National Underdog Day: All You Need To Know


Celebrate the greatest underdogs, runners-up, and unlikely winners from around the globe on National Underdog Day! To those who are unfamiliar with the term, a “underdog” is a participant in a contest or event who is widely predicted to place lower than the favourite. The favourite, or odds-on favourite, is the person who is considered the clear frontrunner.

History Of Underdog Day

An underdog was once a shipbuilder who stood in a dark pit and assisted to cut planks of wood from under, while an overdog, who served as a sort of overseer, sawed the boards from above.

The underdog ended up becoming very dirty and was coated in sawdust, but the overdog received all of the credit for the hard work that was completed. The name was first used in documented history around the latter half of the nineteenth century, and its original meaning was “the beaten dog in a fight.” A wager placed on the underdog, which had significantly worse odds than the favourite, was referred to as a “underdog bet.”

Underdog Day

On National Underdog Day, which was first celebrated in 1976 and was created by Peter Moeller, we pay tribute to all of the people in life whose efforts go unnoticed.

From “Forrest Gump” to “The Karate Kid,” many contemporary works of popular culture feature protagonists who are underdogs. This trend is likely to continue. Famous people who came out of nowhere to win, like Britain‘s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle or Paul Potts, have garnered a lot of support and admiration due to their reputation as underdogs.

Characters like Rocky Balboa and William Wallace from Braveheart are examples of notable underdog winners in fiction. Despite having narratives that are either relatively shallow or just implausible, both of these movies have become cult classics, illustrating the position of the underdog character.

Underdog Day

In point of fact, throughout human history, people have always cheered for the underdog. Perhaps there is something fundamental to the human experience that causes each of us to feel as though our lives consist primarily of accumulating the sawdust of existence, and as a result, we all fantasise about the possibility of one day emerging victorious from this dirty, splintered mess.

It would appear that people find it far simpler to empathise with the flawed underdogs whose successes frequently go unappreciated rather than the heroes everyone talks about and reverts to being against than it is to identify with the heroes themselves.

It is difficult to identify with flawless, error-free people who always know exactly what they are doing and never make mistakes. The reason for this is that such a depiction of reality is incongruous with how things actually are, and this makes it difficult to relate to such characters.

Underdog Day

Because nobody is perfect, seeing other people portrayed as though they are can actually cause us to despise them more. The fact of the matter is that a good many of those heroes would not be who they are today and would not have accomplished what they have accomplished if it were not for their lowly companions, the losers. Just try to picture Batman or Sherlock Holmes without their sidekicks for a moment. You agree that it’s not quite the same, right?

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Activities On Underdog Day

In order to maintain their motivation, an underdog should be encouraged.
Have you ever heard of an underdog? Inspire them to keep going when they’re struggling. Additionally, if you believe that you are the underdog in a given situation, you should strive even harder in order to exceed the expectations of everyone else.

Getting dressed for the occasion of the celebration
Dress up as a well-known underdog hero, such as Batman’s Robin. Take action that will make you feel more courageous, or dress as your hero would and act as if you were them. Feel like a hero!

Tell your underdog story
When you post about the underdogs in your life on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #nationalunderdogday.

Underdog Day

Some Facts Of Underdog Day

Meaning at first glance
It was originally used to describe “the dog that lost the fight.”

American slang for the underdog
In the United States, the “Cinderella” narrative is another name for the underdog myth.

Some sportspeople deserve to be labelled as underdogs.
Because the victor is usually more obvious in sports, we tend to view sportsmen as underdogs more frequently.

Underdogs in all their guises
The underdog can take many forms, including that of writers, scientists, and performers.

There are many underdogs in history.
History is littered with examples of underdogs who shocked the world by making a difference despite dire circumstances.

  • Underdog Day was initially featured on Bill Chase’s annual event calendar.
  • Peter Moeller’s father-in-law, Bill Chase, was a media fixture once he revealed the Underdog of the Year.
  • Michael Jordan is said to have taken over nine thousand poor shots in his career, but it didn’t stop him from becoming a legend in the NBA.
  • The 2004 Greece soccer team and the 1980 United States hockey team are just two examples of underdog teams that shocked the world with their historic victories.
  • NBC’s 1960s series Underdog featured a masked hero.
  • To be on top is the opposite of being an underdog. In the world of betting and statistics, an upset occurs when the underdog wins.

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Underdog Day

Final Words

Those who celebrate National Underdog Day do so because they have a soft spot for underdogs. On this day, you should show your support for the team that is often considered to be the underdog. In most cases, there are three main factors that influence a person’s choice of sports team.

The majority cheers for the team that plays in their city. And then there are the kids who will root for the same team as their parents. Last but not least, some fans will cheer for whichever side happens to be winning. This is the day that the last chance is abandoned! It’s more fun to watch the underdog succeed than the favourite.


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