No Text Or Message Notification Alerts Or Sounds On iPhone Fixes

No Text Or Message Notification Alerts Or Sounds On iPhone Fixes

Do you frequently miss important messages because the iPhone’s notification sound is silent? It’s disheartening to forget about important messages and have to apologize profusely to the senders.

Fortunately, diagnosing and fixing the iPhone’s inability to play sounds or send text message alerts is a breeze. Take a look at these 18 tried and true solutions to the dilemma. Understanding what’s causing the iPhone’s silence is a crucial step toward fixing the issue. To that end, let’s get it out of the way now.

There is a chance that this issue originates in the software or the hardware. It’s possible that you misconfigured your iPhone’s alert settings or inadvertently muted someone. The silent switch may have been activated inadvertently, or your planned DND may be interfering with something.

If your iPhone isn’t notifying you of new text messages, check the settings, restart the Messages app and your phone, and make sure all of your apps are up to date.

Problems With iPhone Text Alerts

There are a few symptoms that an iPhone’s text notification system has failed:

  • You’ve become aware of the absence of an alert sound alongside certain texts.
  • Neither iMessage nor SMS text message alerts are being displayed on the lock screen.
  • There is no longer any indication of new messages in the Messages app.

There is a wide variety of causes that could prevent your iPhone from sending you text alerts. A connectivity issue is likely to blame if you aren’t getting texts from people even though you know they’ve sent them to you.

message notification iphone

In that case, check your MMS and SMS settings and ensure that your phone is connected to both Wi-Fi and cellular data. Here are some of the more common explanations for why you might be getting texts but not alerts:

  • Failure to receive notifications due to incorrect notification settings
  • Mismatched volume levels
  • Deficiency in the software

How To Fix Notifications For Messages On iPhone?

The inability to receive text message alerts indicates a problem if you occasionally check your iPhone and find new messages without any prior indication that they had arrived. Try these solutions to restore your alerts and see if that resolves the issue.

1. Tweak the notification tone or disable it altogether.

You might miss a notification if the sound is turned off or set to a volume that goes unnoticed.

  • Select a message tone that you’ll remember in the future by going to Settings > Sound & Haptics > Text Tone.

The iPhone will play a preview of an alert tone when you tap on it in the list.

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2. Verify your notification preferences.

Misconfigured notification settings will prevent you from receiving message alerts.

  • Locate the Allow Notifications toggle in Settings, and then navigate to Notifications > Messages.

Then, ensure that the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners are all activated.

No Text Or Message Notification Alerts Or Sounds On iPhone Fixes

3. Check to see if the contact is blocked.

iOS also gives you the option to block people from your phonebook instead of just muting them. You will no longer receive any messages or alerts from that person, even if you accidentally or forgetfully blocked them.

  • To see if an inadvertent addition has been made to the list of blocked contacts, go to the Settings menu, then Messages, and finally Blocked Contacts.

If they are, tap Unblock after swiping left on the contact’s name.

4. Unmute people in Messages.

Conversations can be muted in the Messages app. If you accidentally mute someone or forget that you did so, you may find that they stop sending you messages when you expect them to.

  • When you open the Messages app, look for any thread that has a bell icon that has been crossed out.

To unmute a participant, swipe left on the conversation thread and then tap the bell icon.

diasable filter to allow notification

5. Check to see if your phone is set to silent or do not disturb.

Inadvertently switching to that mode will prevent you from receiving alerts via text message. To disable do not disturb mode and end silent mode, press the switch that sits above the volume controls.

  • To change your focus mode, launch the Control Center and tap the focus icon.

To disable Do Not Disturb mode without switching to another focus mode, simply tap Do Not Disturb in the focus options.

6. Reboot your phone.

It’s possible that iOS, and not the Messages app, is at fault in certain situations. In such cases, it is recommended to restart the iPhone.

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  • For the iPhone X or later, press and hold the side button and the volume down button at the same time.

For older iPhones, hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the slider to turn off the power appears, and then let go.

iphone do not disturb notification

7. Check your customized text tones.

Your iPhone lets you assign unique ringtones and text alert sounds to each of your contacts. In the event that you mistakenly change it to “none,” you will no longer hear an alert whenever you receive a message from that person.

  • To start receiving notifications again, open Contacts and tap the person’s name. Select a different text tone by tapping Text Tone from the available choices.

Select a ringtone, and then press the Done button.

8. Switch on Notify Me.

Have you ever muted a conversation in the Messages app because you were getting too many notifications, only to find out later that you were missing out on something important?

  • Make sure the Notify Me toggle is active by going to Settings > Messages.

With Notify Me enabled, you’ll receive a notification whenever you’re mentioned in a muted Messages conversation.

allow notification on iphone for imessages


It’s possible that your iPhone won’t alert you when you receive a new message. There are four main contributors to this issue. An error in the system has occurred. It’s true that there were initial issues with iOS 16, such as the inability to save photos or receive notifications.

Notifications are disabled: If you turn off “allow Notification,” your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch will no longer receive alerts. Do Not Disturb Mode is an iPhone feature that disables notifications and calls. To avoid further inconvenience, simply disable it.

If your iPhone is paired with other devices via Bluetooth, you can check the paired device for the notification. That’s why it’s missing from your iOS device. Try resetting your iPhone to factory settings if you still aren’t receiving alerts via sound or text. Using this revolutionary troubleshooter, you can usually fix typical iPhone issues.

Therefore, you should give it a shot. If you’re worried about losing information, rest assured that it will only delete the device’s current settings. Media files and other information will be secure.

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