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RHOBH Recap: An Episode Chock Full Of Drama

RHOBH' recap

The most painful way imaginable to end an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired on September 14. It all started when the women went hat shopping.

Actually, Kyle Richards had planned a perfect day for everyone while they were in Aspen, and part of that day included shopping. But due of Erika Jayne’s activities the previous night, everything became out of balance.

Erika decided she would not take part in any of the activities Kyle had scheduled, including the trip to buy a special hat, after Kyle called her out for her lack of empathy.

The fact that Dorit Kemsley decided to spend the day being Erika’s shoulder to cry on didn’t sit well with Kyle, but what irked her even more was what didn’t.

She was quite upset by that. Kyle spent the most of the day fuming about the actions of Erika and Dorit, but she wasn’t the only one who was incensed by what had happened.

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Even Kathy Hilton, Kyle’s sister, who was enraged for a different reason and was also pretty angry, The store clerk brought out complimentary alcoholic beverages for each customer while the ladies looked through the headwear.

Due to the fact that it is a friend of hers, Kendall Jenner‘s tequila, Lisa Rinna chose to sip 818 tequila rather than Kathy’s brand. Finding out that they had her brand of tequila on hand made Kathy very delighted.

While it was being filmed, Kathy found it difficult to comprehend Lisa’s decision to push 818 above her own line of tequila. Kathy’s outrage grew when Kyle did nothing to prevent Lisa from doing so. As she left the shop and headed back to Kyle’s home in Aspen, Kathy started to gather her items.

The effects of Kathy’s actions on Kyle didn’t seem to be very significant. Erika and Dorit’s betrayal of her was what kept her from focusing on other things. She shed a few tears, though, at the end of it all.

She stormed back inside the house after that, where she was met by Dorit who had been waiting for her, and she started screaming at her lifelong friend.

Dorit tried to apologise and explain that she felt caught in the middle of her two friends’ disagreement, but she was met with a resounding “F*** you!” from the girl.

Mauricio Umansky, Kyle’s spouse, helped them realise that Erika’s behaviour was the external aspect that was making it difficult for them to engage with one another, which helped to diffuse the issue.

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After doing this, they made the decision that it was time to continue. After some time had gone, everyone gathered once more for a pizza party at a nearby restaurant, and it was at this time that Kyle and Erika chatted and ultimately settled their issues.

Erika emphasised that she is unable to feel genuine pity for the victims because everything is being handled legally. There was a limit to how much she could divulge to Kyle, she explained.

The other ladies were unable to move on, but Kyle was able to accept that and continue. Erika called Crystal Kung Minkoff a “a**hole” for insisting on the issue any longer. The night proceeded in spite of this, and since Kyle insisted on it, everyone ultimately went to a bar together.

When it happened, everything started to go south. Kathy is rumored to have allegedly had a “meltdown,” it was revealed in the final few minutes of this week’s broadcast. In a text message she wrote to Erika, Lisa levelled the charge.

It said, “I got in a sprinter with Kathy, and she had an unbelievable breakdown. Nothing like that has ever occurred to me, either in hearing or in seeing. I can’t get out of here because the door is locked.

shouting indignantly throwing things weeping.” The next thing she said was, “I’m startled by the vitriol that just spilled out of her toward her sister.”

Then Lisa said in her confessional, “I know the concept of Kathy Hilton, this socialite is lovely, is compassionate, is a pillar of society, the public thinks she’s something that she’s not.”

Last but not least, Kathy apparently had a “meltdown” the same night that she texted Lisa, writing, “Silence is lovely. I’m going to be quiet. To be continued is used for everything else.

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