Monday’s homicide victim in Pitcairn has been positively identified.


An investigation has been opened into the fatal shooting of a man from Pitcairn by the Allegheny County police.

Nekye Smith, 20, was gunned down and died on Monday in the 400 block of Robinson Street in Pitcairn around 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

At 4:45 in the afternoon, he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

According to the police, there are no suspects at this moment; however, they stated that they will provide additional details later on Tuesday.

In Pitcairn, a 20-year-old man was shot and killed.

On Monday afternoon, a guy in his 20s was fatally shot in the head in Pitcairn, and he did not survive the attack.

Shortly after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, officers from the Allegheny County Police Department were dispatched to Robinson Street in response to reports of a shooting, where they discovered a man who had been shot in the head.

The individual, later determined to be Nykye Smith by the medical examiner, was sent to a hospital, where it was determined that he had passed away.

Detectives assigned to the county’s homicide unit started an investigation.

There has been no information released about any of the accused.

Pitcairn is looking into a shooting death.

It was approximately 4:05 p.m. when the complaint of the shooting in the 400 block of Robinson Street was made, according to the police.

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According to the police, the victim was transported to the hospital, where he was subsequently pronounced dead.

The victim was identified as Nykye Smith, a 20-year-old resident of Pitcairn, by the medical examiner.

Anyone who witnessed the shooting or has information on it is urged to contact the county police at the number 833-ALL-TIPS. Calls made under a false name will be answered.

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Police: Pitcairn Fatal Shooting May Have Been Drug Deal Gone Bad.

Early on Tuesday, there was a shooting in Pitcairn that resulted in the death of one person.

At approximately one in the morning, the shooting took place at an apartment located in the 300 block of Broadway Boulevard, as stated by the police.

According to Lieutenant Andrew Schurman of the Allegheny County Police Department, “They found a young man suffering from several gunshot wounds, and he was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.”

Anthony Bailey, 27, a resident of Penn Hills, has been named as the person who passed away, according to the authorities. The office of the medical examiner has concluded that he died as a result of gunshot wounds to the trunk as well as the right lower extremity.

Throughout the most of the morning, groups of law enforcement officers from both the county and Pitcairn were gathering evidence and conducting interviews with occupants of the apartment building.

Gerald Kunkle said, “I didn’t hear the bullets because I didn’t get in until around one o’clock.” He was referring to the time when he entered the building.

A man in his twenties was shot in the head in Pitcairn on a Monday afternoon, and he did not survive.

Police in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, responded to a complaint of gunfire on Robinson Street just after 4 p.m., where they found a man who had been shot in the head.

The medical examiner identified the victim as Nykye Smith and confirmed his death at the hospital.

County Homicide Unit detectives have opened a probe.

No details about any of the accused have been made public.

Final Words:

The death of a guy from Pitcairn is under investigation by authorities in Allegheny County.

On Monday at around 4 p.m., Nekye Smith, 20 years old, was fatally shot in the 400 block of Robinson Street in Pitcairn.

At 4:45 p.m., a local hospital confirmed his death.

Police have confirmed there are no suspects at this moment, and they plan to provide further information later on Tuesday.


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