National Bartender Day 2022 – How To Celebrate This Day


When people go out for the night, the bartender can simply end up becoming everyone’s favourite person. People can expect bartenders at any bar or pub they go to be able to keep them fully supplied with delectable beverages – most likely of an alcoholic sort – for as long as they have enough money to pay for it and are not too inebriated to be served!

However, bartenders do more than just serve drinks; they also frequently lend an attentive ear, share tidbits of knowledge, and even offer words of wisdom. There are others who go so far as to consider their bartender to be their unofficial counselor. It’s time to honour the hardworking men and women that keep the bar stocked and running smoothly. Today is the International Bartenders’ Day!

History Of World Bartender Day

Some researchers have even suggested that bartending could be as old as civilization itself. Legend has it that it first arose in different parts of the world, including Ancient Rome, Greece, and possibly Asia, thousands of years ago. They would have been the innkeepers and bar proprietors of the time who brewed their own beer and liquor and grew their own grapes for wine. The profession hasn’t always been held in high regard due to ethical and legal problems.

It’s possible that bartenders and drink owners gained more respect in Western European countries like France, Germany, Ireland, and England around the 15th century. Or at least they were making a lot of money in comparison to their contemporaries.

In the 1800s, bartendering started to be seen as more of a craft than a service. Mixed drinks gained popularity as new types of alcohol were introduced, and soon bartending was more about making cocktails than serving them.

History Of World Bartender Day

That’s when New York City bar owner Jerry Thomas, an American who is sometimes called the “father of mixology,” saw a surge in business thanks to the specialty drinks he was serving. Thomas authored the first book on bartending, published in 1862, and titled

The Bar-Tender’s Guide (also known as How to Mix Drinks or The Bon-Vivant’s Companion). Many of the guidelines outlined in this book remain the gold standard for bartending education to this day.

A greater appreciation for the artistry, expertise, and attention to detail required of bartenders to craft and serve drinks—often to not-so-pleasant customers—has been building since the 19th century. Prohibition in the United States caused a temporary setback for the industry in the 1920s and 1930s, but these hardy souls were only strengthened by the experience.

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How To Celebrate World Bartender Day

This is a wonderful day for celebrations because it nearly guarantees that a person will be able to go to the bar. Participate in the excitement by thinking up some original and exciting ways to celebrate, or make use of some of the following suggestions to get the party rolling:

Be Kind to Your Neighborhood Bartender

On September 19th, we celebrate World Bartender Day. They put in a lot of effort to ensure customer satisfaction yet are rarely compensated fairly. Staying patient when waiting to be served is a great way to show the bartender your appreciation and keep the peace. Smile and use your best manners while ordering drinks at the bar; the bartender will appreciate it, and you and your friends will enjoy better service the next time you order drinks.

The Best Advice Ever:- Most importantly, visitors to a country where tipping is customary would do well to familiarise themselves with the norms of tipping in order to demonstrate their appreciation for good service with a significant tip. It has been found that tips account for about 55% of a bartender’s revenue in the United States and other nations with a similar culture of gratuity. In recognition of World Bartender Day, it would be nice if you could spare a bit more than usual.

How To Celebrate World Bartender Day

Enjoy a party with The Blend

For people who work behind the bar or aspire to do so, The Blend is an engagement programme designed to inspire and encourage innovation. The Blend is celebrating World Bartender Day by posting games, interviews, bartending tips, videos, and more on their website. In fact, the festivities usually begin a few weeks before the actual day, giving you plenty of time to make connections and participate.

Get Creative with Your Drinks

Order something out of the ordinary to keep the bartender guessing. It’s best to avoid annoying them with overly precise requirements, but they might enjoy the challenge of creating something novel. Make it a secret and have them create anything they like!

At-Home Bartending Practice

If the idea of going out for World Bartender Day doesn’t appeal to you, then why not celebrate by becoming a home bartender? The most efficient method is to look for drink ideas online that sound appealing or delicious.

Amass the various spirits, liqueurs, juices, salts, sugars, garnishes, and other ingredients. Take a trip to the liquor store and try something different. To the best of your ability, please use the appropriate glass, or one that is at least comparable. On this World Bartender Day, I hope you appreciate all the perks of your job.

Make the bartender an offer to buy them a drink

Approximately how often does the bartender receive a free drink? Given that today is International Bartenders’ Day, that’s a very kind offer. However, keep in mind that some bartenders choose not to imbibe while on the job and may have to wait until the end of their shift to enjoy it.

Get the Word Out: It’s World Bartender’s Day!

Gather your coworkers and friends and go out for drinks after work. Also, make sure that others learn about World Bartender Day by sharing the event on social media. Tell everyone you know so that they can show their gratitude to their bartender on this special day.

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National Bartenders Day Activities

Tip your bartender more than usual

The majority of a bartender’s income comes from tips, so it’s nice to do something extra for them.

Get creative with your drink ordering at your favourite pub

Raise the stakes with a fresh cocktail. Try a drink you’ve never had before, like a Salty Dog or a Pisco Sour.

National Bartenders Day Activities

Make drinks for yourself tonight

Don’t go out tonight? Create a new cocktail at home and sip it on the couch. You may find an abundance of recipes to try out on the internet.

Final Words

Bartenders have been present since prehistoric times and can be found in nearly every civilization. There are more than 500,000 people working as bartenders in the United States, making National Bartender Day an important event. On December 2, celebrate all the mixologists in the world by visiting a bar or restaurant in your area, venturing to a new spot in town, or simply having a drink with a bartending friend.


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