Rings Of Power Season 1’s Ending Will Finally Answer All The Questions Related To Stranger, Sauron And Numenor

Rings of Power ending

The conclusion of the first season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Amazon has more talking points than a Dwarven history book has Durins; the following is a breakdown of how the action occurs.

Earlier on in The Rings of Power, the Stranger was being chased on his way to Greenwood the Great by not only his Harfoot comrades, but also by a trio of enigmatic mystics. While this was going on, the Elves were trying to figure out how to save themselves without access to Moria’s supply of mithril.

Meanwhile, Galadriel was on her way to them carrying an unwell Halbrand, who had been seriously hurt when Mount Doom exploded. After suffering tremendous casualties during the transformation of the Southlands into Mordor, the Nmenorean army commanded by Queen Regent Mriel sailed back to their homeland with its tail between its legs.

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Sauron’s Identity Revealed

Who is Sauron in the Rings of Power?

Halbrand is Sauron, as The Rings of Power finally reveals via a cunning fake-out involving the Stranger, which many have already assumed since Charlie Vickers’ character first exposed himself.

After Adar’s attempted assassination, Sauron has now fully healed, assumed a human appearance, and his whole storyline in The Rings of Power season 1 needs to be analysed with suspicion.

With the overarching goal of reaching Celebrimbor in Eregion and initiating the forging of Middle-Rings earth’s of Power, Sauron appears to have manipulated events to his advantage throughout the season, from carrying the sigil of the Southlands to feigning an injury that could only be healed by Elven hands.

In The Rings of Power, Sauron somehow thinks he’s the good guy, waxing poetic about how he longs to mend the injuries Morgoth caused. Galadriel realises right on that Sauron is only interested in Middle-recovery earth’s if he ultimately succeeds in establishing himself as the supreme ruler.

Despite constructing a lasagna of lies throughout The Rings of Power season 1, Sauron seems to have a surprisingly real interest in Galadriel since even once his schemes are accomplished, the villain seeks to entice his companion with a spot by his shadowed side.

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Who Is The Stranger?

Even though “Alloyed” begins by claiming that the Stranger is Sauron, that claim is a major misdirection and a grave oversight on the part of the enigmatic witches who have been following him around for a few episodes. Right before he defeats them, they discover that he is not Sauron, despite the fact that they still firmly believe he is.

However, they do reveal something about who he really is. They refer to the Stranger as a “Istar” when he casts magic on them; this term will sound quite familiar to readers who have read J.R.R. Tolkien. Essentially, “Istar” means “wise one” or “wizard,” as the Stranger explains to Nori later.

Who is The Stranger in The Rings of Power?

It also alludes to a band of five Maiar spirits that were dispatched to Middle-earth to aid the populace in their struggle against Sauron. Among them were the creatures that would later be known as Saruman the White, Radagast the Brown, and, yes, Gandalf the Grey.

It is unclear from The Rings of Power if this individual is Gandalf the Grey, but the likelihood that he is seems exceedingly high. In addition to the many parallels, we’ve all noticed throughout the season (the grey cloak, the love of fire, the attachment to and relationship with a bunch of hobbit-like animals), there is one statement that essentially reveals the entire plot of the game.

The pair ponders their next move as the Stranger and Nori set out for the land of Rhun in search of, hopefully, additional information about who he is.

When in doubt, one should always follow their nose, says the Stranger after taking a whiff of the air and deciding to go down the route where it smells the nicest. Naturally, Gandalf will later give the hobbits in The Fellowship of the Ring’s Moria mines the same instruction.

Until season 2, Daniel Weyman, who plays the Stranger, won’t truly reveal who his character is, but he can tease what’s on his character’s mind: He still isn’t really sure how to harness this wonderful power in the position we leave him in, but he does still have a burning desire to learn more about this constellation. According to him, those are what are pushing him on on this adventure.

Are The Stranger & Nori, Heading For Rhûn In The Rings Of Power Season 2?

Since this is the only place where the star constellation, he has been searching for can be seen from, The Stranger spends the final moments of The Rings of Power season 1 travelling to Rhûn with Nori.

Given that Sauron’s slaves the Dweller, Nomad, and Ascetic desired to accompany their master to Rhûn, there must be a significant connection between the Dark Lord’s return and this area of eastern Middle-earth.

