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National Wedding Ring Day 2023: Origin And Interesting Facts

Every year on February 3, couples who are truly in love celebrate National Wedding Ring Day. It’s the day that the bride and groom officially become husband and wife. Couples who desire to rekindle their romance might utilize this day to do something special for one another.

No, it makes no difference whether you’ve been dating for a month or a lifetime. Make your significant other feel like the only one by taking advantage of any chance you get to do so. And now it is time to renew your wedding vows and exchange rings.

Origin Of The Day

Wedding rings are now customary in nearly every culture around the world. Traditionally, engagement rings are exchanged by the bride and groom just before the wedding to show their mutual commitment to one another. These rings are then worn constantly to show the wearer’s relationship status.

However, engagement and wedding bands were not always worn. A bride and groom’s marriage could once be confirmed with just a few words.

Many scholars, however, believe that the ancient Egyptians’ commitment rings were made of woven reed and leather and were worn by lovers as a public declaration of their affection for one another. Signet rings became a symbol of engagement and marriage among the Greeks and Romans.

The origins of the custom of exchanging wedding rings are just one aspect of the study of this long-standing tradition’s development through the ages.

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In the Middle Ages, for example, couples often exchanged rings depicting Jesus Christ as a symbol of their undying love. Irish rings with the “Claddagh” design were given and received sometime in the 1100s.

The unique design of this ring depicts a heart between two interlaced hands. Posy rings became popular in the 15th century. Inscriptions of poetry or prose made these rings unique.

Diamond rings aren’t a traditional symbol of marriage or devotion, and they weren’t worn by the majority of the population until fairly recently. In 1947, a diamond ring exchange fad emerged as the result of a De Beers advertising stunt.

Among the company’s many claims to fame are its diamond mining operations. Diamonds were marketed as a “must-have” for engaged couples as a means to boost sales. The adage “diamonds are forever” first appeared about this time.

Some Interesting Truths About Wedding Rings

Ring Day Celebrations

Back To The Ring Exchange

Renew your wedding vows and re-exchange rings on this special day to reignite the romance in your relationship. This can be done in a group setting or privately over a meal.

Replace Your Wedding Rings

In honor of this milestone, exchange rings every five years. The ring should feature an engraved message or image that holds special meaning for the wearer.

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Form A Ring Together

Trying to find something unique? Make a ring similar to the friendship bracelets we used to make. You just need to make a quick internet search for some creative DIY projects.

The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Rings

Diamond Ring Worn By Elizabeth Taylor

The 33-carat Krupp diamond ring that Richard Burton gave to Elizabeth Taylor is estimated to be worth $11.3 million. After Vera Krupp passed away, Burton spent $397,000 at auction to acquire the diamond; nevertheless, it was Taylor who ultimately decided to have the stone set in platinum. In 2011, Christie’s auctioned off Taylor’s jewelry collection, and the renowned ring sold for $8.8 million.

Bvlgari Ring In Blue

The Bvlgari Blue is a rare and beautiful blue diamond weighing 5.30 carats that is mounted in a Trombino ring created by Bvlgari. In 2013, Graff Diamonds paid A$12 million for the ring, making it the most expensive engagement ring ever sold. Blue diamonds account for only 1% of all diamonds mined; hence, their high cost may be justified by their scarcity.

An Authentic Diamond Ring From Mariah Carey

James Packer, an Australian billionaire, popped the question to Mariah Carey, an American singer and composer, in 2016 with a ring that cost US$10 million (A$13 million). Despite the fact that the engagement was short-lived, the 35-carat diamond ring is still recognized as the most expensive of its kind.

The ring was designed by Wilfredo Rosado and is made of solid platinum. It features a 35-carat center stone and two 1-carat baguette diamonds.

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