Raccooneggs Face Reveal: What Happened To Him?

Raccooneggs Face Reveal

American internet celebrity Ezra, better known as the YouTube gaming commentator RaccoonEggs, is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. His breakthrough came when he connected with another gamer named Fitz on his surf server.

Fitz not only liked RaccoonEggs’s content, but he also connected him with a large group of fellow gamers. Then RaccoonEggs began working with other players, which boosted his profile.

He now controls two YouTube channels with tens of millions of combined viewers. His fame extends to other online communities as well. He went to VidCon US in June 2018 at the “Anaheim Convention Center” in Anaheim, California, USA.

Overview Of Early Life And Career

RaccoonEggs was born in the USA on January 10, 2000. Being well-known on the web was one of his early ambitions. He started his YouTube channel when he was 15 to fulfill a long-held ambition.

The name “RaccoonEggs” comes from a joke he’s been telling his close friends for years. The raccoons were the stars of his first video. After that, he uploaded a variety of videos before finally settling on video game commentary.

His channel quickly gained a following thanks to the entertaining videos he uploaded. “CS: Go Surf in a Nutshell,” “CS: Go While High,” “Sleep Deprived Rainbow Six,” “CS: Go Antics,” “Why I Love CS: Go Surf,” and “Making People Laugh in CS: Go” are some of the most popular videos on his channel.

The second YouTube channel from RaccoonEggs, simply titled “RaccoonEggstra,” was released on February 2, 2018. RaccoonEggs has more than 32,000 subscribers and occasionally does live streams of his videos on Twitch

raccooneggs in face mask

Aside from YouTube, he’s also a big deal on Twitter and Instagram. Despite having over 128,000 followers on Twitter, he has over 54,000 on Instagram. He is also very active in the online gaming community on Discord, a proprietary freeware voice-over IP application.

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RaccoonEggs was a presenter at this year’s ‘VidCon US’ in Los Angeles, California. Due to his charismatic voice and impressive gaming prowess, he has quickly become one of YouTube’s most popular gaming commentators.

Personal Life

RaccoonEggs admits to smoking pot on occasion. He occasionally lights up before posting videos online. On July 8, 2018, he uploaded a video titled “Face Reveal,” in which he finally admitted who he really was.

Within the context of the video, RaccoonEggs takes off his mask and shows his true identity to his audience. Although he had no intention of turning YouTube into a career path at first, he is now considering doing so.

RaccoonEggs’s motivation to pursue a career in social media was bolstered by the rapid growth of his channel to over a million subscribers. He has a wide network of online friends, including Fitz and Kryoz.

Since Ezra, aka RaccoonEggs, hid his identity for some time, it’s safe to assume that he wants his private life to remain unseen by the public. As a result, you won’t find any information about his family online. Since July 28, 2021, Twitter has been silent about RacconEggs.

Net Worth

It is estimated that RaccoonEgg has a net worth of $300,000. RaccoonEggs is able to make a living thanks to the popularity of his social media channels, which attract a large number of subscribers and viewers.

A large portion of his fortune, so the internet says, comes from commercials that air on his various YouTube channels. He also supplements this income by broadcasting video games live on Twitch.

True Identity Of RaccoonEggs

To everyone’s surprise, RaccoonEggs’s true identity is unveiled as Ezra. YouTube personality Ezra is based in the United States.

Since RaccoonEggs hasn’t uploaded any new content to YouTube, streamed on Twitch, or updated his Instagram in over three years, we have no more details about him.

raccooneggs face

Also, for the past few months, he has been glued to his Twitter and Discord. We will post an update on the status of his account activation as soon as we learn more.

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Face Reveal

Without any preamble, RaccoonEgga unmasked himself. RaccoonEggs, who previously wore a raccoon mask and kept his identity a secret in most of his content and commentary, has shown his face to the world.

On July 9, 2018, a 7-second video was uploaded with the title, “500K: He Comes and Sits Down” (face reveal). Over seven million people have seen the video so far.

raccooneggs face reveal

Why Did RaccoonEggs Disappear?

RaccoonEggs hasn’t updated any of his official social media since 2019, and he still hasn’t in 2022. His sudden disappearance is explained in the about section of his Twitch channel, where he writes that he has been struggling with a lack of motivation and health issues that have caused him to move multiple times in a few years.

Additionally, as he has been moving around, he has developed a severe allergy to mold. As his health is currently poor, he is going through a detox period to completely eliminate his symptoms.

Once he has done so, he plans to resume his YouTube channel from where he left off. He plans on taking it easy and focusing on streaming until then. However, he maintains an online presence on Twitter and Discord, where he frequently posts insights into video games alongside humorous and occasionally controversial tweets.

He posted his last video to YouTube on August 9, 2019. At present, his channel has 2.56 million subscribers and has been viewed over 174,000 times. There are 113 people who follow his Twitch channel. In fact, his 456.6 Twitter followers were last seen on July 28, 2021. Even on Instagram, where he has been relatively inactive, he still has 64,300 followers.

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