Netflix Documentary “Running With The Devil,” Will Present The Wild World Of John McAfee

Netflix really does enjoy bringing us bizarre documentaries based on real-life crimes right to our front door.

The next documentary Running With the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee, which will be available on the streaming service, looks like it may compete with a number of the company’s previous documentaries in terms of the ridiculousness stakes.

McAfee, a controversial figure in the technology industry who was accused of murder, among other crimes, but also had a hardcore fanbase in the Bitcoin community, actually commissioned footage of himself, footage that is now found in “Running with the Devil.” McAfee was accused of murder, among other crimes.

Running With the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee follows the man behind one of the most successful pieces of computer software of all time after he fled when the police sought him for questioning about the murder of his neighbour, and he took a film crew with him. Running With the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee is available on Netflix.

Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee is a Netflix documentary that gives viewers the opportunity to spend 115 minutes with a heavily armed mega-paranoid tech millionaire, Libertarian presidential hopeful, and suspected murderer named John McAfee.

McAfee is shown to engage in a large amount of substance abuse, consume a large number of alcoholic beverages, and appear to exist in a continually agitated state of paranoid delusion. The prime That simply isn’t anything that can be said about anybody, in my opinion.

Because of this, a feature-length documentary won’t be centred on just anyone; instead, it will put your ability to remain sane while in the company of crazies to the test.

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Running With The Devil Release Date

Running With The Devil Release Date

Produced by Curious Films, Running With The Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee will debut on Netflix on August 24 as a single, 105-minute long documentary.

The 2016 documentary Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee is available to stream on Showtime if you want some McAfee action before then.

Running With The Devil Plot

The wealthy antivirus software pioneer, whose company bears his name, was wanted by the police in Belize for the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull, and was on the run.

Vice reporter Rocco Castoro and cameraman Robert King joined up with him while he was in hiding, and they began filming in 2012. Their argument had been over McAfee’s dogs barking at Faull’s pet parrot, highlighting just how absurd everything is.

With plenty of cash, weapons, and narcotics at his disposal (which is reminiscent of a Warren Zevon song), McAfee spent the following years as what he refers to as an experienced “flight risk.”

He managed to fit running for president of the Libertarian Party, refusing to pay his taxes in public, and claiming he was being targeted by drug cartels in between.

What Happens In Running With The Devil?

The narrative briefly returns to that portion of the story halfway through, taking up with McAfee again in 2019, roughly five years later, as he lurches from one problem to the next. McAfee is presented with his much younger lover Sam.

Russell definitely wants to get a sense of McAfee through the shaky footage and up-close encounter with his rants, but there are only so many ways to do that without adding more helpful background.

Instead, “Running With the Devil” takes a detour to describe the tales of individuals who travelled with McAfee, although this does little to advance the main plot other than to offer a brief break from McAfee’s insanity.

Anyone who even somewhat followed McAfee’s story knows that it had a bad ending, which culminated in his arrest in Spain and suicide in 2021.

In contrast, Russell’s attempt to give what amounts to an unedited image of this peculiar figure without going into much detail turns into a case study in heat without light and the limitations of that creative decision.

In the later portion of the movie, Alex Cody Foster, a self-described ghostwriter who spent time with McAfee and taped in-depth interviews with him, joins the cast of sort-of narrators. Foster says, “Maybe he was a killer, but I just love excellent stories.”

It’s obvious that McAfee was many things, and certainly, a murderer may have been one of them. The decision of “Running With the Devil” to go over delving into the man’s morality in order to focus on a juicy yarn can be excused, but as it is, the plot is too chaotic to even be considered a good story.

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Is Running With The Devil Worth Watching?

McAfee pops up on your computer to tell you if it’s infected with viruses (or to remind you that your subscription has expired). John McAfee wrote the programme, which made him rich and famous, even if you don’t recognise him.

Well, his visage is all over this movie, so get accustomed to it. Some strange statements come out of that mouth, like “Clearly, I’m a flight risk. I specialise in flighting” and “Is McAfee a successful entrepreneur who killed his neighbour or the saviour of America?”

Like every well-adjusted person, he compares himself to James Bond, Scarface, and Indiana Jones. McAfee says all these things in the get-a-load-of-this-guy montage start of so many documentaries, so we watch to find out how and why he does insane crap.

Vice journalists Rocco Castoro and Robert King filmed McAfee through turbulent times. After selling his programme, McAfee moved to Belize, a country known for its political corruption, where rich tycoons can toss around bribes and get away with stuff while locked up in distant beachside mansions.

Is Running With The Devil Netflix Documentary Worth Watching?

McAfee’s neighbour was shot in the back of the skull, and guess who was suspected? Right. McAfee fought Faull for his pets. McAfee was always drunk and/or bazonked on narcotics. McAfee was armed. Many circumstantial signs.

Castoro and King meet McAfee while he’s on the run, believing the government put a bounty on his head — potentially for the murder, possibly for other sinister spy purposes.

He wears a silly costume and acts disabled to avoid being identified. One night, Castoro, King, McAfee, and his 18-year-old girlfriend Sam Herrera jump into a vehicle and leave.

Slow reporters. He nearly abandoned them, he says. Castoro can only apologise. And then McAfee heaps everyone on a boat to Guatemala, where they arrive illegally, and he attempts to bribe customs but fails, so Herrera contacts her uncle, who was Guatemala’s attorney general, and McAfee fakes a heart attack.

So 2012 It’s never-ending. And crazier. Castoro and King left the Batshit Express, but King returned to McAfee in 2019. King, a 30-year war photographer who became a farmer, temporarily gave it up to film McAfee, who was often high on bath salts, drinking Johnnie Walker Black out of the bottle, and carrying heat.

In the seven years between, McAfee returned to America, ditched Herrera, contacted a ghost writer named Alex Cody Foster about writing his story, ran for President of the United States, married a former prostitute named Janice who says cartel members once urged her to poison her husband, fled in a boat “formerly owned by the Wolf of Wall Street” hoping “the cartel” wouldn’t follow him to the Bahamas and Dominican Republic, and somehow wasn’t arrested.

FAQs- People Also Ask

What is running with the devil Rated R for?

R-rated for language, drug use, intense sexual content, and violence and unsettling visuals.

How much did running with the devil make?


What is the sound at the beginning of running with the devil?

The ominous noise at the beginning of this song is a chorus of car horns. The horns were taken from the band’s own cars, including Alex’s Opel, Eddie’s Volvo, a Mercedes Benz and a Volkswagen.

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