Smile Release Date: Sosie Bacon Plays Disturbed Doctor Rose In This Unsettling New Horror Movie

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Since there are so many excellent movies set for release in the Fall, it’s common for some films that seem promising to be overlooked for no fault of their own.

The horror-thriller Smile from Paramount is one of these movies. A sinister smile can cause strange things to happen, which is the thrill in this new horror-thriller, but the concept is a little unconventional.

Smile is based on Parker Finn’s 2020 11-minute short Laura Hasn’t Slept, which was well-received and won the Midnight Short Award from the SXSW Film Festival’s special jury.

Caitlin Stasey portrayed Laura, a woman who visits her therapist because of a reoccurring nightmare.

The plot of Smile revolves around the experiences of a doctor who becomes intrigued by a mystery after seeing one of her patients’ strange and terrible encounters with a paranormal entity.

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Release Date Of Smile

Release Date Of Smile

Smile, which is being developed by Paramount Pictures and is scheduled to be released in theatres all over the world on September 30th, 2022.

Smile Cast

  • Sosie Bacon as Dr Rose Cotter
  • Jessie T. Usher as Trevor
  • Kyle Gallner as Joel
  • Nick Arapoglou as Greg
  • Kal Penn
  • Rob Morgan
  • Caitlin Stasey
  • Judy Reyes
  • Gillian Zinser
  • Kevin Keppy
  • Sara Kapner
  • Jack Sochet

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Smile Plot

The story chronicles the life and profession of Dr. Rose Cotter, whose life takes a dramatic turn after one of her patients encounters a paranormal entity that makes her break out in an instant smile.

The tale follows Dr. Rose Cotter’s life as she navigates through this new chapter in her life. Almost immediately after this smile, she has a psychotic and violent outburst that ultimately results in her death.

What is Smile about?

Dr. Cotter quickly recognises that this is not an isolated incident, and he must take immediate action in order to get the issue under control. More people in the city as a whole are reporting having the same experience.

During the course of her investigations, she has come to the conclusion that these individuals exhibit a peculiar smile a few days after having contact with this unknown entity. One week after having their initial experience with the monster, everyone passes away.

She quickly becomes aware, as she continues her search for answers, that not only is her life in jeopardy, but she also runs the risk of becoming a victim herself.

As she struggles to make sense of what is happening, she learns that there is another man who has come into contact with this thing but, for some unexplained reason, is still alive. This information comes to her at the same time that she discovers what is happening.

Smile Trailer

On May 26, 2022, Paramount announced on Twitter that Smile would debut a teaser trailer. A patient is depicted in the 8-second teaser sitting still in what appears to be a hospital room.

The figure is sitting with a sinister grin and appears to be frozen in time. More than revealing anything about the movie, the teaser served to raise expectations.

Only one month later, on June 22, 2022, Paramount released the complete trailer. A brief overview of the movie’s plot may be found in this 2:23 trailer.

In the opening scene, a patient enters her doctor’s office shaken by a series of unpleasant incidents. She admits to Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) that she has a unique perspective. She continues by claiming that “it” returns her smile.

She starts to freak out as she tries to relate her experience since, based on her reaction, he must have seen the thing again.

Dr. Cotter discovers a pattern as she investigates the deaths that are happening around the city: people are being visited by an entity who makes them smile, but they die a week later. As she tries to figure this out, she runs into the same terrifying reality that her patients are dealing with.

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