Queen Elizabeth Pregnant Everything You Need To Know About Queen

queen elizabeth pregnant

Though much has changed since 1948, when Princess Elizabeth gave birth to her first child, the longest reigning English queen continues to pique the interest of people throughout the world. Although the Queen’s four pregnancies did not occur in the era of pregnancy selfies and Snapchat, there are still a few images of her during this time.

It’s not hard to picture Queen Elizabeth as a young mother, having four infants and lovingly tending to them over the years, as she watches the births of her great-grandchildren, the children of Prince William and his Duchess Kate. Meanwhile, it’s tough to find photographs of her pregnant belly.

Inspecting The Guard

Princess Elizabeth had a full plate of royal responsibilities even before she became queen. Due to her father’s poor health in his last years as King George VI, Princess Elizabeth occasionally filled in for him. At this particular memorial service for fallen soldiers, the Guard of Honor was being inspected. In May of 1948, Princess Margaret inspected the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Inspecting The Guard

After the summer of that year, Elizabeth gave birth to her first child, Charles, several years before she was crowned queen. Elizabeth was no longer the main focus of the story. Since her uncle Edward was first in line to the throne, followed by her father, and then Elizabeth, it was never even considered that she would become queen. The future King George VI and his presumed heir Elizabeth VIII were both born after Edward VIII abdicated the kingdom to marry an American divorcee.

A Day At The Derby

Elizabeth, who was then a princess, and Philip, who had no royal title, tied the knot at Westminster Abbey in November 1947. At that point in time the next year, Charles was born. In other words, the Queen became pregnant in the early spring of 1948. Because of this, it’s likely that she was still in the first trimester of her pregnancy when she attended the derby in June.

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Elizabeth’s pregnancy may or may not be visible in these early pictures, but considering this is her first kid, she probably didn’t start showing until about five months. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II took their daughter Elizabeth and her husband Philip to the Epsom Derby (later The Queen Mother).

When compared to the three pregnancies in which Duchess Kate was said to have suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, it’s safe to infer that the Queen was spared morning sickness altogether, or at least didn’t make a show of it.

The Little Prince’s First Birthday

Both of Elizabeth and Philip’s first two children, Charles and Anne, were born before she became queen, but there is a long time gap between them and their second set of children, Andrew and Edward. On November 14th, 1949, the day this photo was shot, Prince Charles became one year old. The Queen’s only child, Anne, was born on August 15, 1950. The photo session for Charles’ first birthday may have occurred while Elizabeth was already several weeks along in her pregnancy.

The Little Prince’s First Birthday

Elizabeth and Philip seemed to be in a rush to start a family, and it’s a shame that the death of Elizabeth’s father in 1952 catapulted the family into the public eye. However, the couple’s ambitions to start a family had to be put on hold for a decade while the Queen was in training.

Meeting Winston Churchill

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth has had thirteen different prime ministers, although only twelve were in office when CNN first reported on them. They begin with Winston Churchill and end with Theresa May. On March 23, 1950, a photographer captured Churchill’s first encounter with the Queen; he would go on to serve as prime minister from 1951 to 1955.

Elizabeth was likely several months along in her pregnancy by March 1950, given that Anne, the Queen’s second child, was born in August of that year. As we shall see, though, Elizabeth has never been one to seek attention for her pregnancies. According to the New York Times, Kensington Palace merely announced that Anne “shall undertake no public engagements after the end of June” in a statement.

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