Redmi Launched Its Smart TV X86 With Its Ultra-High-Definition Display With A Cinematic View


Xiaomi has his Redmi Note 12 During the ceremony, the Redmi Smart TV X86, which is the most recent instalment in the series, was also introduced. It is one of the largest televisions in its category, and it has recently been released at a price that is very reasonable.

To put this in plainer terms, Xiaomi has introduced a brand-new television set that tops the industry’s rankings for the largest televisions now on the market, and it has done so at a price that is significantly lower than its competitors’.

Redmi X86 is a new giant-screen TV that was produced by Xiaomi. It features a screen that is capable of displaying 4K resolution and a body that is made of metal. The newest Redmi smart TV model, the X86, features a screen measuring 86 inches and is capable of displaying material in 4K resolution.

It has the ability to compensate for motion using MEMC, has one billion different colors, and has a screen-to-body ratio of 97%. The TV measures 1.9 metres across and 1.2 metres deep when it is fully assembled.

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Redmi Smart TV X86 India Release Date

Redmi Smart TV X86 India Release Date

During the launch for the Redmi Note 12 series, Xiaomi also showed off its most recent Redmi Smart TV, the X86. It is one of the cheapest televisions in its class despite having one of the largest screens in its class. Among its many features, the Redmi Smart TV X86 boasts a superior build, a bezel-less design, a resolution of 4K, MEMC, a quad-core processor, and DTS HD sound.

In China, the Redmi Smart TV X86 is available for the relatively competitive price of CNY 5,299 (about 60,100). Customers who pre-book it will be able to get it at a discounted price of 4,999 (about 56,700).

On October 31, 2022, the television will be made available for purchase in China at and other local retail stores in addition to going on general sale for the first time on that date. At this price point, the majority of Xiaomi’s competitors in India offer a television that is 65 inches in size.

If it were priced between 60,000 and 65,000, the Redmi Smart TV X86 may cause a significant disruption in the television market in India. However, Xiaomi has not yet announced when its products would be available worldwide; this could take a few weeks or months.

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Features Of Redmi Smart TV X86

What Are Features Of Redmi Smart TV X86 That Makes It Unique?

Regarding the Redmi Smart TV X86’s internal components, the processor has a quad-core chipset. ARM Cortex-A55 processors and a Mali G52 MC1 (MP2) GPU have been added to this TV in order to preserve the graphics. To store your programmes, games, images, and movies, the TV has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory.

In addition to two excellent 10W speakers, this large 86-inch smart TV also boasts a terrific sound system. To improve the audio experience, the TV also has DTS-HD sound and restoration sound effects.

This TV also has a number of unique features, including as voice control, a smart assistant, and weather information. Both the Bluetooth remote and voice control are options for operating this TV’s numerous features.

This TV has dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth v5.0, infrared, two HDMI ports (one of which is an ARC port), two USB 3.0 ports, one AV port, one ATV/DTMB port, one S/PDIF port, and one Ethernet port. no longer exists.

Redmi Smart TV X86 Specifications

Know Everything About Redmi Smart TV X86 Specifications

The chassis of the Redmi 86-inch Smart TV is made of metal, and it features an ultra-high-definition display that can refresh at a rate of 60 hertz for 4K resolution. The dimensions of the television are 1.92 metres by 1.10 metres; it utilises MEMC Motion technology; the screen-to-body ratio is 97.3 percent; and it has one billion different colour options.

This results in an experience that is uninterrupted, vibrant, and expansive over the entire screen. In terms of connectivity, the television features dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, a single USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, and two HDMI connections. Additionally, the television has one USB 3.0 port and one USB 2.0 port.

It comes with two high-fidelity speakers rated at 10 watts each, so you may listen to music or watch movies. DTS-HD sound, live sound effects that have been restored, and an integrated XiaoAI far-field voice control are all included in this release.

In addition, it has a quad-core A55 processor, 2 gigabytes of random-access memory (RAM), and 16 gigabytes of storage space within the device itself. The software that runs on the Smart TV X86 is referred to as MIUI TV OS.

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