Purple Hearts Netflix Release Date: Here’s Everything Else You Need To Know About The Netflix Original Film!

The 2017 book of the same name by Tess Wakefield was made into the movie Purple Hearts. Liz Garcia and Kyle Jarrow collaborated on the screenplay for Dead to Me, which was directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum.

As executive producers, Carson, Rosenbaum, Amy Baer, Hugo Grumbar, and Tim Haslam joined Elysa Koplovitz Dutton and Leslie Morgenstein of Alloy Entertainment in producing the movie.

We’ve been keeping tabs on all the crucial information on the upcoming romantic drama movie Purple Hearts, starring Sofia Carson, which will be available on Netflix at some point this year.

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Purple Hearts Netflix Release Date

Purple Hearts Netflix Release Date

According to Deadline, production on the romantic comedy movie “Purple Hearts” is presently underway in Southern California, but there is no official announcement regarding when the picture will be made available to the public just yet.

According to the information provided by Production Weekly, the filming of “Purple Hearts” got underway in the month of August 2021.

There is a lot of uncertainty over the amount of time required to finish production because the movie will contain a lot of music, which could require some time to compose and produce.

Original music for “Purple Hearts” will be composed by Justin Tranter, who has been nominated for a Grammy, and co-written by Sofia Carson, who plays the lead role in the movie.

However, considering that “Purple Hearts” is a romantic comedy and not a sci-fi or horror movie, the editing and post-production process for the movie will probably not take too long.

This is because there is no requirement for computer-generated imagery (CGI) or any other significant edits, with the exception of sound design.

Whatever the case may be, “Purple Hearts” will unquestionably be made available on Netflix at some point throughout the course of the following year, most likely around the middle of 2022.

Cast of Purple Hearts

Carson, who some people may recognise from the “Descendants” film series and Netflix’s “Feel the Beat,” will star in “Purple Hearts” as an aspiring singer-songwriter named Cassie Salazar.

In order to support herself as she pursues her lifelong ambition, Cassie works at a bar in Austin, Texas.

Nicholas Galitzine, who most recently appeared alongside Camila Cabello in “Cinderella” on Amazon, has a starring role in this movie as well. The character that Galitzine will play is a young and gorgeous soldier by the name of Luke Morrow. Luke Morrow crosses encounters with Cassie, which leads them on a unique adventure together that could unexpectedly lead to love.

Chosen Jacobs, who most recently starred in the recent Stephen King adaptation of “It” and “Castle Rock,” Kat Cunning, also known as Katrina Cunningham, of Netflix’s “Trinkets,” John Harlan Kim of “The Librarians” and “9-1-1,” and Anthony Ippolito from another Netflix project, “Grand Army,” will also be starring in the upcoming movie as well.

Sarah Rich plays a character named Hailey, Linden Ashby from “Teen Wolf,” and Scott Deckert from “Venom” round out the group as supporting cast members.

Purple Hearts Plot

Purple Hearts Plot

Luke Morrow and Cassie Salazar are very dissimilar to one another. Cassie, an intelligent woman who lives in Austin, Texas, works evenings at a bar to support herself as she pursues her career as a singer-songwriter.

Luke, an Army recruit who is preparing to report for duty, takes solace in the rigid discipline of the military. However, an accidental meeting at Cassie’s pub alters both of their lives. Since being given a diabetes diagnosis, Cassie has been overwhelmed by medical debt.

She makes a bargain with Frankie, an old acquaintance who has joined the Army, in which she will marry him in exchange for greater health insurance and the opportunity to share the increased salary that comes with starting a “family.”

When Frankie declines, Luke, a charming but aggressive buddy, offers to marry Cassie in his place. She is unaware that he has his own pressing motives for getting married.

In this heart-warming love story, Cassie and Luke must put aside their disagreements in order to appear as though they are getting married—unless, of course, that’s where it ends up.

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Purple Hearts Storyline

Purple Hearts Storyline

Love is at the centre of this drama, which follows Cassie, an aspiring singer and songwriter who is having a hard time making it, and Luke, a serviceman. When fate decides to play its game, the two of them marry for the sake of convenience.

Cassie is a mentally bright young woman who aspires to be a musician and makes her living by working at a night bar in Austin.

Her path in life changes when she is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Gradually, her expenses of medications keep on climbing, making her worried and causing her to concoct a master plan, which is to get married to an Army Officer, which would eventually get her medical insurance, that will incur all of her expenses of medical bills.

For this reason, she approached her buddy Frankie, who is currently serving in the military; however, much to her dismay, he declined her proposal of marriage. What is predetermined to take place will undoubtedly take place, and much to Cassie’s surprise, her buddy Luke, who is passionate and good-looking, has offered to marry her.

Cassie was unaware of the truth that what is pushing Luke to marry her as Luke was also having his own secret reasons to marry Cassie.

Luke’s motivations for marrying Cassie remained a secret from her. During the course of the novel, when Luke reveals his reason for marrying Cassie, the plot will take a different direction, and Cassie’s response will determine whether or not they will be able to continue their marriage.

This marriage was motivated by a self-serving favour that each partner had for the other, and as the plot develops, it will be rather entertaining to watch how their self-motivated marriage transforms into an exquisite love tale and blossoms the flower of passion between the two of them.

Be sure to watch as Cassie and Luke’s love story unfolds as it is both difficult and wonderful.

FAQs- People Also Ask

Is the story of Purple Heart true?

The Purple Heart was inspired by the true account of eight Doolittle Raiders who were apprehended by two different crews: Lieutenants Dean E. Hallmark and Robert J. Smith.

Where was the movie Purple Hearts shot?

Production on Purple Hearts for Netflix is scheduled to begin in August 2021, according to Production Weekly issue 1253. California’s Riverside and San Diego will be used for filming.

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