Ned Fulmer Cheated On His wife With His Employee: The Cheating Scandal

ned fulmer cheated

Redditors’ discovery of Ned Fulmer, one of The Try Guys’ key members infidelity ,’s problem recently made headlines. Fulmer, the co-founder of the well-known YouTube channel, cheated on his wife, Ariel Fulmer. The Try Guys issued a statement revealing that Ned was dismissed from the business on September 16 as a result of the affair news going viral.

The Try Guys first revealed Ned’s dismissal in an Instagram post. More recently, they addressed the scandal in a YouTube video where they provided additional information about the circumstances surrounding Ned’s dismissal.

In their most recent statement, the YouTube channel’s founders, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, and Zach Kornfeld, acknowledged that they learned of Ned’s affair four weeks before they made the announcement of his departure. Amidst the Adam Levine affair rumours, Ned Fulmer’s cheating scandal notably gathered momentum.

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Ned Fulmer Cheated On His Wife

Ned Fulmer was unfaithful to his wife.

On September 27, 2022, it was verified that Ned had cheated on his wife. When the two were seen on camera kissing at a New York City pub in late September, rumours that Ned had cheated on his wife with The Try Guys producer Alex Herring started to spread.

The group swiftly announced Ned’s termination from the company on Instagram two days after the reports started to circulate. The Try Guys no longer employ Ned Fulmer. Following an internal examination, we are unable to see a way forward as a team.

As we negotiate this adjustment, we appreciate your support, the official statement read. Ned admitted to cheating on his wife in a post on his Instagram after the announcement. Family should have always been my top priority, but I became distracted while maintaining a friendly working connection.

I apologise for whatever harm my actions may have brought to the lads, the audience, but especially to Ariel, he continued. “My wife and my children are the only things that count right now, so I’m going to concentrate my efforts there.”

At the same time, Ned’s wife Ariel issued a statement. It means a lot that you all have gotten in touch with me, she remarked. “Our family is everything to me and Ned, and all we ask right now is that you respect our privacy for the sake of our children,” she said.

Who Is Alexandria Herring?

It has been suggested that Alexandria Herring, also known as Alex Herring, is having an affair with Fulmer, who has been married to his wife, Ariel Fulmer, for the past ten years. Herring works as an associate producer on the show “The Try Guys.” Herring received degrees in both communications and anthropology from the University of Hawaii, where he studied there.

A native of Los Angeles, she began working for Buzzfeed in August 2015 as a production manager. However, after three years with the company, she transitioned into a role as the production manager and associate producer for The Try Guys.

She also joined the pair known as “Food Babies,” which was a part of Try Guys and consisted of Herring and YB Chang and competed in various food competitions. Pictures of the pair were first taken in 2012.

Thayer, who reportedly had evidence of Herring’s affair supplied to him by a fan before the news surfaced out, has since changed his social media settings to private settings. Fans have asserted that Thayer had removed all of his photographs with Herring.

There are photos of Herring and Thayer together that can be found on her profile. Even now, Herring follows the personal Instagram accounts of members Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang in addition to “The Try Guys” Instagram account. She is still following his wife but has stopped following Fulmer.

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Ned’s Cheating Was Exposed

How Was Ned's Cheating Exposed?

Evidence that Ned had an affair with his wife Ariel surfaced in a Reddit topic and a following Twitter thread that was published on September 26, 2022 and simplified the material.

The theories included everything from direct signals from witnesses to how Alex and Ned appeared to the moment Ned kissed Alex. One person wrote in the tweet that preceded the drama, “Fans started noting that Ned hasn’t participated in some of the recent Try guys ventures.

The last three videos and intros don’t feature Ned. He was also absent from the previous three podcast broadcasts. Fans thought this was really concerning because the major producer is also one of the company’s faces. Ned was also absent from the beginning of their videos.

Ned’s appearances in The Try Guys videos attracted additional fans’ attention. While promoting Keith’s “Eat the Menu” series at a Caesar’s Palace buffet, The Try Guys took an Instagram photo with Ned and Alex. However, they were not included in the video’s final cut.

In the series of films, Keith is frequently seen dining with the self-described “Wife Guy” and one of the “Food Babies,” so fans were suspicious when they were removed. A Reddit member allegedly saw Ned kissing Alex at a bar in New York City, which changed the course of events.

When asked about what the other Instagram user observed in the club, hamilton390 of Reddit disclosed texts from Alex’s fiancé, Will Thayer.

Accordingly, they add, “I went out to Niagara The Club last night and saw her making out with ned from the Try Guys, I have vids if needed. “Idk if that helps,” the letter added, “she was wearing a red dress.” Additionally, the user asserted that they spoke with Ariel for an hour regarding the circumstance.

The Try Guys’ Reaction

What Was The Try Guys reaction On Ned Fulmer's Cheating?

The remaining members, according to Keith Habersberger, were unaware of Ned’s affair and said it was “startling” for them in the same way as it had been for netizens and their supporters.

Eugene Lee Yang continued by saying that they did not want to “brush under the rug” the issue and that they spoke with legal counsel, human resources professionals, and public relations specialists. The footage showed Yang breaking down and crying as he added, “We are really stunned and deeply upset by all of this.”

The members also discussed Ned Fulmer’s termination procedure in the video, stating that on September 16 they “signed formal consent approving the removal of Ned as manager and employee,” which is why Ned has been missing from their most recent YouTube and social media broadcasts.

For the uninitiated, The Try Guys were originally the quartet of Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang, who first rose to fame with BuzzFeed after shooting a series where they could, well, try stuff. With more than 8 million members, the group became autonomous in 2018.

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