Selena Gomez Relationship Timeline: This ‘Star’ Has Approximately Dated Every High Profiled Celebrity In Entertainment Industry

Selena Gomez Relationship Timeline

Selena Gomez has unquestionably cemented her position as a Hollywood icon. Since breaking out on the scene during her Disney Channel days, the 30-year-old actress has expanded her influence through acting, music, the introduction of a cosmetics line, and producing on-screen ventures.

With the exception of her more well-known romances with Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, Gomez has kept her personal life pretty discreet while pursuing her profession. The singer has been associated with people like Charlie Puth, Nick Jonas, Orlando Bloom, Niall Horan, and even Taylor Lautner throughout the years.

In her June 2021 Vogue Australia cover story, Gomez spoke candidly about her romantic life, calling it “cursed.” “I believe that the majority of my dating experiences have been cursed. I’ve been in relationships when I was way too young to have been exposed to some things,” she said. She stated that discovering what makes her “unique” prompted her to feel “so less than,” which resulted in the 2020 album of the same name. First, Nick Jonas A list of Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriends

Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez dated.

Though it was brief, it did exist. In 2008, Selena Gomez dated Nick, and she also appeared in the music video for “Burnin’ Up.”

In this era, Miley Cyrus and Nick Carter also had a thing. Selena stated that there was never a problem, “We never got into a fight. When we were 16 years old, we both liked the same boy. Now that we have established our own lives entirely,

With regard to their romance, Selena revealed in 2015 that “it was like puppy love, you know, it was extremely nice.” Both parties crack up when discussing the incident that occurred when they were on a date in Central Park in January 2018.

Taylor’s History Of Dating With Salena

Selena gomez history dating

In 2009, they both alighted in Vancouver. After meeting while filming Ramona and Beezus and Twilight: New Moon, Selena briefly dated Taylor.

According to Selena, “Kristen Stewart was sleeping in my hotel,” We kept bumping into each other in the lobby because he would visit her; eventually, we did. We would go out for lunch and supper, but I was aware that both he and I were being followed by paparazzi. Thus, we really just wanted to hang out, go bowling, and do other things, but I think it went a little too far. People started to get a bit crazy for us.

But sadly, their relationship did not work out. In Seventeen’s September 2009 issue their separation was announced by Selena. He is really kind,” said Selena. I’m really glad Taylor made me happy. I had no idea I was capable of such joy. The two did, however, continue to get along, which is the good news.

Florida Bloom

In April 2014, the actor and the Wizards of Waverly Place alum were seen together in Los Angeles. The two were then spotted kissing in May 2016 in Las Vegas. Days later, Gomez shared a tweet from Bloom’s girlfriend Katy Perry in which she referred to the relationship rumors surrounding the two as a “stupid conspiracy.”

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Early in 2015, the “I Want You to Know” team began dating. On The Edge Afternoons in New Zealand in June 2015, Gomez acknowledged, “I admire Zedd a lot and I definitely had a thing with him, which was nice.

In August 2017, the DJ commented on the prominent circumstance. My parents received calls from reporters. My pals’ computers were being hacked. phones. He told Billboard, “I was furious, but I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. I had no clue how much her status as one of the most talked-about persons in the world would alter mine.

Covert Relationships Of Salena Gomez

Niall Horan and Selena Gomez

In December 2015, the Monte Carlo actress and the ex-member of One Direction were seen out on several dates and allegedly shared a kiss at Jenna Dewan’s 35th birthday celebration. The two were once more linked in late 2019, but Horan said he was “very much single” in December.

Samuel Krost’s detailed dating history with Selena Gomez

From late 2015 to early 2016, Samuel Krost Gomez had a brief romance with Gigi Hadid’s friend. early 2016. The Fyre Festival booker stated on Instagram in August 2016 that “Selena is a real girl with a real heart and real feelings.” “You shallow people who are only dissatisfied with your romantic lives, realize that love is real. Even though our paths have diverged, at least I am aware that love exists. I cherish you, Sel. Later, the NYU alumnus erased his remarks.

Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez’s entire dating

As revealed in March 2016 that “We Don’t Talk Anymore” duet collaborators Gomez and Puth were dating. She’s really into him, but it’s not serious, a source told Us at the time.

In a statement to Billboard in February 2018, the “Attention” singer said that the relationship was “extremely short-lived, incredibly striking despite being tiny. He said, “It absolutely screwed me up. It wasn’t like I was the only one on her mind, to put it as nicely as I can. And I believe I was aware of what I was getting myself into before I entered.

An Overview of The Weeknd and Selena Gomez’s relationships

The Grammy winner dated The Weeknd Gomez from January to October 2017. After she uploaded his song on her Instagram account, an insider told Us in March 2020 that the ex-couple is “cordial.” The insider claims that “She has no bad feelings against him.”

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Was Relationship With Justin Beiber Serious One?

Selena gomez and justin bieber

For these two, things were quite up and down until the May 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

Not that significant, unless you consider the fact that Taylor Swift was shown on camera acting completely disgusted when she observed them sharing a kiss backstage.

Jelena and Selena continued their relationship despite the fact that their mutual friends were obviously not supportive up until April 2014, when they got into an altercation at Coachella after Selena allegedly discovered pictures of Kylie Jenner on Justin’s phone. Selena “flipped out,” according to tabloids at the time, and they had a brief breakup.

But a few months later, Justin made it plain that he and Selena were back together with an unfussy black-and-white photo with the words “Our love is Unconditional.” As an example, Justin, it. Settle down.

Prior to tabloid reports that Justin’s “secret liaisons” with Kendall Jenner were the cause of the breakup in October, Selena and Justin were able to maintain their relationship.

Come on, Justin is actually married to Hailey Baldwin Bieber, so they have both definitely moved on! Like, the Justin-Selena era is officially done!

FAQs: People Also Ask

Selena Gomez had how many boyfriends at one time?

In her 2019 album “Rare,” Selena Gomez discussed her love life in detail and talked about her breakup with Justin Bieber. Since that time, she has been linked to The Weeknd in the media and is currently said to be dating NBA player Jimmy Butler. She has also been connected to people like Charlie Puth and Niall Horan.

Who was Selena Gomez’s initial fling?

picture of the timeline of Selena Gomez’s relationships

Tim Lautner

When Gomez was filming “Ramona and Beezus” and Lautner was filming “Twilight: New Moon,” they crossed paths in Vancouver in 2009. Sadly, their brief love affair didn’t endure long.

Do Justin Bieber’s tattoos of Selena Gomez still exist?


Does Selena Gomez like Hailey Bieber?

(Hailey is currently married to Justin Bieber, while Selena had a roughly eight-year-long on-and-off relationship with him before calling it quits in 2018). However, the two women have repeatedly shown that there is no drama or animosity between them because both time and people move on.

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