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PhoneRescue: Great App To Rescue Your Devices


Have you ever experienced a mobile device data loss? My friend messaged me to ask for assistance after losing all the data on his smartphone and discovering, to his dismay, that he had no cloud backup.

His only option was to look for a data recovery app to assist him in locating the lost files. After hours of looking through numerous programs and reading numerous reviews, PhoneRescue was determined to be my friend’s finest choice.

Describe PhoneRescue.

On both Apple and Android devices, PhoneRescue is a data recovery tool that can recover files that have been lost or erased. The software is easy to use and has a tonne of helpful features. so you’re not required toGive your phone to an expert to get your data back; PhoneRescue can accomplish it for you.

The Operation Of PhoneRescue

The program can restore lost data that was unintentionally deleted, damaged, or abused. Images, messages, notes, contacts, phone history, calendar events, reminders, and information from third-party apps can all be recovered.

All you have to do is use a USB cord to connect your smartphone to your computer, let PhoneRescue do a scan, choose the files you wish to recover, and presto, everything is available for you to save on your computer’s hard drive.

PhoneRescue is compatible with PC and Mac and has flexible, low system requirements. You only need 512 MB of RAM to execute the application on your PC. and 100 MB or more of free storage.

Features Of PhoneRescue

Reviews of PhoneRescue by users typically highlight the app’s multiple capabilities, which make it practical and simple to use.

The only recovery tool that can recover data from 31 different sorts of files, including contacts, messages, call logs, calendars, pictures, videos, and documents, is PhoneRescue. You can quickly become well. Your contacts should be stored as CSV or VCF files, along with the last three examples as HTML or text-based files.

PhoneRescue, in our opinion at Web Tribunal, is one of the best data recovery programmes for 2022 because of this incredible functionality.

Exploring Options

Can Deleted Messages Be Recovered by PhoneRescue?

It does, indeed. Once the program is installed, you should give PhoneRescue permission to do a scan so it can reveal what data is accessible for recovery.

You Can Choose Between A Deep Scan And A Quick Scan.

The PhoneRescue program will enable you to recover any file that you lost over a specific time period—yes, including wiped data—if you perform a Deep Scan. This is possible because deleted items on phones are not immediately deleted (unless you erase them permanently).

On the other hand, Quick Scan is quicker and doesn’t need root. This less thorough analysis gives you the freedom to backup and organize your current data any way you see fit. Recoverability Skills PhoneRescue is a secure solution that will quickly and without overwriting anything locate your missing data.

Depending On Your Needs, You Can Use This Software To Retrieve Several Sorts Of Data:

You may regain almost anything on your smartphone, including videos, images, messages, and notes, using recovery software for iOS devices. All you have to do to start the file recovery is connect it to your computer. It only takes a few seconds.

iCloud Restoration: Your iPhone or iPad’s data is stored on iCloud every day, but you cannot access those files until you make a complete backup. You may examine each piece of data with PhoneRescue for iOS, choose what you want, then restore it to your iPhone or iPad.

One of my favorite features of the app is iOS Repair. You can use this feature to restore your iOS-crashing device if it is stuck on the white Apple logo, in a retry cycle, or on a blank screen. PhoneRescue revives your iOS device without wiping any data, unlike a factory reset.

Removing the lock screen: Being unable to use your phone is the worst feeling. However, you might avoid a factory reset by utilizing PhoneRescue for iOS or Android. Whether it’s a fingerprint, password, or Given pattern, the application can go around it without modifying or erasing anything.

Your gadget has more data than you may be aware of. Your smartphone can be thoroughly scanned by PhoneRescue. Then, before retrieving the files, you can preview each one.


Despite the fact that PhoneRescue’s actual performance varies depending on your device and the amount of data you wish to recover, it is typically quicker than other data recovery apps.

Some of the customers who reviewed PhoneRescue claim that running a complete check on their iOS devices took up to 20 to 25 minutes. However, my friend was able to retrieve his iPhone’s data in a matter of minutes.

Effortless Use

even the most potent computer programs in the world are too complicated for the average person to understand, it is pointless. We’ve all tried applications similar to this before; they seemed amazing until we discovered the baffling, complicated, or plain ugly user interface. Thankfully, this is not the case with the PhoneRescue software. Its user interface is attractive and useful at the same time.

You won’t have any trouble utilizing the program on Windows or Mac, even if you’re not very tech-savvy. You’ll quickly learn all of the possibilities because they are all simple to comprehend.

Cost of PhoneRescue

Although the program is free to download and use for scanning, you must first pay to get any data. In other words, a free version is not offered.

How much then how much does it cost, then? Let’s get started straight now.

1 PC License, Lifetime Free Upgrades, And Free Customer Service Around The Clock.

You can see the price of PhoneRescue. depends on your usage preferences and if you want a personal or commercial plan for the service. The payment structure may appear a little intimidating, but so are its benefits.

The 60-day money-back guarantee offered by PhoneRescue plans is what I appreciate best about them; if you’re not happy with the product, you can quickly request a refund.

Additionally, PhoneRescue provides new clients with some incredible savings. For instance, it now provides discounts of roughly 25% on both Android and iOS programs.

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You can consult the PhoneRescue product manual or the FAQ area on its website if you have any issues or questions about the program. If it doesn’t work, you can get in touch with PhoneRescue’s customer support by completing the form digital form.

The support staff is always on hand to assist you with your issues. Reviews on PhoneRescue attest that responses are frequently sent in under 24 hours. I can only speak from my own experience, but I received an answer in just three hours.

I wish there were more ways to contact the support staff (like a live chat or email, for example), but I’m extremely happy with how quickly they respond.

User Review Of PhoneRescue

Sincere to God, there aren’t many bad PhoneRescue reviews. On its own website, the business boasts a 4.7-star rating, with just 1% of users giving the product a one-star review.

The software’s features, user-friendly design, and customer service, according to the customers, are all great. Similar to this, the majority of PhoneRescue’s Reddit reviews are favorable.

Customers have commended its adaptability, simple features, and excellent outcomes. However, they have also expressed dissatisfaction with the recovery of pointless data and the absence of free trials.

Use PhoneRescue When

Install PhoneRescue, run a free scan to see what it uncovers, and see if you can salvage the data you need if you need to recover data from your smartphone.

However, as one PhoneRescue user review notes, the program does have certain shortcomings. For instance, the software also retrieves pointless data when you perform file recovery.

Additionally, there is no free version of the software and only an online form may be used to contact customer service. In spite of these issues, I would still offer PhoneRescue a 4/5 rating because it is speedy, simple to use, reasonably priced, and comes with fantastic customer service.

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