Projektmelody Face Reveal: Are You Curious To Know How This Twitch Star Looks Like?

Projektmelody face reveal

Virtual YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and well-known cartoon character Projekt Melody. She is renowned for her Twitch live streaming. She currently has more than 400k platform followers. To learn more about her face reveal, age, wiki, biography, net worth, true name, height, weight, family, ethnicity, and other details, continue reading.

Who Is Projekt Melody?

who is projektmelody

A simulated personality is called Projekt Melody. On social media, she has a sizable following of fans. Some sources claim that Projekt Melody is not a real person. She is nothing more than a live-streaming AI algorithm. The public has still not seen the person’s true identity. It is anticipated that the virtual streamer would soon make an official declaration revealing the genuine identity. To learn more about Projekt Melody, her feet, her age, and her Twitter account, keep reading.


On June 7, 2000, Projekt Melody was born in Japan. She is a well-known animated personality, virtual YouTuber, and Twitch broadcaster. She is renowned for her Twitch live streaming. She currently has more than 400k platform followers.

She participates on the Chaturbate platform as well, where she has gained a lot of fame for her online persona. Since Projekt Melody appears to be an animated bot figure for the platform’s adaptability, her face reveal hasn’t yet been completed.

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Career And Net Worth

projektmelody career and net worth

In July 2019, Projekt Melody made its online debut by opening a Twitter account. However, she initially did so personally. She signed up for a live webcam performance website the following February, becoming a camgirl. She quickly grew so well-known that she attracted hundreds of Twitter followers.

She made her Twitch debut the following month and started regularly streaming on the website. She easily expanded her Twitch channel because she was already well-known. She participates in numerous streams, including Just Chatting. She currently has 1,400 estimated subscribers and over 481,000 followers. She has, however, been active on YouTube for more than two years. On her channel, she frequently posts Twitch highlights. has more than 532k subscribers. She also uploads all of her Twitch life feeds to a VODS channel. That channel currently has 57k subscribers.

Net Worth for Projekt Melody

The total wealth of Projekt Melody is $700,000. (estimated). She has a variety of sources of income. Her main sources of income are paid subscriptions, Twitch, and YouTube. You may read more about her sources of income in detail below.

Twitch: She streams a lot on the platform and has almost 500k followers. She primarily earns money through donations & video advertising. Leaving this aside, she makes money via paid members, with a minimum payment of $5. She now has an estimated 1,400 subscribers, according to TwitchStats. Consequently, she receives $7,000 each month in subscription income.

YouTube: Despite having earned much less from her YouTube videos despite having more subscribers than her Twitch following. Her monthly earnings, according to Socialblade, are less than $1,000.

Paid Subscriptions: She earns the most money from this type of income. She has accounts on all the popular paid membership platforms, including Patreon, Onlyfans, and Fans. One can sign up for Patreon membership for $1, $5, or $10. The membership benefits get better as the fee increases. However, only those who select the $10 plan can see her NSFW stuff. She currently has over 3,400 patrons, and her projected monthly income is above $10,000.

Projekt Melody Social media:

The Twitter and YouTube account for Projekt Melody was established on July 7, 2019. She debuted with an MMD video on August 29, 2019. It includes a custom VRoid model that wasn’t used for her official debut. She eventually released the film to the world to mark her second wedding anniversary on July 8, 2021.

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Does Projekt Melody Have A Face Reveal? Find out who she really is

Reddit has not yet seen a face reveal by Projekt Melody. It is possible that Projekt Melody’s genuine identity and face will finally be revealed as a result of the appearance of OnlyFans. However, a deeper look reveals that this is very false.

Projekt’s OnlyFans Melody incorporated 3D images into the format of her broadcast. She also has identities that are similar in her area of expertise, sexual entertainment. There are no real fans on her OnlyFans page.

Anonymity is highly valued by a large number of online YouTubers and broadcasters. All they want is to be recognized as their digital avatar. Many of them worry that expressing their true selves may alienate their audience.

FAQs: People Also Ask

Who is Projekt Melody, exactly?

A simulated personality is called Projekt Melody.

How old is Projekt Melody?

The age of Projekt Melody is 21.

How much money does Projekt Melody make?

The total wealth of Projekt Melody is $700,000.

What year did Projekt Melody debut?

On June 7, 2000, Projekt Melody was created.

How tall is Projekt Melody?

The height of Projekt Melody is 5 feet 4 inches.

How much does Projekt Melody weigh?

The weight of Projekt Melody is 55 kg.

Is Projekt Melody an actual person?

Projekt is an automated system. The video on the official YouTube channel will only show the face of an anime girL.

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