Selena Gomez Pregnant: Who Is Father Of Her Baby? Lets Figure It Out

selena gomez pregnant

Selena Gomez has been a significant celebrity for a longer period of time than most, yet she has handled her fame gracefully and with dignity. She is now interacting with a completely different audience thanks to her role as the millennial stuck between Martin Short and Steven Martin in Only Murders in the Building. Fans were overjoyed that the programme was back for its second season, but some were also speculating if Selena was concealing a pregnancy.

Selena Gomez Is Expecting.

Salena gomez is pregnant

Selena Gomez is not truly pregnant unless she is deliberately hiding it. The rumour appears to have been started by her dress choices in Season 2 of Only Murders in the Family. She hasn’t shared the news on social media. Building. Many people believed Selena was concealing a pregnancy because of the numerous baggy hoodies and sweatshirts she wore at the season’s premiere.

Although some people speculated that she might be pregnant based on the blocking and her clothing, she has not confirmed this and it has probably been months since these scenes were filmed, so if she were expecting, people would have heard by now. Therefore, despite what some people may have believed, it is probably safe to declare that Selena is not pregnant.

This Is Not The first Time That Selena Has Been The Subject Of Rumours.

Selena has already dealt with pregnancy rumours, and the Building season 2 is only the most recent. Almost precisely a year ago, when some of her TikTok videos led viewers to believe that she may be pregnant, she battled with pregnancy rumours for the last time. She was seen dancing to “Baila Conmigo” in the video in question, which quickly sparked speculations.

Naturally, Selena would already be a mother by now if she had been expecting a child a year ago. They are largely unfounded, just like the previous series of rumours were. Although a sizable portion of the population might desire Selena to have a child, she if she decides to pursue parenting at all, she presumably will do so in her own time and manner.

Selena Didn’t Mention Having Children When Talking About Her Future Plans.

Selena was asked where she sees herself at 37 in an interview with Dazed in 2020, and her response made no mention of her desire to become a mother. “Hopefully, I’ll be doing more charitable work while keeping a healthy balance with the things I already find enjoyable. It should also be a surprise, in my opinion. However, I’d like to think that I’m content and making positive contributions to the world, Selena stated. Although becoming a mother may still be on the horizon, it appears that Selena is only centred on something else. Selena may or may not be pregnant; for the time being, she is more concerned with her career and philanthropy.

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In 2012, Was Selena Gomez Expecting?

salena pregnant in 2012

According to a source who spoke to In Touch magazine, “she got pregnant and miscarried Justin’s baby” in 2012. Since then, nothing in her life has been the same. The report goes on to add that even though it wasn’t planned, she was ready to have the baby because she was in love with him.

She believed it was a sign that she and Justin should be together and that it was meant to be. It would ruin his reputation, the source continued, and they weren’t ready. Justin’s reaction “crushed” her, but he was spared from having to deal with it when she miscarried later on. A source close to Selena has exclusively revealed to that the entire allegation is “100% not true.”

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Is Justin Attempting To Incite Selena’s Enmity?

Although Selena and Justin aren’t currently dating, Many of Justin’s followers are content, including one who kissed him on May 11. She appeared to request a kiss on the cheek before turning her head.

Even though it’s just fans, it’s funny that Justin chose to share the photo on Twitter. Could he be trying to make Selena envious once more? He is not at all hiding the fact that he has already been observed hanging around with Yovanna Ventura.

FAQS: People Also Ask

Has Selena ever had a child?

Selena and Chris never had children, despite their recent discussions about starting a family. Selena was fatally shot by Yolanda Saldivar, the head of her fan club who became friendly with the Quintanilla.

What ailment does Selena Gomez have?

She spent time in a treatment facility in January 2014 after being identified as having lupus, an autoimmune condition that can result in skin rashes, sore or swollen joints, exhaustion, hair loss, and other symptoms. Since then, she has received lupus treatment and is currently in remission.

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