reference to a previous report from 2020 that claimed Sony was considering charging more than $70 for its first-party games.

Although it would be in line with trends, it is unknown if Microsoft is also thinking about raising the cost of the Xbox Series X|S consoles. Sony acknowledged that the PS5 pricing has increased in a few nations in August as a result of the weak global economy and high inflation rates. Microsoft Raising First-Party Game Cost on Xbox Series X|S to $70 – Report first appeared on PlayStation LifeStyle.

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