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Mike Tyson Net Worth (Updated 2022): How Wealthy Is The Boxing Legend?

mike tyson net worth

mike tyson net worth

Mike Tyson, an ex-champion in heavyweight boxing. Along with appearing in many films, he has also been incarcerated. He received a great deal of titles and honours throughout his professional boxing career.

Mike Tyson is generally recognized as the best heavyweight boxer of all time. He reigned as the division’s unchallenged world champion from 1987 to 1990.

Whether it was because of his boxing prowess or his hotly contested way of life, “Iron Mike” was frequently in the news. Tyson’s success in the ring contributed to his rise to fame, which included parts in movies like Hangover, IP Man, and Rocky Balboa as well as cameos in numerous TV shows including How I Met Your Mother, The Last O.G., Webster, and others.

Biography of Mike Tyson

Name Michael Gerard Tyson
Age 55
Spouse (Ex-wife) Monica Turner, Lakiha Spicer
Children Miguel Leon Tyson, Exodus Tyson, Mikey Lorna Tyson, Rayna Tyson, Amir Tyson, Morocco Tyson, Milan Tyson.
Body Measurement Chest: 52 Inches

Waist: 36 Inches, Biceps: 18.5 Inches

Birth Place Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.
Religion Christian
Father’s Name Jimmy Kirkpatrick
Mother’s Name Lorna Smith
Siblings Rodney Tyson, Denise Tyson, Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick.


On June 30, 1966, Mike Tyson was born in Brownsville, New York. Although Jimmy Kirkpatrick was once referred to as his father, Purcell Tyson is actually his biological father.

His mother’s name is Lorna Smith Tyson. Mike has an older brother named Rodney as well as a sister named Denise. In 1991, his sister suffered a heart attack and passed away. Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick, Mike’s half-brother, was another relative.

When Mike lived in Johnstown, he went to Tryon School for Boys. Mike’s abilities and skills caught the attention of Bobby Stewart, a former boxer and counsellor in a juvenile prison facility. In high school, Tyson attended Catskill. He used to practice after hours while still in school.

Early Life of Mike Tyson

June 30, 1966 saw the birth of Mike Tyson in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. He had two siblings, Rodney and Denise, however Denise died of a heart attack when he was only 24 years old. Mike recognized Jimmy Kirkpatrick as Tyson’s father figure despite the fact that Tyson’s real father is listed as “Purcell Tyson.” Baseball player Kirkpatrick was raised and born in Grier Town, North Carolina. He visited places where you might expect a man of his size to hang out because he was an ardent gambler.

Tyson’s mother passed away when he was just 16 years old, and Kirkpatrick ultimately deserted the family. He was consequently left in the custody of his boxing manager, Cus D’Amato. In and around high-crime regions, Tyson grew up. In a previous interview, he said that the bigger child who had severed the heads of one of his pigeons was the cause of his first altercation. Tyson was frequently arrested for his crimes; by the time he was 13, he had already been held 38 times. He attended the Johnstown Tryon School for Boys before dropping out of high school.

Education of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson had to forge his own path to success because he was raised in a very low-income, underdeveloped neighborhood. He was exposed to boxing because of the frequent street fights and the necessity to defend himself; his inherent aptitude was noticed and propelled him toward success. Mike Tyson did not finish high school and did not enroll in college. Outside of boxing, Mike Tyson had limited interests because his top objective was survival.

Mike Tyson did not finish high school and did not enroll in college. Outside of boxing, Mike Tyson had limited interests because his top objective was survival.

He received an honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, in 1989 together with Don King, according to university president Arthur E. Thomas.

Career of Mike Tyson

In the Junior Olympic competitions in 1981 and 1982, Mike won the gold medal by outlasting his competitors Kelton Brown and Joe Cortez. At the Olympic Summer Games in 1984, he competed against Henry Tillman twice but lost both occasions. Furthermore, in 1985, he knocked out Hector Mercedes in the first round of their fight, which served as his professional debut. 28 battles were fought, with 26 victories for Mike. He competed against Marvis Frazier, Mitch Green, James Tillis, David Jaco, and a host of other opponents.

Jesse Ferguson was the opponent in Tyson’s debut fight on television. In the fifth round, he stunned the opponent by fracturing his nose. By the sixth round, Tyson had been crowned the victor. At the age of 20, Tyson set a record by winning 22 fights in a row, 21 of which were knockout victories. He finally had the chance to face Trevor Berbick for the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title following a run of victories. At the age of 20 years and 4 months, on November 22, 1986, Tyson defeated Berbick by knockout in the second round to claim the heavyweight title.

In 1988, Tyson enjoyed being at the top of the boxing world. After each victory, his already well-known reputation as a tough combatant skyrocketed.

Top-tier luminaries like Michael Spinks, Larry Holmes, Tony Tubbs, and James “Bonecrusher” Smith competed against Tyson. Holmes had already held the title of heavyweight, but Spinks insisted on being the real deal. Tyson knocked out Holmes in the fourth round and Spinks in the first round in his first professional knockout in 75 fights (the richest fight in history).

