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Roblox Games Streamer Tanqr Face Revealed? Inside Story! 

Roblox Games Streamer Tanqr Face Revealed? Inside Story! 

Tanqr is a popular social media user and YouTuber best known for his own channel, which he started on October 18, 2014. Whether or not he has disclosed his face has piqued the interest of fans.

Tanqr created his own YouTube channel on October 18, 2014, and has since primarily uploaded content on the online game development platform Roblox there.

The social media sensation eventually started producing SPTS, or Super Power Training Simulator, content. As a result of things like these, TanqR’s channel rapidly expanded.

Tanqr did a face reveal, right?

Tanqr has, in point of fact, shown his face to us. On the internet, his images can be viewed without much trouble.

Even though the social media celebrity created their YouTube channel on October 18, 2014, they didn’t begin producing videos until the following year. Even though the majority of his productions take the form of Roblox movies, he didn’t initially intend for them to be considered Roblox compositions.

Tanqr is one of the players who possesses a respectable level of skill. His primary game is Arsenal, which is constantly criticised and accused of making use of hacks in various online communities. These accusations were completely false.

His low-key addiction to opening skin cases may be seen in the Roblox games KAT! and Murder Mystery 2, respectively. BedWars kits like the Barbarian, Jade, or Reaper are his favourites to use.

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Early History

TanqR created their YouTube channel on October 18, 2014, however they didn’t start uploading videos until October 18, 2015. Roblox movies make up the vast majority of his projects, despite the fact that they weren’t initially intended to be Roblox movies.

TanqR is well known for their work in the game Arsenal, where they are frequently accused of cheating and causing controversy. TanqR is also familiar with FusionBoys from their frequent interactions. In the year 2020, he launched a second channel on YouTube under the name Leeyum.

Late History

After some time had passed, TanqR began developing new content for the Super Power Training Simulator, which he referred to as SPTS. By posting content like this on his channel, TanqR was able to achieve huge growth. Around this time, he was competing against another YouTuber by the name of RussoPlays in a conflict that took place in the game Superhero City. TanqR was ultimately victorious with a diss track directed at him.

After some time had passed, just like they had done in the past, TanqR quickly began developing content based on the Mad City genre. In addition to the content he created for Mad City, he also created stuff for Dungeon Quest. After some time, he eventually went over to Dungeon Quest entirely. Once more, he changed almost immediately to a different game that was on the rise, Big Paintball.

TanqR gets down to the nitty gritty of producing content for Big Paintball. After reaching the maximum level, he decided to try his hand at a different battle royale game called Arsenal.

After reaching the highest level possible in Arsenal, he moved on to another well-known game called BedWars. It reminds me of a minigame that’s available on the Hypixel Minecraft server.

What Is Tanqr Real Name & Age?

Tanqr’s real name is Liam Andrew Presland. He was born on December 31st, 1999, in England, making him 21 years old at the moment.

The name of his father’s YouTube channel is OldManGamingHD. He has both a brother and a sister.

Australian YouTuber Liam is an expert on Roblox games like BedWars and Arsenal.

Additionally, he is infamous for incorporating sniped YouTubers and streamers in his films (such as Truth Behind The Lies, for which he exploited the now-famous IeatLongPopsicle account). His second YouTube channel, Leeyum, also records games from Roblox.

His star sign is Capricorn. Men from the sign of Capricorn are driven, loyal, practical, and well-mannered. Although he attended an English high school, little is known about his educational background or personal traits.

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Tanqr Girlfriend Revealed

Tanqr seems to be unmarried and without a relationship based on his social media. He might, however, be concealing a relationship.

On October 16, 2017, the social media sensation released his first video. He played Apocalypse Rising on Roblox while listening to the song Achievement in the montage video. After three more montages, Tanqr switched to Let’s Plays.

He favours the “Material Man” skin from Arsenal, which he typically utilises in his movies. He won the RB Rattles Championship Season 2 competition in which he participated.

He also participates in the Roblox games KAT! and Murder Mystery 2 on a different account.

Tanqr Net Worth

The estimated value of Tanqr’s net worth is $1 million. Being a YouTube sensation has brought him a sizable income. He is one of the most skilled acquiring kids, regardless of his age.

The social media sensation distributes interactive videos and has more than 2.6 million YouTube subscribers.
His video “how many LEVELS can I achieve in 1 hour… (Roblox Arsenal)” has received over 9.8 million views.

Is Tanqr On Instagram?

His Instagram handle is @tanqryt. Tanqr isn’t very active, as evidenced by his 581 Instagram followers and 16 posts.

Tanqr’s account is not confirmed because of the irregularity of his postings. He posts pictures related to his YouTube videos on Instagram.

He doesn’t have many fans because he doesn’t write often.

Final Words

TanqrPlays was his identity when he uploaded the first video to his channel on YouTube, which was named “Roblox – Apocalypse Rising Montage – Untitled – TanqR” and was published in July of 2015.

Indeed, Tanqr has already shown his true face. It is not difficult to locate his photographs on the internet.

A video titled “Celestia Vega Plays Roblox – Roblox High School (Real) (Proof)” was once uploaded to his account.

Roblox, a gaming celebrity, has amassed over 360,000 subscribers on YouTube thanks to the gameplay videos he has posted.

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