Monkey Day 2022: All You Need To Know


There are numerous hypotheses concerning the motivations for the establishment of Monkey Day; nonetheless, the holiday’s roots remain a mystery. Some accounts claim that some college students established it as a joke, while others claim that it was started by people who wished to educate people about monkeys, the ecosystems they live in, and the role they play in the environment.

History Of Monkey Day

It is a challenging endeavour to pinpoint the precise moment when monkeys first formed as a distinct species within the realm of the animal kingdom; yet, it is generally accepted that this event took happened somewhere in the neighbourhood of sixty million years ago.

Without the presence of a National Monkey Day, this enormous amount of time would pass, month by month, year by year, millennium by millennium, moving both slowly and quickly along! In spite of this, things would eventually alter in the year 2000, and two forward-thinking college students are largely responsible for this.

Monkey Day

Casey Sorrow and Erik Millikin, who are both art students at Michigan State University, are the individuals primarily responsible for the conception of this festive day centred on chimpanzees. Sorrow would (appropriately) reveal to the Detroit Metro Times that he experienced a type of malaise during the holiday season and that he felt driven to find a means to overcome these December blues.

This was Sorrow’s motivation for writing the song “December Blues.” Sorrow seized the idea and ran with it after humorously noting “Monkey Day” on a friend’s calendar. When December 14th rolled around, he and his art school buddies dressed up as monkeys and ran amok, doing their best monkey impressions.

They went on to incorporate concepts connected to their newly established holiday into the artwork and homemade comics that they had already created. Because of the publication of these writings on the internet, the idea of a Monkey Day was able to spread, and now, many years later, the holiday is celebrated all over the world, including in nations such as Germany, India, and Thailand.

Monkey Day

What was initially intended to be a lighthearted activity has now grown into a serious enterprise. A number of organisations, including National Geographic, the Smithsonian Institution, and Greenpeace, work to spread awareness about the modern dangers that monkeys face.

Monkey Day is an important celebration that occurs annually and serves this purpose. In addition, Sorrow and Millikin have been essential in the utilisation of artwork with a monkey theme as vehicles for the purpose of accomplishing this goal. Because of their work, we now have a completely fresh perspective on what is meant by the phrase “monkey business!”

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Types Of Monkeys

Over 260 unique species have been identified so far. It’s possible to classify them as either “Old World” or “New World” species.

There are 160 species native to the Old World and 174 to the New World. Of monkeys, the following are the most typical:

  • Chimpanzee 
  • Capuchin Monkey
  • Marmoset Monkeys
  • Lion Tamarins
  • Gorillas
  • Baboons
  • Mandrill Baboon
  • Hamadryas Baboon
  • Orangutan
  •  Macaque Monkey
  • Gibbon

Monkey Day Celebration Customs

Make artwork with a monkey motif.

It’s possible that the inaugural Monkey Day consisted of little more than a few college students getting together to fool around, but the day became widely celebrated as a result of the artwork created by Sorrow and Millikin. Carry on this heritage by creating some original monkey art of your own through the mediums of painting or drawing.

Create foods in the shape of monkeys.

When we think of monkeys, the first thing that comes to mind is the food that they eat, which is bananas; therefore, baking some banana muffins on this day wouldn’t be out of place at all. You could also create cookies in the shape of monkeys, or if you really want to deviate from what a monkey would eat in the wild, you could indulge in some Chunky Monkey ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

Monkey Day

Prestige and Honor in Several Cultures

Monkeys are considered divine in many cultures. The Chinese zodiac animal for the ninth year of a 12-year cycle is the monkey.

Why Do We Love Monkey Day?

They sit in groups, give each other massages, and groom each other, all of which are behaviours more commonly associated with humans.

They often make us think about how far we’ve come from our ancestors. Mothers in the human species also commonly refer to their young children as monkeys or chimpanzees when they get into mischief.

Monkey Day

Their antics always put a smile on our faces. Among all living things, they are one of the most witty and joyful. They engage in all the typical forms of comic behaviour, such as dancing and fighting.

Monkey Day Activities

Primate, give, and party
Assist in raising money for primate awareness campaigns, retirement homes for older monkeys, and ethical animal research.

Visit a Zoo
During the week of December 14th, several zoos across the country will be hosting unique events and initiatives centred on monkeys, since it is a lot of fun to see the animals we love so much!

Take in some monkey media
Primate-centric media, like those starring Curious George or Abu from Aladdin, are great options for family enjoyment. Start viewing a movie that is suitable for apes right now!

Why To Love Monkey Day

An excellent day for ape-like antics
Don’t take the holiday of “Monkey Day” so seriously, and instead use it as an excuse to get loose! Fool around, have some fun, don’t take yourself too seriously… To be silly is human, and we all need an excuse now and then.

The awareness it spreads is crucial.
Half of the world’s 262 known monkey species are in peril of extinction, a fact that may not be widely known. The awareness raised by Monkey Day is vital in light of the current threats these species face.

Adorable monkeys.
Monkeys are some of the most adorable creatures since they are cute as well as energetic, smart, and sociable.

Final Thoughts

On December 14 we celebrate the day of the monkey. Though we and other primates have some cosmetic differences, we all share a common ancestor with chimpanzees. This occasion honours all things ape-like, so stretch those vocal chords in preparation for your craziest howls and shouts.

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