Stand-Up Comedian Norm Macdonald Passed Away At The Age Of 61 Due To Cancer

norm macdonald death

One of the most well-known performers to have appeared on Saturday Night Live was Canadian stand-up comedian Norman Gene “Norm” MacDonald. He was recognised for his deadpan humour and poetic delivery. He was included in Comedy Central’s list of the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time.

He started off doing stand-up in bars and eventually got the chance to play at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He moved to Los Angeles after realising that he needed a larger platform to achieve the profession he had always wanted.

He began penning scripts for Roseanne and soon began making appearances on programmes like The Drew Carey Show and NewsRadio. One of the most cherished former cast members of Saturday Night Live, Norm Macdonald, passed away on Monday after a nearly ten-year battle with cancer. He was 61.

Macdonald’s management company informed Deadline of his passing, and his long-time friend and co-producer Lori Jo Hoekstra explained that he had chosen to keep his health issues private. In November, he was slated to appear at the New York Comedy Festival.

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Who Is Norm Macdonald?

An actor, writer, and stand-up comedian from Canada, Norm Macdonald spent five seasons as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, serving for three years as the show’s Weekend Update anchor. Located in Quebec City, Canada, he was born on October 17, 1959. On October 17 of each year, he celebrates his birthday.

He was born to Ferne Macdonald and Percy Macdonald, both of whom died during World War II and served in the Canadian army, helping to liberate the Netherlands.

Who Is Norm Macdonald?

He has two brothers: Neil Macdonald, a CBC News reporter, and Neil Macdonald, a Canadian reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation who is currently a senior correspondent for CBC News The National. He had two teachers for parents.

Connie Macdonald, the woman he was married to from 1988 until 1996, gave birth to a son they called Dylan. Leslie and Neil Macdonald, his two brothers, both pursued careers as CBC journalists.

McDonald’s legendary performances as a cast member of “SNL” and the absurd practical jokes he executed on “Weekend Update” made him famous at the time of his passing. McDonald, though, was also a really gifted stand-up comedian.

He was absolutely unique in the field of contemporary Groucho Marx comedy thanks to his deadpan, audacious, and brilliant expressiveness. It seems unlikely that he will soon regain his previous level of comedic brilliance.

Through the years, McDonald’s has attempted a variety of entertainment-related jobs, frequently in unusual ways. These included pursuing careers as a writer, podcast host, talk show host, comedian, and actor. Additionally, he made television and film appearances, but these ventures did not always turn out as planned. One role at McDonald’s stands out from the others, and that is this one.

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Norm Macdonald Career

He started out doing stand-up in Ottawa, then toured Canada. He performed at Just For Laughs in 1987. He went to Los Angeles after realising he needed a broader platform to advance his profession. He wrote for ‘Roseanne’ there.

He joined SNL as a writer and cast member in 1993. He impersonated Larry King, David Letterman, and Burt Reynolds, leaving the audience laughing. He took over ‘Weekend Update’ after Kevin Nealon left. He routinely mentioned jail rapes, crack whores, etc. as an anchor. He criticized Michael Jackson and Marion Barry.

Let's Know About Norm Macdonald Career

MacDonald was sacked from SNL in late 1997 for being “not humorous” Tensions between him and management may have led to his firing. He left SNL in 1998. He hosted the imaginary TV show ‘Who’s More Grizzled?’ and asked Garth Brooks and Robert Duvall questions.

After SNL, he starred in 1998’s ‘Dirty Work’. Friends launch a revenge-for-hire business in the story. Despite bad reviews, the film became cult favourite. He voiced Lucky in Eddie Murphy’s 1998 adaptation of ‘Dr. Dolittle’ He played Dr. Dolittle in the 2001 and 2003 sequels (2006).

He played Norm Henderson in ABC’s 1999-2001 sitcom The Norm Show. The show followed a former NHL player facing a lifetime suspension for gambling and tax evasion. In November 2000, he won $500,000 for Paul Newman’s Charity Camp on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’

In the 2003 sitcom ‘A Minute with Stan Hooper,’ he played the’straight man’ among colourful characters. The show failed after one season and was cancelled. He voiced Norm the Genie in 2004-05’s “The Fairly Odd Parents,” Join Twosomes Penguin in 2006’s “Farce of the Penguins,” and Buster the Fox in 2007’s “Christmas is Here Again.”

In 2009 and 2010, he was a frequent guest on ‘The Tonight Show’ He appeared in the pilot and finale. He stole the show. Rusty Heck appeared in four The Middle episodes.

Norm Macdonald Movies

  • 1995 Billy Madison
  • 1996 The People vs. Larry Flynt
  • 1998 Dirty work
  • 1999 Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
  • 2000 screwed
  • 2001 The Animal
  • 2005 Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
  • 2006 Farce of the penguins
  • 2007 Senior Skip Day
  • 2008 Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief
  • 2009 Funny people
  • 2010 adults
  • 2011 Jack & Jill
  • 2012 The Adventures of Panda Warrior
  • 2014 The 7th dwarf
  • 2015 The Ridiculous Six
  • 2017 Treasure Hounds
  • 2019 Klaus

Norm Macdonald Death

Norm Macdonald Died At The Age Of 61

After a personal nine-year fight with illness, Norm Macdonald, the wry stand-up comedian and adored “Saturday Night Live” alum, passed away on Tuesday. He was 61. His manager Marc Gurvitz of Brillstein Entertainment confirmed the former “Weekend Update” anchor’s passing to The Post.

The day is sad today. One of the most influential comedic voices of his or any other generation, Norm Macdonald, passed away. “All of us here at ‘SNL’ mourn his passing,” the “Saturday Night Live” team at NBC said in a statement to The Washington Post.

We’ll miss Norm for a lot of reasons, including his unwavering integrity, kindness, and his constant capacity for surprise. But above all, he was simply amusing. Norm was the funniest person ever.

Close friend Lori Jo Hoekstra, who was with Macdonald at the time of his death, said the Quebec City native fought cancer valiantly but was adamant about keeping his battle from family, friends, and supporters.

This is in line with what he presciently said in 2011: “When I hear a guy lost a battle to cancer, the term truly concerns me.” It implies that he was unsuccessful and that someone else, who had overcome cancer, was brave and heroic.

He was most proud of his comedy, according to Hoekstra, who was also Macdonald’s long-time producing partner, who told Deadline in a statement.

He never intended for the diagnosis to alter how the public or any of his loved ones perceived him. Norm was solely a comic. A joke should always catch someone off guard, according to a statement he once made. He never bowed down, for sure. The loss of Norm will be great.

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