Raised By Wolves Cancelled: The Best Sci-Fi Show On TV Just Got Canceled By HBO

Raised by Wolves’ was canceled

Here are several possible reasons why Raised By Wolves’ abrupt cancellation from HBO Max may have occurred after only two seasons.

A religious conflict between atheists and Mithraics, devotees of the sun god Sol, wreaked havoc on the planet Earth in the science fiction drama series “Raised by Wolves,” which was created by Aaron Guzikowski.

Androids Father and Mother/Lamia are dispatched to Kepler-22b with human embryos after the catastrophe in the hopes that they can revive human civilisation.

The advent of additional humans and the existence of the beings currently present on the exoplanet, however, complicate matters. The space opera, which was made by Ridley Scott, is distinctive on TV.

Although Raised By Wolves is clever and well-written, watching it can feel a bit like a fever dream. It almost has a retro vibe, like it was taken straight out of some odd science fiction from the past.

It explores the conflict between AI and humans as well as the extreme religious fundamentalists and atheists and the fallout from a war that left the Earth utterly wrecked. It is ominous and intriguing.

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Raised By Wolves season 3: Why Was It Cancelled?

Why Was Season 3 of "Raised By Wolves" Cancelled?

The decision to cancel the series was announced by the network HBO on June 3, 2022. There would not even be a concluding season to bring the plot to a satisfactory conclusion.

In the statement that was issued (which was distributed by Deadline), they said: “While we are not proceeding with a third season of Raised by Wolves, we are beyond grateful to the stellar cast and crew, our creators Aaron Guzikowski, Ridley Scott, David W Zucker, and the entire team at Scott Free Productions, for their beautiful artistry and unique ability to immerse fans into the world of Kepler-22b.”

Unfortunately, despite the numerous positive reviews that have been published, HBO Max has issued a statement announcing that the production of a third season of Raised By Wolves will not proceed at this time.

The abrupt cancellation of the programme comes as a surprise not simply as a result of the positive reviews it received, but also due to the scalability of the extremely expansive world-building it included.

In addition, the conclusion of Raised By Wolves season 2 left viewers with a great deal of unanswered issues, the most of which were probably intended to be saved for later developments in the storyline.

For example, the reason why the entity was on Kepler-22b is still a mystery, and even Marcus’s demise is shrouded in a great deal of enigma. The fact that Raised By Wolves was cancelled is a significant letdown because these and many other apparent plot holes remain unresolved.

According to a series of tweets (through Twitter) posted by the show’s star Abubakar Salim, the reason that Raised By Wolves season 3 was cancelled was primarily due to the recent merger between Discovery and WarnerMedia. The Warner Bros.

Discovery conglomerate has wasted little time in making some significant adjustments, including as removing the streamer CNN+ from its roster and suspending the production of newly created programming for TNT and TBS.

Due to the fact that so many shows were cancelled after Discovery’s merger with Warner Bros., it is quite likely that Raised By Wolves was also one of the programmes that was ultimately omitted from the network’s lineup.

The news that Raised By Wolves will not be renewed for a third season is extremely disheartening, especially considering that the show’s cast and staff had apparently already begun preparations for it.

In addition to the announcement that the show would be cancelled, Salim stated that “we have a fully fleshed out and planned storyline, a Goliath of a production team behind us, incredible reception from critics and reviewers alike, and most importantly, a community base that is so strong internationally.”

Showrunner Aaron Guzikowski stated, as part of an interview conducted by Collider, that he has not ceased working on the scripts for Raised by Wolves and that he continues to live in the universe of the show.

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Even while it is obvious that the show’s cast and crew cares deeply about it, the fate of a television show is ultimately determined by a large number of other elements.

In the case of Raised By Wolves, the decision appears to have come as a surprise to everyone concerned, including, but not limited to, the cast and staff members who were involved in the production of the programme.

The third season of Raised By Wolves was never produced because the show was cancelled before it even started. Even if there is no chance that Raised By Wolves will ever appear on HBO Max again, there is still a chance that it will be picked up by another streaming provider in the future.

The future of the show is still unknown, but Abubakar Salim, who plays the father in Raised By Wolves, shared that Scott Free Productions is already looking for a new network or streaming service to house the drama.

The star of Raised By Wolves has also urged fans to express their adoration for the show, in the hopes that potential streamers will acknowledge the show’s popularity and potentially give it a second chance at some point in the future.

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