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National Ice Cream Day: Fun Facts And History

National Ice Cream Day

Sunday is the day to indulge in your passion for ice cream, if you are one. The 16th of July 2023 is designated as National Ice Cream Day. As a way to show their appreciation for the frozen dessert, ice cream stores and manufacturers are running specials, giving out freebies, and providing customers with other treats.

In 1984, when the holiday was first celebrated, it was introduced by President Ronald Reagan, who declared July to be “National Ice Cream Month” and the third Sunday of each month to be “National Ice Cream Day.”

History Of National Ice Cream Day

Unfortunately, no one can take credit for inventing ice cream. However, the history of ice cream is just as extensive as that of gelato. Sometime between 618 and 97 AD, ice cream-like foods apparently made their way into Chinese cuisine. The first meal included camphor, a common chemical component found in lotion, flour, and buffalo milk. Alexander the Great was rumoured to have loved nectar and honey flavoured snow and ice.

Additionally, we’ve discovered that the Bible mentions King Solomon’s fondness for cold drinks during the harvest. In the same vein as home-made, Caesar would order his soldiers to bring down snow from the mountains so that he could pour fruit liquids over it.

Around 1000 years later in Italy, Marco Polo returned from the Far East with the recipe for what is now known as sherbet. The evolution of this recipe into modern ice cream, formerly known as “Cream Ice,” is widely believed to have occurred somewhere in the late 19th or early 20th century. Ice cream first appeared in front of the public in 1660. Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli, an Italian man, decided to perfect his grandfather’s machine, which he had learned to make as a fisherman, so that he could serve the best gelato possible at his café. The recipe, which was popular in Paris, called for a combination of milk, butter, eggs, and cream.

In a letter to Governor William Bladen from 1744, a guest in Maryland mentions ice cream for the first time in the United States. Then on May 12, 1777, the first ice cream advertisement appeared in the New York Gazette. As a result of the War of Independence, ice cream sales skyrocketed in the United States.

Since then, home ice cream makers, mobile ice cream parlours, ice cream floats, sundaes, and iconic ice cream brands like “Ben and Jerry”s” and “Haagen-Dazs” have all emerged in the desert, and everyone loves them. Since ice cream has such a profound cultural impact, some have even compared an ice cream fanatic’s mind to that of an addict. The brain acts like a rabid devotee when it desires ice cream.

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How To Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Pay less for it now
If you wish to celebrate this fantastic day, you can find many discounts and bargains both online and in stores. You have the best reason to make an extra purchase, so go ahead and do it!

Do it yourself
Have you never made ice cream in your own kitchen? So, here’s your chance. Making your own ice cream is a fun and easy project. Mix in some chunks of your preferred fruit, chocolate, or even cookie dough for an extra special treat. If you’re sick of vanilla and strawberry, go wild with flavour combinations.

Make a bowl for the ice cream.
Today is the perfect time to build an ice cream bowl, just like that special mug you keep on the kitchen shelf. Visit your neighbourhood pottery studio and make a bowl especially for ice cream to enjoy today and every day.

Cool Facts Of National Ice Cream Day

Used as a form of address
Ice cream was utilised as a welcome treat for new arrivals at Ellis Island because of its rich flavour.

It was a favourite of Thomas Jefferson’s.
The original handwritten recipe for Thomas Jefferson’s vanilla ice cream was preserved in the Library of Congress because he was such an ice cream aficionado.

Is it milky?
A reported 9% of all US milk production goes toward ice cream.

Success for Vanilla in Every Category
Vanilla ice cream accounts for 29% of all ice cream sales in the United States.

Most of it is consumed in Long Beach.
The residents of Long Beach, California, eat more ice cream than those of any other city in the world.

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Why We Love National Ice Cream Day

Dough for cookies. Beans of vanilla. Chocolate-mint chip cookies. In honour of National Ice Cream Day, you can pick from a wide variety of delicious flavours.

It’s an icy dream.
Throughout the year, ice cream is the dessert of choice. With a scoop of your favourite flavour, you can chill down in the summer, and in the winter, you may enjoy it with a slice of warm pie or cake. Milkshakes can be made by blending the mixture in a blender. Is there ever a season where ice cream isn’t a welcome treat?

Taking a sip from the pint
Even though there are ice creams available in half-gallon containers, the pint is still the preferred size. Why? It’s the right size for popcorn and a movie night in front of the box.

Final Thoughts

National Ice Cream Day is observed annually on the third Sunday of July (16th this year) thanks to President Ronald Reagan. Reagan want to honour a delicacy shared by more than 90% of Americans. In 1984, he declared an official day dedicated to America’s favourite frozen treat, and his declaration did much to elevate the status of the country’s dairy farmers.

In fact, Americans consume an average of 23 gallons of this frozen treat per year, making them the world leaders in this category. Remarking that ice cream is “a nutritious and wholesome food loved by almost ninety percent of the people in the United States,” Reagan also declared July to be National Ice Cream Month.

After that, the festival became widely popular and is now observed annually all over the world. You know that feeling of being stuck in the frozen food section, unable to make a decision? Or are you already plotting the perfect way to commemorate this momentous occasion? So, you may stop looking now. The time for ingenuity has come.

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