Jamie Lee Attended The wedding Of Her 26 Year Old Transitioned Daughter Ruby Guest

ruby guest wedding

Ruby Guest is a well-known celebrity child at this point in her life. Jamie Lee Curtis, an American actress, producer, novelist, and activist, gave birth to her daughter.

She is also an actor and author in her own right. Ruby Guest, daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis, has recently tied the knot, and Ruby’s mother, Jamie Lee Curtis, could hardly contain her excitement.

Jamie Lee Curtis is known for her roles in a variety of genres, including chick flicks, horror blockbusters, and even red-carpet events. She even performs weddings. The actress, who is 63 years old, was all smiles for her daughter’s wedding, which she personally presided over as the officiant.

The doting mother looked on as her daughter Ruby Guest, who had come out as transgender in the year 2020, and her lover Kynthia exchanged “I do’s” in a costume wedding ceremony.

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Who Is Ruby Guest?

Who is Jamie Lee Curtis's daughter Ruby Guest?

American gaming journalist and entrepreneur Ruby Guest was born in California in March 1996. Being the youngest child of Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest, however, made her well-known in the field. The sources claim that Ruby Guest is a skilled game editor and prosperous businessperson.

When Thomas Guest changed from a man to a woman, she became recognised as her daughter, according to her mother’s revelation in July 2021. Ruby, according to the sources, is now her new name. Her life has undoubtedly had many ups and downs throughout this time, as is obvious.

It’s possible that throughout this phase of transition, she was mentally and physically wrecked. Her parents, on the other hand, were by her side at all times, supporting her mentally. They had accepted me throughout her entire life, Ruby remarked. Ruby said she was pleased to share her journey with the world for the first time after receiving approval from her family.

“The fact that I haven’t changed means that people will still remember me for who I was. Now that I can finally show them who I really am on the surface, they can finally see who I’ve always been within “she told the publication.

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Ruby Guest’s Transition Journey

In an interview, Ruby Guest’s mother reportedly disclosed that her son Thomas Guest had changed from a boy to a girl and was now known as Ruby Guest, according to some of the top media.

She even admitted that becoming Ruby’s mother makes her proud of herself. Also, a supporter of the LGBTQ community is Jamie Lee Curtis. In addition, Ruby’s mother disclosed that she has big plans to marry a special someone soon.

Let's Know About Her Transition Journey

However, it is still unclear who her partner is or if she is currently dating anyone. Even Ruby has avoided revealing anything about her personal relationships to the public. According to media reports, the 25-year-old editor of a video game stated it was apprehensive to tell her parents about her gender identification.

Ruby remarked, “They had been so accepting of me my entire childhood, though,” Ruby said that after her family’s approval, she was thrilled to share her story with the public for the first time.

“I haven’t altered who I was, and that’s how people will still remember me. They can now see who I’ve always been on the inside, but now I can finally express that openly,” she told the media source.”

Is Ruby Guest Married?

On May 29, 2022, Ruby Guest, 26, wed her fiancée Kynthia in a ceremony with World of Warcraft decorations in the family’s backyard. The ceremony was officiated by Jamie Lee Curtis.

All visitors were encouraged to attend the event in character, and Jamie Lee chose to dress as Jaina Proudmoore, an admiral from the video game.

On Jimmy Kimmel’s late programme, Curtis stated, “It’s incredibly thrilling.” We’re planning a lovely lunch in the backyard.

I’m so happy that both of my children will be wed in my backyard that I start to cry. In July 2019, Ruby’s elder sister Annie also wed in the backyard of the home.

The happy mother shared numerous pictures from the day on Instagram, including one of the newlyweds with the caption: “YES THEY DO AND DID! MARRIED! KYNTHIA and RUBY on May 29, 2022

Ruby Guest Wedding Details

The devoted mother witnessed Ruby Guest, who came out as transgender in 2020, and her partner Kynthia exchanging vows in a costume wedding. The fact that the wedding took place in the “Halloween Kills” actor’s lawn added to the significance of the event.

Ruby Guest: More details on the wedding ceremony

In a series of Instagram pictures, Curtis couldn’t stop gushing about the newlyweds. I LOVE MY WIFE! Curtis added a note to the picture of her smiling next to the happy couple. She added “Ruby and Kynthia” and “5/29/2022” as their wedding date.

The group dressed extravagantly for the event because all visitors were encouraged to wear “World of Warcraft”-themed apparel.

A second image of the pair at their wedding was then provided by Curtis, along with the caption, “YES THEY DO AND DID!” Married! In her penultimate wedding post, the actress shared a picture of herself holding a knife next to a rainbow balloon display.

Having married Christopher Guest in 2019, Curtis and her husband have a 35-year-old daughter named Annie. The actress discussed how Ruby’s transformation in October has affected her.

Although “learning new terminology and terms” has at times been difficult for the actress, she is determined to put forth the effort for Ruby.

Ruby Guest’s Net Worth

By 2022, Ruby Guest’s net worth should be close to a million dollars. His enormous net worth comprises all of his profits from his lucrative career as a professional game editor as well as his other lucrative businesses that he hasn’t disclosed.

He has amassed a million dollars and is currently leading a lavish lifestyle. Jamie Lee, Ruby’s mother, has a mind-blowing 60-million-dollar net worth as of 2022.

She is one of the wealthiest and highest paid actors and producers, and during the course of her career, she has contributed to many amazing and mind-blowing films.

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