Why The Stranger & Nori Are Heading For Rhûn In The Rings Of Power Season 2

Because Middle-earth is a key location for comprehending Sauron’s strategy, the Valar undoubtedly sent the Stranger there with little more than a memory of Rhûn’s stars. In either case, the Stranger doesn’t have many better leads to follow to determine what might be his motivation.

Since J.R.R. Tolkien didn’t write much about Rhûn, the continent, The Rings of Power has an excitingly clean slate for season 2. The Stranger and Nori are travelling through hostile country since Rhûn, which is located far to the east of Middle-earth and is inhabited by Men, primarily the violent variety that adheres to Sauron and Morgoth, is where they are going.

The Rings of Power is free to create a Middle-earth scenario that Tolkien mainly left unexplored, save from that. The Dweller, Nomad, and Ascetic are all assumed to come from Rhûn, providing an early feel of this undiscovered culture. Season 2 of Amazon’s The Rings of Power will further peel back the curtain on this unexplored culture.

Sauron’s Season 2 Mission

What Sauron will experience when The Rings of Power eventually returns to Amazon TV is still unclear from the season 1 conclusion.

Only three Rings of Power had been fashioned by the time the credits begin, and they are the three Elven Rings that Galadriel, Elrond, and Gandalf have been wearing throughout The Lord of the Rings, despite Tolkien’s assertion that Sauron had no direct hand in their creation.

The nine Rings for Men and the seven Rings for Dwarves are still available. In addition to being essential to Sauron’s grand scheme, the remaining sixteen Rings of Power are also the ones that bear the most of his evil influence.

Sauron's Season 2 Mission is Set Up by The Rings of Power.

Because of this, Halbrand might visit Eregion again in The Rings of Power season 2 while wearing a new disguise, like his canon Annatar, who represents the “fair” side of humanity.

That being said, Galadriel’s warning to the Elves that Halbrand was a foe has already put them on high alert. The Elves no longer need to create Rings if the Three are enough to preserve them from extinction, and Galadriel suspects Sauron has control of Celebrimbor’s mind.

Would the Elves allow yet another ominous outsider to come near their jewelry-making equipment? It sounds unlikely. Furthermore, Halbrand’s remark to Celebrimbor to “call it a gift” references to Sauron’s Annatar alter ego, whose name translates to “Lord of Gifts,” or alternate personality.

Halbrand may be playing the part of Annatar from Tolkien’s writings, based on his quip. The second season of The Rings of Power might see Sauron shift his attention to acquiring Mordor from Adar, constructing the great Tower of Barad-dûr, and creating the One Ring.

Numenor’s Dark Future In Season 1

The Season 1 Finale of The Rings of Power Teases Numenor's Dark Future

In the finale of The Rings of Power season 1, Nmenor continues to receive unpleasant news. As the King’s passing approaches, the cunning Pharazôn starts making preparations, but his scenario contains one not-so-subtle sign of things to come. Pharazôn addresses immortality in a discourse on life and death, saying “that no one – not even a king – can accomplish.”

The Chancellor’s aspirations in The Rings of Power are perfectly foreshadowed by this sentence and the almost hungry expression on his face as he says it. First, now that Tar-Palantir has passed away, Pharazôn plans to succeed him as King of Nmenor. The bearded bad guy also longs for greater glory, immortality, which Valinor alone may bestow.

In the midst of this, Mriel tries to come up with a plan to conceal her sudden blindness from the people of Nmenor. The Queen obviously thinks that her blindness would be perceived as either a scathing indictment of the expedition to Middle-failure earths or a stigmatising sign of “weakness” by her narrow-minded citizens.

Despite her best efforts, Mriel is unlikely to trick Pharazôn, who will undoubtedly find a method to take advantage of her blindness for his own gain. Elendil, who at long last acknowledges his affiliation with the Faithful in the season 1 finale of The Rings of Power, is at least Mriel’s friend.

After first denying the charge in earlier episodes, Elendil admits he is friends with the Elves and desires for Nmenor to revert to its former ways despite the loss of his son.

The Rings of Power doesn’t address Isildur’s fate after his absence in Mordor in its season 1 conclusion, but viewers will understand he is alive because of The Lord of the Rings. The true query is who will have the privilege of locating him in Season 2 of The Rings of Power.

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