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When you link your bank account to applications managed by financial institutions like American Express, Venmo, or Upstart, you’ll likely encounter Plaid. Plaid verifies your financial data, enabling businesses to safely communicate critical information.
A fintech business called Plaid makes it easier for consumers’ banks and credit card companies to communicate with financial services apps.

To keep your login information confidential, Plaid talks with your bank throughout a transaction. Plaid asserts that it protects user information with top-tier encryption technologies. The Plaid software acts as a bridge between the apps from other financial organizations and your bank or credit card accounts. A portfolio management website like Personal Capital or a budgeting tool like Mint are two examples. In order for these websites to function, they must access the details of your account. You might be reluctant to give another business access to your private financial data.

How Does Plaid Function?

How Does Plaid Function

To link to your Chime bank or credit card account, for instance, utilize Plaid. A Plaid window will appear when you need to send your bank credentials to another finance app. To submit the form, enter your Chime username and password. Only Plaid has access to such information, and Chime will be contacted with it. and double-check your login details. You will also input that information if two-factor authentication (2FA) has been configured. If your bank does not allow that additional degree of security, Plaid also offers the option of using its own 2FA. On its website, Plaid claims to be accredited by SSAE18 SOC2 compliance, ISO 27001, and other globally recognized security standards.

The link can be used to transfer the financial data that you authorize once Plaid has been used to validate your bank information. This could include details such as the balance or the history of transactions. Sezzle, a finance startup that offers installment payments, recently disclosed that it uses Plaid for financial permission. Through the collaboration, Sezzle clients will be able to use Plaid to link their bank accounts. As a result, they will be able to make payments more quickly by using ACH instead of a credit or debit card.

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In a recent class action settlement, Plaid agreed to pay $58 million to users of its interface, including those who utilized Venmo, Robinhood, and Coinbase. The claim against Plaid was that it gathered more data than was necessary and kept the user’s bank account login information on its computers.

Is It Safe to Use Plaid?

Plaid claims it takes the security of its client’s data very seriously, as do the majority of businesses that handle financial information. When transporting data, Plaid uses encryption protocols like Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256). fiscal information. You may feel more secure knowing that your data is transmitted using these security settings.

Plaid adheres to a number of other security best practices in addition to best-in-class security processes when handling data to ensure the safety of your information. According to Plaid’s Trust and Safety page, it:

uses multifactor authentication (MFA), even if your financial institution does not, to further secure your account;
runs a bug bounty program 7 to attract more attention to Plaid’s security;
guarantees never to share your information without your consent and never to sell or rent your information to other businesses;
gives you control over the businesses that can access your data and the information that is shared with each.

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Describe Plaid.

Describe Plaid

Between your financial data and the financial sites you wish to get it, Plaid software works. You may stop financial websites from having access to all of your banking and other information by using a service like Plaid. Instead, you just divulge the details that you specify.

How Does Plaid Function?

Many financial institutions are legally entitled to view certain of your financial data. This may involve a budget site accessing your bank and credit card activities or a portfolio aggregator requiring access to your investments. These websites can obtain this data through Plaid without requiring your bank or credit card login details.

Plaid Security

When transferring your data via Plaid, some of the most advanced encryption protocols are used. fiscal information. This incorporates Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256). (TLS). Your financial data is transmitted with an additional degree of protection thanks to Plaid’s usage of multifactor authentication (MFA).

Why Did My Chase Account’s Link To Plaid Stop Working?

Although Chase is no longer mentioned on Plaid’s website as a supported institution, Plaid used to link to Chase’s accounts. Plaid has not released any information regarding the termination of its contract with Chase.

The Conclusion

More than 4,500 businesses utilize the fintech company Plaid to link consumers to other financial third-party applications. This includes Betterment, Acorns, Venmo, and numerous other fintech businesses. Utilizing your login information from Plaid, you authenticate with the third-party application when using Plaid.

the bank. Your username and password are never revealed to the third-party application; instead, it simply learns that your login was successful and whatever data you give it permission to access.

Although you might be apprehensive to entrust a third party with your private financial account information, Plaid asserts that security is a top priority. Users have full control over what information is shared with each organization, and it doesn’t sell or rent users’ financial information.

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