‘My husband was dumped.’ Monticello Lady Investigates Husband’s NYC death.

Tanisha Pakanayeva, Ilya Pakanayev’s wife, is extremely motivated to figure out what caused her husband’s death. Three years ago, when he was 32 years old, the man left to spend Hanukkah with family in New York City, but he never made it there.
Pakanayeva said that the body of Ilya had been discovered on the sidewalk in Southside Jamaica, Queens.

He took the bus from Monticello, and when he arrived at Port Authority, he was meant to be on his way to his parent’s home in Rego Park, which is located in the borough of Queens.

Discarded like yesterday’s garbage

After a marriage that lasted for 34 years, he simply cast me aside as if I were yesterday’s garbage.

You need to be aware of the fact that this “IS” my genuine story and that this is what I have to contend with on a daily basis. What I’m about to describe seems entirely implausible, and I wish with all my heart that it were just a figment of my imagination, but it’s not.
After three children, 34 years of marriage, and the throwing away of his wife, my husband left me. He is a certified public accountant who focuses on tax and matrimonial property settlements as his areas of expertise. He was able to persuade me to leave my home, and once I did, he did not waste any time in relocating his high school sweetheart and her scummy family into it.

‘My husband was dumped.' Monticello lady investigates husband's NYC death.

He struck me below the belt at a time when I was most susceptible. I, like most women, had a nagging feeling that something was off for a few months before something actually happened to confirm my suspicions. I harassed him with questions about how everything was going, and each time he reassured me that everything was fine.

For the past five years, I have been engaged in a legal battle with him in an effort to obtain a just settlement. However, he has repeatedly stated that he will never pay spousal support and that I am not entitled to any further compensation given that he is the one who is employed.

My mother passed away, and then exactly six weeks later, my daughter tied the knot. Just nine days after the wedding of her sister, he told me that he no longer wanted to be married, and at that point, we split up. After that, my father passed away 5 months later, and then 2 and a half months later, my mother’s live-in lover of 45 years also passed away.

Within a span of eight months, there were three deaths of close family members as well as one wedding. As I was explaining earlier, he managed to persuade me that moving would be for the best, and that is exactly what I did two months later. My darling little dog passed away within a year of the relocation because she couldn’t handle the stress of relocating and seeing me cry all the time. She was just a puppy.

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A wife from Monticello is looking into her husband’s mysterious death in New York City.

According to the NYPD, the man from Sullivan County was discovered dead many miles away from his destination in the driveway of someone he did not know.
Pakanayev’s widow claims that two men can be seen on home surveillance camera dumping her husband’s body. She also provided News 12 with a copy of her husband’s autopsy, which reveals that he suffered blunt force injuries, wounds, and bruises all over his body.
Pakanayeva stated that the individual “did not leave home with all of those injuries.” “I have a strong suspicion that someone seduced or set up my spouse in some way.”

A wife from Monticello is looking into her husband's mysterious death in New York City.

Tanisha claims that her husband was robbed of $1,800 in cash that he was carrying in envelopes for Hanukkah gifts. Tanisha’s husband was carrying the cash for Hanukkah gifts.
Tanisha claims that the police identified the individuals and told her that the men said they were paid to dispose of her husband’s remains. According to the allegations, the police identified the men. According to the victim’s wife, the men were never brought to justice for their actions.
The conclusive autopsy on Pakanayev revealed that he died from an overdose of fentanyl and alcohol, and the New York Police Department has stated that his death was not suspicious.

Final Words:

I hope that those who know the truth will share it with me. Pakanayeva pleaded with authorities to reconsider their decision to close Ilya’s case. “I feel awful about how my spouse was treated; he was thrown out like rubbish.”
After his death, Pakanayev and his small children left Monticello for North Carolina.
News 12 has reached out to DCPI for comment on his wife’s worries, but a spokesman has said the issue is concluded.


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