RLCS World Championship 2022: Every Little Detail Of This Event

The World Championship is the apex of Rocket League competition and the success of each RLCS season. Players have been competing for almost a full year for the RLCS 2021–22 Season to have a chance at winning the World Championship.

There are two main phases to the World Championship. The first is the Wildcard Stage, which runs from August 4–7 and features 16 teams from around the globe competing to gain entry to the Main Event. Eight teams that qualified via the Wildcard will join eight teams that automatically qualified for the Main Event (August 9–14), which is the last leg of the World Championship. The top eight teams from a Double-Elimination Group Stage between those 16 teams and the final Single-Elimination Bracket.

The second RLCS season in 2021—one that extends into 2022—is referred to as RLCS 2021–22. With more regions and a revised format, this season brings about the RLCS system’s biggest changes yet. Each of the three splits—fall, winter, and spring—has three regional competitions that lead up to an international major. Each team accrues points during all of these competitions, which will determine whether they qualify for the World Championship or the World Championship Wildcard.

Schedule of Rocket League World Championship

What Is it RLCS

The championship is scheduled to go for two weeks, with only a few days between each week for players to prepare for the following week of competition, as mentioned in the Rocket League Esports blog.

The dates provided were August 4 to August 7, followed by August 9 to August 14. Fans have less than a week to be ready for the start of this. comprises eight teams, and four teams from each group will advance after the phase is over. The main event and the wild card are the two distinct phases of the competition. Let’s return to the dates before we talk more about the stages.

The Rocket League Twitch channel, Rocket League Esports YouTube channel, and a secondary stream on the Rocket League Esports Twitch channel and Rocket League Esports YouTube channel will all offer the main broadcast.

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Whether This Will Stream Online Or Not?

On the official Rocket League Twitch channel, which we have integrated below for your convenience, fans can watch and support their preferred teams.

In addition to English, the Twitch stream is also available in French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. Additionally, Psyonix will stream the matches on the YouTube channel for Rocket League Esports.

What Will Be The Format For The Championship?

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The main event and the wild card are the two phases, as we just explained. There are 16 teams in the wild card. In a Swiss-style event that is highly reminiscent of a round-robin, these teams compete. The team advances to the next round after winning three games; if you lose three games, you are out. Every squad will always face a rival with a similar record. Of the 16 teams, eight will advance.

There will be 16 teams competing in the main event. Eight teams from the wild card and eight teams who have already qualified for the main event. If you win two games, you go to the championship round; if you lose two games, you are eliminated. Two groups will make up this phase. comprises eight teams, and four teams from each group advance after the phase is over. Eight teams are competing for the title in the final round. We shall discover the overall tournament victor at the conclusion of this single-elimination phase.

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Who is Will Be Participating?

There are twenty-four teams in total, of which eight teams automatically qualified for the World Championship Group Stage. Before moving on to the Group Stage, the other sixteen teams must compete in the World Championship Wildcard. The teams are available for viewing here.

The twenty-four teams competing in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) World Championship are listed below. The First Touch, the official podcast of Rocket League, has officially announced the initial pairings in the Wildcard stage. One of the remaining eight teams has been chosen by the groups of teams that placed ninth through sixteenth in the Worlds Region Spots. Round 1 Wildcard matchup. These are the opening Wildcard contests that we will watch.

World Championship Wildcard’s first games

  • Orlando Pirates vs. Version 1
  • Bravado Gaming vs. the Renegades
  • Gladiators from Garmin and Dignitas
  • The Club and Spacestation
  • 01 Esports vs. Karmine Corp
  • Veloce Esports versus the KC Pioneers
  • SMPR Esports versus Team Secret
  • OpTic Gaming vs. Tokyo Verdy Esports

FAQs: People Also Ask

2022 RLCS World Championship location?

Finally, it’s here. This August, the Rocket League World Championship will return with a bang and set up shop at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

What is the price of an RLCS ticket?

Group Stage Day Tickets for Individuals will be priced at $44.00 each day.

Which RLCS year is this?

The second RLCS season in 2020—which extends into 2021—is known as RLCS Season X.

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