National App Day 2022: Know How To Celebrate


These days, practically everybody has a smartphone of their own. As a result, nobody has any trouble understanding the meaning of the word “App.”

We utilise a wide variety of mobile applications on a daily basis. Some individuals use them to keep their life more organised, while others use them to keep themselves from getting bored or to interact with others.

It is impossible to dispute the significant impact that mobile applications have on our day-to-day lives, regardless of the motivation for our use of them.

The relevance of mobile applications is being recognised on April 24 by the establishment of National App Day.

History Of National App Day

It is hard to believe that there was ever a time when people did not have access to mobile applications (apps), and the fact that apps have only been around for a very short period of time is even more incredible when considering their prevalence in modern culture. Apps are available for download on personal computers, but most users access them through their smartphones or tablet PCs.

Apps are used for even the most fundamental phone activities, such as sending a text message or initiating a call, in today’s smartphones. There are many apps available now that make it possible for people to earn money without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

National App Day

Psion, a firm located in London, introduced the Psion Organiser in the 1980s. The Psion Organiser is generally regarded as the first-ever PDA device to be commercially available. Even while the Organiser didn’t have a lot of functions, it did come with some useful ones, like a text editor, a calculator, an agenda, and a list of contacts. This established a standard for the creation of future mobile applications.

The brilliant entrepreneur Steve Jobs was the one who initially conceived of the concept of a “App Store” in the year 1983. He envisioned a database that would allow users to purchase software through phone calls. The innovative iPod by Apple was released concurrently with the beginning of the iTunes store, which paved the way for the later development of Apple’s App Store. The first iPhone was shown to the public for the first time in 2007, and a year later, the App Store was made available to users.

Due to the fact that there were only roughly 500 apps available when the App Store was first made available to the public, it is impossible to determine which app was the official first app to be made available. Despite this, numerous app clients appeared on the market at the same time that more and more smartphone models were introduced. These include the Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry’s App World, and Google Play for Android.

National App Day

National App Day was conceptualised by C.J. Thompson, founder of the mobile marketing business Platinum Edge Media, in response to the fact that the number of app downloads had surpassed 175 billion in the year 2017. The day is observed annually on December 11 and serves to encourage the community culture of app development as well as innovation.

Interesting Facts of App

  • TikTok, a social media programme, is now the app on Google Play that has the most installations, making it the most installed app overall.
  • People in China do not have access to the same applications that people in other parts of the world do. For instance, the app known as TikTok in China is referred to as Douyin. In comparison to TikTok, the demographics of Douyin are different, and the platform’s policies are more user-friendly.
  • The typical user of a smartphone has more than 80 applications (or “apps”) installed on their device and engages with at least nine of those applications on a daily basis.
  • According to surveys, people prefer mobile applications over websites, and they prefer to use this software for online buying. This software also makes purchasing easier.

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How To Celebrate National App Day

  • Get the latest app updatesA new app is a great way to commemorate the day. Get some fresh software from the Windows Store, the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.
  • Rate this sentence
    Developers put in a lot of time and effort to reduce bugs and ensure that their apps run smoothly. You can show your appreciation for the developers by leaving a review and star rating for your favourite app.
  • Tag your National App Day posts with #NationalAppDay
    As the creator of National App Day, he came up with this idea to encourage people to talk about their favourite apps on social media with the hashtag #NationalAppDay.
National App Day

Why We Celebrate National App Day

  • A new age has begun.
    The future of society will revolve around app culture. Apps are the next generation of technology, just as watches and televisions.
  • To the developers, well deserved kudos.
    A software developer is the brains behind an app’s functionality. Apps may be the main attraction on National App Day, but the development teams behind them also get some recognition.
  • As it stands, we can’t even fathom existing without Instagram.
    While Instagram and Snapchat are only accessible through smartphones, many widely used applications have websites, like Facebook and WhatsApp. And it’s great for us!
National App Day

Final Words

Every year, on April 23, we celebrate App Day to honour the usefulness of mobile applications.A second lesson of the day is that we should use our precious screen time wisely, focusing on apps that will actually be of use to us rather than just mindlessly browsing through them.Celebrating this day typically involves people exchanging information about their favourite apps or downloading useful ones.


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