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Olympus Launches New Surgical Visualization Platform

Olympus launches new surgical visualization platform

VISERA ELITE III, the newest surgical visualization platform from Olympus Corporation (“Olympus” – Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO: Yasuo Takeuchi), has just been released. It meets the needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) for endoscopic procedures across a variety of medical specialties. Numerous imaging characteristics offered by VISERA ELITE III are supported by a single system, enabling minimally invasive treatments like laparoscopic colectomy and laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

“With VISERA ELITE III, we offer a top-tier surgical viewing platform created for a variety of medical specializations and setups, enabling HCPs to completely concentrate on the patient during surgery. The VISERA ELITE III platform combines the technologies of its predecessors, the VISERA ELITE II and VISERA 4K UHD, to improve the quality of endoscopic surgery, increase operating room productivity, and raise the bar for patient care, according to Kanichi Matsumoto, global head of surgical endoscopy at Olympus.

Just One System

The VISERA ELITE III system combines the 4K imaging capabilities of the VISERA 4K UHD system with the 3D and infrared imaging characteristics from the VISERA ELITE II system. Additionally, it aids in fluorescence-guided surgery in

An innovative commentary mode created by Olympus to complement NBI2. The all-in-one technology promotes consistency and will boost effectiveness in the operating room by providing surgeons with a variety of commentary styles. On VISERA ELITE III, users can even create personalised departmental profiles for a variety of medical specialties, including general surgery, urology, gynaecology, ENT surgery, and more. The platform works with the current VISERA ELITE II endoscopes.

Growing Innovation In Response To Need

The platform allows for software updates so that new surgical imaging features can be added as needed. It is not necessary to switch to whole surgical visualisation approaches to use the newest technology, which not only establishes a new baseline and raises the bar.

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Enhancing Image Quality For Greater Focus

The VISERA ELITE III system has an adjustable spotlight mode for 4K surgical commentary and an extended depth of field function that permits precise endoscopic observations through constant wide focus and seamless magnification. Additionally, it offers C-AF (Continuous Auto Focus) capabilities, which physically modifies focus in response to the movements of the endoscope and camera head. This enables crisper picture capture, both up close and at a better distance, so that HCPs experience less stress during surgery, allowing them to concentrate on the patient and the outcome of the procedure.

The Sony Corporation’s VISERA ELITE III combines cutting-edge digital imaging technologies with experience and knowledge in As the leading endoscope manufacturer for a long time, Olympus has developed medical products to meet the evolving needs of hospitals, which have been identified via extensive customer interaction.

In order to create the most advanced, open, and adaptable surgical visualisation platform Olympus has ever released on the market, Sony Olympus Medical Solutions, a three-way partnership company of Sony and Olympus, optimised every technology and image processing function especially for medical purposes.

Regarding Olympus

Olympus is fixated on developing options that cater to customers in the medical, life sciences, and industrial tool sectors. Olympus has focused on improving people’s lives for more than 100 years. By assisting in the detection, prevention, and treatment of illness; advancing scientific research; and ensuring public safety, we can make life safer and more fulfilling.

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In its Endoscopic Solutions division, Olympus uses cutting-edge medical technology, therapeutic intervention, and precision manufacturing to help healthcare professionals deliver diagnostic, therapeutic, and minimally invasive procedures that will improve patient outcomes, lower overall costs, and raise patient quality of life. Olympus’ Endoscopic Solutions portfolio, which began with the creation of the first gastrocamera in 1950, has expanded to include endoscopes, laparoscopes, and video imaging technologies, in addition to customer choices and healthcare services. Visit and follow @Olympus Corp on Twitter for more information.

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