Fall Guys Season 2 Release Date: You Can Dress As A Dragon, Compete As A Wizard, Or Represent The Vikings

Release Date of Fall Guys Season 2

Players have been eagerly awaiting the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s Season 2 content since the game’s August debut. Fall Guys Season 2 is now available on PS4 and PC, bringing brand-new content with a Middle Ages theme to the wildly popular battle royale game filled with beans. There has never been a better opportunity to resume playing Fall Guys’ insane mayhem because a significant new update is currently available. The update adds four new levels and gives users more personalised options, such as configurable nameplates, nicknames, and new game types to choose from.

Since Fall Guys Season 2 has officially started, BPlayers can anticipate unlocking a tons of new unlockable, including cute outfits and emotes. You can choose to dress as a dragon, triumph as a wizard, or pursue victory as a Viking. Fall Guys’ introduction to additional platforms, namely the Xbox Series X|S, and the incorporation of a free-to-play business model were both accomplished in Season 1. This undoubtedly assisted in introducing a huge number of new players to the bizarre activities of Fall Guys.

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Release Date of Fall Guys Season 2

Release Date of Fall Guys Season 2

The Fall Guys Season 2 will be released on October 8, 2020, as confirmed by Mediatonic. Since this upcoming update will include a coordinated dispatch plan, there won’t be any need to watch out for players on stages. There is currently no confirmed Season 2 release date provided by Mediatonic, and it is unclear whether any additional information will be made available.

The next Fall Guys update, though, should appear at roughly 6 pm BST based on previous launches. On October 8, a download should appear for fans, but it should be noted that it probably won’t be a significant patch on the same scale as Apex Legends Warzone. According to Mediatonic, the new Fall Guys Season will have skins and levels with a middle-aged vibe in addition to other understated changes.

Fall Guys Season 2 Pass Price

40 tiers of rewards were available for players to unlock in the initial Fall Guys season pass, or battle pass as some might want to call it. The season pass for Fall Guys Season 2 will have the same number of tiers, if not more. The second season is also free, just like the current season pass is. In Fall Guys, you can earn Kudos and Crowns, two separate currencies.

Kudos are commonly awarded for merely playing the game, however Crowns, which serve as the premium money, are only awarded for finishing the game’s season pass or for being the last player standing. As would be expected, some cosmetics can only be purchased with Crowns, and gamers can purchase additional Crowns through microtransactions.

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Fall Guys Season 2 Storyline and Theme

What is the storyline of Fall Guys Season 2?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become a sensation in the game industry. The contestants must endure various rounds until only one person is left in the game, which is based on playing in an absurd game show. The popular TV programmes It’s a Knockout, Takeshi’s Castle, and Total Wipeout come to mind. The colorful mayhem that breaks out throughout each round of the game is what has made it so popular, and the straightforward controls make it very approachable.

All that is required of you is to sprint, jump, and grab your way through the various events. From a total of 60 players, the elimination pool begins small but rapidly grows larger and larger with each round until only 15 players are left. Events can be either team events or those that depend on individual skill (and, let’s be honest, a little bit of chance).

As you make your way forward in a frantic effort to cross the finish line or amass the most points, all of them have the potential to produce some amusing outcomes. The thrill of earning a crown is palpable because the game is effectively a battle royale where the last jelly bean standing wins. This makes it all the more unique because of the incredible odds you must overcome. So it’s clear why Fall Guys is so well-liked, and now that Season 2 is available, more enjoyment is in store.

Fall Guys Season 2 New Costumes

  • Wizard
  • Blue-Pink Dragon
  • Blue Knight
  • Black Knight
  • Viking Warrior
  • Witch
  • Yellow Dragon

Fall Guys Season 1 Carryover

If you spent a lot of time on Fall Guys in Season 1, you may be curious about what will continue in Season 2. According to Mediatonic, users’ accrued Kudos and Crowns as well as any customisation items they have purchased will all roll over to the upcoming Season. Levels and fame of a player are the only factors that won’t. Additionally, it’s doubtful that Season 1 outfits will come back in the near future.

Basically, season-specific levelling will be eliminated, but the incentives you receive for winning games or making microtransactions won’t. Having a levelling reset, however, ought to encourage players to start the game over from scratch. Players can earn double fame points in-game between now and October 8 if they want to access as much Season 1 content as possible.

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