Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Release Date: Coming Updates Will Provide The Ability To Command Ships, Among Other Benefits

Sea of Thieves Season 7 Release Date

Sea of Thieves creator Rare has been able to calm the ship after its bumpy launch in 2018. Season 7 of the game is expected to further alter the pirate experience after the title made the switch to a seasonal content format. The premiere of the newest season has been postponed till later this summer, Rare revealed in an early morning release.

Season 7 of Sea of Thieves was revealed at the Xbox Showcase last month. Numerous adjustments to the pirate game’s aesthetics were anticipated for the newest season. The aptly named Captaincy season will let players make significant modifications to their ships, such as giving them names and modifying the appearance of their staterooms. In order to make selling loot simpler, a new sort of currency will also be introduced. Originally scheduled to begin on July 21, the season’s debut has been moved up.

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Sea of Thieves Season 7 Release Date and Time

Sea of Thieves Season 7 Release Date and Time

The release of The Sea of Thieves Season 7 is slated to take place on Thursday, August 4, 2022. This date is the predicted debut date. This will be a very big update to the game because it will introduce a great deal of new content as well as alter existing systems in a number of ways.

The most significant change is most definitely the introduction of the new captaincy system. As a direct consequence of this, you will have the opportunity to purchase your very own personal spaceship. Sloops, galleons, and brigades are the three distinct types of ships that can be found throughout the world. You can buy each one of these items individually.

The Sloop is a very compact and manoeuvrable vessel; nevertheless, it can only accommodate a crew of two people and only carries a limited amount of weaponry. The price is two hundred and fifty thousand gold. The Brigantine is going to be right behind it. It is a ship of a moderate size that has improved weaponry, can carry up to three crew members, and can be purchased for a total of 375,000 Gold.

The galleon represents the final option. It is the largest of the three, has the most powerful weaponry, and can accommodate up to four crew members. Its size also makes it the most difficult to control. This is reflected in the hefty price of 500,000 Gold that can be paid for it. You will, of course, have the ability to christen these vessels with a name of your choosing. Keep checking back with GosuNoob for more Sea of Thieves news and guides, as Season 7 will definitely bring with it a lot more surprises and new content.

Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Features

Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Features

It’s possible that the musical brilliance of the Xbox trailer for Sea of Thieves Season Seven was distracting to you, but if you focus your attention, you’ll be able to notice a list of ‘benefits’ mentioned on the scroll about halfway through the video. An overview of what it revealed is as follows:

  1. Take command of your own life and make your own decisions.
  2. Personalize and spruce up your ship’s captain’s quarters.
  3. You are welcome to give your ship a name and display it on the ship’s crest.
  4. Voyages exclusive to the Captain are available.
  5. Save your customisations for future experiences
  6. Earn awards by taking on the role of the Captain or the Crew.
  7. Sell your stuff quickly and easily to the Sovereigns.
  8. Record your thoughts and observations about the trip in the Captain’s Log.
  9. Make your own way through a variety of gameplay modes.

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Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Updates

The Sea of Thieves 2022 Roadmap indicates that the upcoming seventh season of the game will have the following content additions when it launches:

  1. Uncharted Territory, Both in Terms of Play and Advancement
  2. Three Fresh Experiences to Look Forward to
  3. Ongoing Mysteries
  4. Content Presented on a Monthly Basis at the Emporium
  5. New Plunder Pass
  6. Festival de la collectivist

You can Select from a Variety of Play Styles

The ability to select one of several play styles from among a variety of options was the last aspect of the game to be hinted at in the teaser. For the time being, all we can do is speculate about what this indicates; nonetheless, you should enable us to do so anyhow. It’s possible that this implies that gamers will have the ability to customise their preferences for the different kinds of lobbies.

It seems that players will be able to tell the game to group them in situations where they are interested in things like PvP, PvE, alliances, or other filters, just like Xbox players have the ability to disable PC cross-play and steer clear of malicious mouse-and-keyboard players. In addition, Xbox players have the ability to remove PC cross-play altogether.

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