The highlight of Tyson’s career was his 91-second victory against Spinks in the opening round. The contest, which was expected to be the bout of the season, featured aggressive infighting from Tyson against skillful out-boxing and footwork from Spinks. After the bout, Tyson’s popularity and reputation among boxing fans reached new heights. After his defeat, Spinks never competed in another bout.

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Awards and Achievements of Mike Tyson

The record for being the youngest heavyweight boxing champion belongs to Mike Tyson. He was named the year’s top prospect by Ring magazine. Mike received the Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year award in 1986 and 1988 in recognition of his outstanding fighting abilities.

In 2012, he was also admitted to the WWE Hall of Fame. In addition to this, he was inducted into both the World and International Boxing Halls of Fame.

Personal Life of mike Tyson

Seven children were born to Tyson during his three marriages. He married the actress Robin Givens in February 1988. Extreme violence and a lot of drama characterized the one-year marriage.

In June 2009, at the La Bella Wedding Chapel, he wed his long-time partner, Lakiha Spicer. Milan and Morocco are the names of the couple’s two children. Prior to this, he dated Kenya Moore, a TV celebrity. In 1987, he also had a relationship with actress and model Naomi Campbell.

Tyson tragically lost his daughter Exodus in 2009 after she was discovered hanging from a treadmill, unconscious and entangled in a rope. She was put on life support and later pronounced dead.

With bipolar disorder, Tyson has been identified. He maintains a sober lifestyle and eats vegan food.

Married Life of Mike Tyson

In February 1988, he wed the actress Robin Givens. The one-year marriage was characterized by extreme violence and a great deal of drama. No children were born into the marriage. Givens was rumored to have experienced a miscarriage, but Tyson denied this, claiming that she was never expecting and had lied about it to get him to propose to her.

He married Konica Turner a second time in April 1997. Due to adultery, they divorced in January 2003. The union produced two offspring. Tyson’s daughter Exodus passed away in May 2009 from injuries sustained while dangling from a cord inside a treadmill. Less than two weeks after the death of his daughter, in June 2009, he married Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer.

Children of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson presently has six children: Mikey Lorna, Rayna, Amir, Miguel, Milan, and Morocco. He originally had seven kids. He had Mikey Lorna Tyson, his first child, with Kimberly Scarborough, a woman he had an affair with but did not marry. He had Rayna and Amir Tyson, his second and third children, with his second wife, Monica Turner.

With the lady he had an affair with but chose not to marry, Sol Xochitl, he produced his fourth and fifth children, Miguel and Exodus Tyson. Exodus Tyson, his child, died at the age of four, it should be said.

With his current spouse Lakiha Spicer, he had his sixth and seventh children, Milan and Morocco Tyson.

Properties of Mike Tyson

Tyson currently resides in Henderson, Nevada. According to The Sun, Tyson paid £2.5 million for the 8,148 square foot home in 2016.

The entirety of Mike Tyson’s formative years was spent in an apartment in New York’s Brownsville, Brooklyn. During those formative years, he developed a passion with pigeons. He currently resides in Nevada, Henderson, Las Vegas, Connecticut, and Maryland. Mike Tyson owns an amazing collection of autos, which ranges from classic cars to elegant Eldorado Cadillacs.

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Mike Tyson Net Worth 2022

According to estimates as of June 2022, Mike’s cannabis firm has contributed to a net worth of about $15 million. Tyson’s company, which sells top-quality marijuana strains, sweets, and extracts, is thought to bring in between $500,000 and $750,000 every month, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Before losing it all, he had a net worth of more than $300 million.

He made close to $400 million in the actual ring. In 2005, he made his retirement announcement following his bankruptcy in 2003. He has since appeared in a lot of movies and television shows.

Mike Tyson, a legendary boxer, has recently made the transition from world champion knockout artist to movie star and motivational speaker over his storied career. Now, he has discovered his latest lucrative endeavour: his multimillion-dollar cannabis business.

Since 2016, Tyson has been selling cannabis products under the Tyson Holistic brand. It is estimated that he makes between $500,000 and $750,000 per month from his cannabis company.

FAQs- People Also Ask

Why did Mike Tyson stop boxing?

Mike stopped boxing professionally in 2005 after losing to opponent Kevin McBride. The boxing legend was going through a lot of personal troubles at the time, including having to declare bankruptcy (2003). Mike declared he was done with the sport and put his gloves down after suffering back-to-back defeats.

Why did Mike Tyson get a face tattoo?

Prior to his fight against Etienne, “Iron Mike” was being trained by veteran professional boxer Jeff Fenech. He then stated that Tyson obtained a face tattoo for himself because he didn’t want to fight Etienne because boxers are worried about tattoos that “scab up.”

What age did Tyson retire?

At the age of 35, Tyson competed for the heavyweight world championship in 2002 but was defeated by Lennox Lewis through knockout. He stopped competing in professional boxing in 2006 after being defeated by Danny Williams and Kevin McBride in back-to-back bouts.

How many Tyson lost?

Five of Tyson’s six defeats were by knockout. His professional career lasted from 1985 to 2005. He also holds the distinction of being the sport’s youngest-ever Heavyweight World Champion.


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