Packgod’s Face-Off: Fan’s Reacting Totally Weird


Packgod, also known as a void and Voydage, is a popular American YouTuber and rapper who is best known for his diss tracks, in which he has mocked virtually every other prominent YouTube personality.

After creating the Packgod channel as a result of disagreements with Leg, Packgod revealed himself to the public and his lovers.

Packgod has mocked virtually every major YouTube star in his diss tracks. His diss tracks directed at Jake Paul have been so successful that even KSI has commented on the video.

His 2D channel, Packgod, isn’t exactly in the depths of space, what with over 395K subscribers as of the time of this issue’s publication. He had some disagreements with his partner, Leg, and thus felt compelled to start a second channel.

He has dissed many content creators and obtained a lot of clout and reputation due to it. His fame may be visible in his subscriber count, as his foremost channel, void, in which he posts a few times a month, has over 431K subscribers.


What Actually Happened

Initially, packgod and void were used to run the void channel. Since they were both equally invested in the line, they could both use the channel.

There was also a Discord server and a Spotify account, both of which were set to an even lower number than void. Around the start of this year, however, Leg falsely accused Packgod of being a pedophile, banned him from his Discord, and locked him out of the Void channel, Spotify, and YouTube channel.

Leg did it without provocation and has since made videos supposedly “exposing” Packgod; however, it is obvious to a casual observer that Packgod is right, but he has nonetheless lost the entire dispute.

Packgod tried to get in touch with Leg to ask what was going on, but Leg completely blocked him and did not let him communicate about the problem, and for that reason, he has stated that he does not want to be a companion with Packgod while continuously making movies about Packgod.

He has also directed movies at Leg, in which he essentially asks, “Why did you go public with this instead of just talking to me about it?” He claims that Leg is only acting this way to prevent having to share the void channel with Packgod. Instead of trying to work things out with Packgod, Leg hurled racist and paedophile slurs at him.

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The Truth

It was later discovered that Leg had been acting this way in order to sell the channel to a Roblox gaming website for $15,000, which he would then pocket in full.

Packgod and Leg became fast friends after connecting on different packing servers on Discord. Packing is when Discord users start roasting each other and rapping.

Leg claimed in his Packgod video that he was on the packing servers before Packgod and started the void channel to collect all the packing content. Leg and Packgod met on the servers, and Packgod joined soon after. They ran the void channel together.

Packgod calls Leg his buddy, and they collaborate on Leg’s channel. Since the fallout, the two are not besties on speak-easy phrases, and Packgod may take criminal action. Packgod’s Name? Elias Lichten is God. Speedrungod69 leaked his email and phone number on YouTube. Packgod stated this in his September 15, 2022, Leg Diss Track.

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Packgod vs Leg

In the video, he said Leg released all of his information and that Packgod wrote most of the void channel’s raps and diss tracks. Packgod then released a diss track on Leg, revealing all of this and threatening to imprison the previous collaborator. Leg has not made diss tracks and instead makes rant-style YouTube videos with backgrounds of people gaming to poke at Packgod.

He has three Packgod-related videos. On August 26, 2022, he posted The Truth About Packgod. This 31-minute video was properly acquired, and many people assumed the two had a falling out and were sad and torn up about it. 344K views and 16K likes On September 5, 2022, he posted a response to Packgod’s video about Leg’s actions and the issue.

This video has 6.1K likes and 178K views. As seen, perspectives and likes are decreasing, and the disparity is significant. His last video, uploaded on October 2, 2022, has over 155K views and 5.4K likes. This video is unique because he has stopped all comments. Since then, he hasn’t posted any videos or written on his community page.


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