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Rubi’s Smak’n Shak wheels in delectable wings

Rubi’s Smak’n Shak wheels in delectable wings

These days, food trucks are all the rage, and a local lad named Miken Hooks has taken the business by storm with his food truck called Rubi’s Smak’n Shak.

What was formerly a snack bar inside the now-defunct Rubicon Pool Hall and Arcade in Chipley has since been transformed into a successful food truck that serves Chipley and the areas surrounding the city. On the menu, you’ll find items like as steak and potatoes, fried shrimp, chicken wings, chicken strips, and much more. According to Hooks, their wings are their most popular product.

“We have a secret marinade that we utilise for our wings that gives them that extra sweetness,” said Hooks. “We don’t want anybody else to know about it.” We currently offer 25 different varieties of wings, providing customers a wide variety of options from which to pick.

Every selection is freshly cooked, and the fries are chopped by hand every single day.

Hooks mentioned that they are working on getting a second truck operational within the next month’s time frame.

Hooks stated that since there is such a great demand, they would need to add another vehicle to their fleet. “During the course of the week, we provide service to a total of 12 places, ranging from Panama City to Graceville. We will be able to better meet that demand with the help of the second vehicle.

Hooks and his staff place a high value on quality in all they do.

He stated that “we want to serve the best product” in the restaurant. Nothing will be different in any way. Everything will have the same flavour no matter how many times you order it.

In addition, Rubi’s Smak’n Shak provides catering services for various events. According to Hooks, Rubi’s will begin setting up shop at Boat Lake on weekends beginning at the end of March and continuing through the month of May.

Rubi’s updates their Facebook page with the daily menu as well as the schedule of where the food truck will be located. To call in an order, dial 850-726-0853.

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