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National Pharmacist Day 2023: Saluting The Heroes Who Save Lives

On January 12 of each year, we pause to honour the contributions of pharmacists everywhere by commemorating National Pharmacist Day. The vast majority of patients seen by these professionals are those suffering from the common cold, the flu, asthma, or hangovers. The tooth-brush emergency, or when the toothpaste finally runs out

Despite only seeing people at their worst, these selfless individuals are nevertheless able to aid people all over the world. That being said, today is National Pharmacist Day, and it’s high time that people found out more about it and honoured them.

From 2016 through 2026, according to projections made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an annual rise of 6% in the number of pharmacists the economy will require.

The Role Of Pharmacists

Pharmacists now play a different type of role than they once did. A pharmacist’s role has evolved from that of a simple “lick, stick, and pour” dispenser to that of a full-fledged member of the healthcare team. Pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare team and can make a significant impact on a patient’s prognosis and treatment.

In the past, pharmacists were primarily responsible for verifying and dispensing medications to doctors for patient prescriptions. Pharmacists are now trusted resources for patients and doctors alike, offering guidance on everything from medication choice and dosing to drug interactions and adverse reactions.

Also, they act as a bridge of knowledge between doctors and patients. Pharmacists can better assure their patients’ safety and the efficacy of their prescriptions by keeping tabs on how they’re doing.

It is common for pharmacists to work 12-hour shifts on their feet. Pharmacists do more than just hand out pills and offer advice on pharmaceuticals; they also give vaccines. Research pharmacists also have a role in the development and evaluation of novel therapeutics.

In an email interview with Pharmacy Times, Steve Austin, PharmD, manager of Cabrini Pharmacy Services in Seattle, Washington, said,

“We are considered one of the most trustworthy professions in America, and we earn our stripes every day.” “What keeps me going are the brilliant people who are at the forefront of our field and who can envision not only what we do now but also what we can accomplish and how to be appropriately compensated for those more sophisticated services.”

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Historically, pharmacists may have been referred to as “herbalists” due to their focus on the medicinal properties of plants. The Greek myth of Asclepius, the deity of medicine and healing, provides further evidence that pharmacy has deep historical roots.

In 1683, a rule was adopted in Bruges, Belgium, prohibiting doctors from compounding medications for their patients. This marked the beginning of the separation of physicians and pharmacies. In 1751, when Ben Franklin helped found Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia as the first hospital in the United States, the first pharmacy in the country was established.

Following WWII, there was a significant acceleration in the basic science that underpinned drug research, resulting in significant role changes for pharmacists.

Modern-day pharmacists are not responsible for the creation of new pharmaceuticals; however, they do play an essential part in protecting the health of billions of people all over the world by storing, dispensing, screening for drug interactions, and providing advice to patients.

Here Are Some Pharmacist Facts You Should Know

Pharmacists Are Required To Have P.H.D.s

Since the year 2000, at least in the United States, all pharmacists who wish to work in the field have been required to have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. They also spend an additional 1-3 years in residency and fellowship.

Pharmacists Can Now Administer Vaccines

At the present time, the laws of each of the 50 states allow pharmacists to lawfully administer at least one variety of vaccine. They are the healthcare providers who deliver the most immunizations because each year, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians administer millions of flu shots to patients, making them the leaders in this field.

Pharmacists Assist In Medication Management

It can be difficult to keep track of a patient’s medications when they are visiting multiple doctors, especially for chronic ailments. Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a service provided by pharmacists to patients to assist them in obtaining the most beneficial effects from their drug therapy.

Pharmacists Are Easily Accessible

In spite of the fact that many people may have problems getting an appointment with a doctor, almost all residents of the United States live within five miles of a drugstore.

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How To Celebrate

To anyone who has ever benefited from a pharmacist’s care, I urge you to take a moment today to express your gratitude. Honor them with a shout-out. They will value the feedback, whether they work in a hospital or a neighbourhood drugstore. Think about pharmacy as a potential field of study or employment. Share your support for pharmacists by tweeting with the hashtag #NationalPharmacistDay.

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