One Piece Film: Red Release Date 2022

It is a memorable year for One piece fans. The fifteenth feature film in the One Piece series is released as the manga’s final act. Fans from all around the world are eagerly anticipating One Piece Film: Red.

The most recent film in the series has finally made its Japanese theatre debut. Since its debut, the movie has been trending on social media across the globe.

What Is The One Piece Film: Red About?

It is the fifteenth feature film adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s enduring manga series ‘One Piece’ made by Toei Animation. Oda oversaw the production, which was directed by Goro Taniguchi, with Kuroiwa Tsutomu handling the narrative.

The movie takes place on the “Island of Music” Elegia. Uta the greatest diva in the world, does her first live show there. And makes herself known to the general public.

The “otherworldly” voice of Uta is looked forward to by the Straw Hats, pirates, Marines, and admirers from all around the world. The startling discovery that Uta is Shanks’ daughter, however, sets the tone for the entire event.

This sets off a chain of intriguing occurrences, including a thrilling clash between Red Hair pirates and Marines.

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The Red Hair Pirates, Luffy’s crew, Fujitora, Kizaru, and the Roger Pirates. And many more of the series’ well-known characters are all present in the movie.

In addition to the heroes, a brand-new character named Gordon is making his series debut as the film’s main foe. In One Piece Film Red, Law, Bartolomeo, and Katakuri also made an appearance.

One Piece Film: Red Release Date

One Piece Fim: Red is to be released in the Fall window in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Through the streaming services Crunchyroll and Funimation. 

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The movie debuts on August 19 in Taiwan and September 17 in the Philippines. In the fall of 2022, Anime Limited will release the movie in the UK and Ireland.

One Piece Film: RED, the franchise’s fifteenth full-length motion picture, debuted on August 6 in Japanese theatres. 

After “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train,” the movie had the second-highest opening in Japan with an estimated 1.25 billion yen ($9.42 million) on its first day.

Fans from all over the world are anxiously awaiting to see Red Hair pirates in action, especially Shanks past. After a grand opening in Japan, the movie started trending globally.

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