Let’s Celebrate “National Just Do It Day” 2023 To Finally Get Things Done


The 24th of January has been recognized as National “Just Do It” Day, and we are here to assist you in having a celebration of this significant event that will stand out in your memory for all the right reasons. In 2015, the United States observed “Just Do It” Day for the first time on a yearly basis for the first time.

It is a day that pushes us to attempt new things or to finally just get around to doing the one thing that we have been putting off for a while that we have been putting off for quite some time.

It encourages us to start making changes in our lives by doing the one tiny chore that we keep putting off, such as calling your grandmother, cleaning out the garage, or sending that email. These are all examples of things that could be done. A seemingly insignificant action can often have a huge impact.


It is believed that the first annual National “Just Do It” Day was celebrated in 2015, despite the fact that the event’s origins, to a certain extent, remain obscure. Since that time, a great number of people have made a new beginning by taking advantage of this day. People have taken use of this day to finally go on that vacation they’ve always dreamed of taking, finally apply for that job they’ve been putting off, or finally take a chance on that romantic interest they’ve been avoiding.

The motto “Just Do It” used by Nike is one of the characteristics of the company’s brand that is probably the most well-known. The phrase was first used in 1988, when it was presented at a conference about advertising. It is said that the killer Gary Gilmore‘s (who has since passed away) last words, “Let’s do it,” served as the inspiration for Nike’s “Just Do It” tagline.

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“Simply Do It” is more than just a catchphrase for an athletic shoe brand; it has evolved into a cultural landmark that encapsulates the ethos of the American people. The catchphrase expresses the impression that first-generation immigrants to the United States have of the astounding quickness and efficiency with which devoted Americans achieve their goals.

The slogan also stands for tenacity and success, which makes it appropriate for a moment in time when we complete what we’ve already begun or embark on a potentially hazardous new activity that we’ve been putting off. These phrases motivate you to be the best possible version of yourself, even if you are merely a couch potato in name.

How To Celebrate

The best part of celebrating Just Do It Day is finally knocking out all of those to-dos! In honor of the occasion, consider some of the following:

Ignore Delayed Action

Today is National Just Do It Day, so get around to doing what you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s something you’ve been meaning to read or anything on the honey-do list, now is the time to get it done. Send a bag of contributions to a homeless shelter, have your clothes repaired at the dry cleaner, clean out your wardrobe, and recycle. Whatever has been collecting dust, fading from memory but never entirely gone, can be finished today.

Connect With A Friend For National Just Do It Day

Having someone to be accountable to can help you avoid procrastination. One fantastic strategy for ensuring success on National Just Do It Day is to exchange to-do lists the evening before the big event. Knowing that your friend will inquire as to your progress on the various chores on your to-do list adds a measure of accountability. It’s a great opportunity to work together and get things done.

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Review Some Inspirational Material

“Motivation” refers to the emotional state that prompts action and sustains it until the desired outcome is attained. Motive can be applied more effectively if one has a better understanding of its sources. Moreover, it is the ideal day for it because it is “National Just Do It Day.”

Procrastination: Some Strange Facts That Will Make You Question Everything

  • It may be an indication of a lack of self-compassion.
  • It is commonly believed that people who procrastinate have poor levels of self-compassion.
  • It is entirely their fault, not yours.
  • Recent research suggests that the tendency to put things off until later may have a genetic basis.
  • It is possible that it will increase managerial skills.
  • It is stated that certain people who procrastinate have higher management abilities since they are better at handling delays. This is why it is said that they procrastinate.
  • It has the potential to elicit unfavorable feelings.
  • Negative emotions, such as shame, can be brought on by the habit of putting things off.
  • It is possible that it will impact the outcomes.
  • Procrastination can result in hurried work that is of lower quality than it should be due of the delay it causes.


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